Addrena Review: Why You Should Avoid This Supplement Like The Plague! (And 3 Recommended Alternatives)

Addrena Review: Why You Should Avoid This Supplement Like The Plague! (And 3 Recommended Alternatives)

Updated September 11, 2018
Addrena Review: Why You Should Avoid This Supplement Like The Plague! (And 3 Recommended Alternatives)

Addrena has been a popular topic of conversation as of late.
Marketed as an over-the-counter alternative to Adderall, this nootropic supplement is designed to boost your energy and focus. The company even claims it can help you lose weight.
But does it actually do what it claims? Does it actually contain powerful brain-boosting properties to help you work, study, and focus?
With the spotlight on Addrena in the news as of late, our in-depth, unbiased review will help you decide if it’s the right brain supplement for you.
Here’s all the information you need to know to decide if this nootropic supplement is for you.

What is Addrena?

This brain and energy supplement contains a blend of herbal ingredients.
The herbal blend is designed to stimulate a wide variety of brain functions, particularly your energy, focus, and concentration.
Because of the range of ingredients included, many users claim to experience an improvement in other cognitive functions, such as memory.
These positive effects are similar to those provided by Adderall. The big difference is that Addrena is available over the counter.
Another major difference is that Addrena does not contain any amphetamines – it’s composed of 100% natural ingredients.
Because of its similarities to Adderall, the supplement is popular with those under pressure to complete projects under a specific time frame.
The two largest user groups are professionals and students that require a little extra help to concentrate on studying or working.
There’s a lot of hype, both positive and negative, surrounding this brain and energy supplement, so it’s very important to look at unbiased scientific studies when considering its validity.

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About Addrena

Addrena is produced by Addrena LLC.
The company is based out of Port Charlotte, Florida. They currently only manufacturer one main nootropic supplement with a few different varieties.
Perhaps the most popular specific variety of the supplement is Addrena focus pep.
They are passionate about manufacturing top-quality over-the-counter supplements that are completely safe and use 100% natural ingredients.
The company strives to minimize negative side effects so that each user experiences a pronounced and overwhelmingly positive effect.
A commitment to enhancing overall health is the building block from which their products are created.

Claimed Benefits

According to Addrena, their over-the-counter Adderall-substitute pill has numerous powerful benefits.
Of course, it’s important to remember that not everyone experiences these benefits in the same ways. Because our bodies are different, they all react differently to the same supplements.
With that said, here are the benefits of this nootropic supplement, according to the company:

Improves Focus

The most widely advertised benefit of this supplement is that it improves focus.
In fact, it’s marketed primarily as a study or work aid, particularly for college-level students in need of a little extra help.
Not only does this so-called “smart pill” improve focus, but it also helps you continue to concentrate even after hours of working or studying.

Boosts Energy

Another claimed benefit of this supplement is its ability to boost your energy.
The unique blend of herbal ingredients supposedly increases your energy so you can continue to work on projects for longer.
The energy boost continues working long after you’d otherwise tire out.

Increases Memory

Though Addrena focuses primarily on improving focus and boosting energy, it also benefits other cognitive functions.
Chief among these is memory. The mental focus pill can help improve your memory, especially your learning retention.
This is especially helpful for those, such as students studying for a big test, that need to review and retain information in the following days and weeks.

Suppresses Appetite

Although this nootropic is created primarily to boost your cognitive function, it also has several additional “side benefits.”
According to the company, one of the most prominent is that it suppresses your appetite.
Because it creates natural thermogenic effects, it suppresses hunger and makes you want to eat less.

Burns Fat

Alongside its appetite suppressing properties, the thermogenic effects of this smart pill also help the body burn fat.
The supplement actually stimulates the body’s metabolism while simultaneously generating more heat in the body.
These two effects work together to burn fat which, along with eating less, will potentially help you lose weight fast.

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List of Addrena Ingredients

Unlike some other nootropic supplement companies, Addrena is open and transparent about the ingredients that their energy pills include.
The ingredients are:

Guarana Seed Extract

Guarana is a climbing plant native to South America. A substance prepared from its seeds acts as a popularly used natural stimulant.
According to a study in the journal of Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior, guarana seed extract not only provides an energy boost, but also improves cognitive function as a whole, especially focus and concentration.

Bitter Orange Fruit Powder

Bitter orange, also known as Seville orange, is a citrus plant native to Southeast Asia. It’s a popular ingredient in many herbal supplements including stimulants and appetite suppressants.
A study in the International Journal of Medical Sciences concludes that bitter orange fruit powder surpasses the appetite, burns fat, and boosts energy thanks to its thermogenic properties.

Yohimbe Bark Extract

Yohimbe bark extract comes from the bark of a species of evergreen tree native to Central Africa. It has many medical and veterinarian uses in addition to its nootropic benefits.
According to a study in Research in Sports Medicine, yohimbe bark extract increases the cognitive performance of users while simultaneously suppressing appetite and boosting the metabolism.

Choline Dihydrogen Citrate

An essential nutrient found naturally in many foods, choline dihydrogen citrate is added to many nootropic supplements for its brain boosting benefits.
A study in the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology supports the idea that choline supplementation improves overall brain function. They go on to state that the vitamin can actually boost the benefits of other ingredients its stacked with.

Acetyl-L Carnitine

Although it naturally occurs in the body, many nootropic supplements, including Addrena, utilize acetyl-L carnitine (ALC) since it helps produce energy.
Numerous studies, including one in Neurochemistry International, support the claim that Acetyl-L-carnitine not only boosts overall energy in the body, but that it also alters the brain to improve mood and promote alertness.

Bacopa Extract

The extract from a creeping herb plant, Bacopa has long been used in several areas, specifically India, for its “brain tonic” properties.
A study in Rejuvenation Research explores the nootropic characteristics of this herbal ingredient, concluding that bacopa extract has the potential to enhance overall learning, especially memory.


An amino acid found naturally in several foods, acetyl-L-tyrosine is commonly added to herbal supplements for its nootropic benefits.
Case in point: a study in Cortex, a journal dedicated to the study of the nervous system and behavior, establishes a firm connection between supplementing acetyl-L-tyrosine and overall enhancement of cognitive functions.


Caffeine is the most widely used central nervous system stimulant in the world. It’s notable for the boost of energy it provides as well as additional concentration benefits.
Countless studies, including a recent one by the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, establish caffeine as a cognitive enhancer for several particular functions, including memory and concentration.


Dimethylaminoethanol, often shortened to DMAE or deanol, is a naturally occurring chemical that helps enhance brain function as well as act as a building block for other nootropic ingredients.
According to Drug Metabolism Letters, it’s responsible for an increase in focus and alertness as well as a boost in overall mood and a feeling of increased well-being.

Vitamin B3

Not only is vitamin B3, also known as niacin, essential for good overall health, but it also provides numerous other nootropic brain-boosting benefits.
Vitamin B3 is known to improve overall cognitive function, especially focus, according to a study in the journal Nutrients.

Vitamin B12

Among the most potent and vital B vitamins, vitamin B12 is important for the overall smooth functioning of your body.
According to countless studies, including one published in the Ontario Health Technology Assessment Series, vitamin B12 improves cognitive function and helps the body release more energy.

White Willow Bark Extract

The bark from a certain species of willow tree, white willow bark extract has been used for centuries as a pain reliever. For most nootropic supplements, however, it’s used for its synergistic and thermogenic properties.
A study in Phytotherapy Research states that white willow bark extract can actually boost the benefits of the other herbal ingredients it’s stacked with.


Typically extracted from black pepper, piperine is an alkaloid that actually helps the body absorb more nutrients from other herbal ingredients.
In Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, a study relates that piperine promotes the bioavailability of other ingredients in a supplement while also potentially boosting cognitive function on its own.


Extracted from the periwinkle plant, vinpocetine is a common ingredient in nootropic pills for its ability to enhance the blood flow to the brain.
A study in the European Journal of Ultrasound states that vinpocetine not only increases blood flow to the brain, but that it also increase the oxygenation of the brain, thereby promoting overall cognitive function, especially concentration and focus.


Huperzine is a naturally occurring alkaloid compound most commonly extracted from the firmoss plant.
It has a range of health benefits, including several nootropic ones. A study in Neuroscience, for example, concludes that huperzine acts as a stimulant to promote focus, concentration, and memory.
As you can see, Addrena contains more than a dozen different herbal ingredients, all helping it achieve its claimed brain-boosting benefits.

Does Addrena Really Improve Mental Focus?

Addrena is a self-described “over-the-counter Adderall substitute.”
The purported goal of this nootropic supplement is as an “energy, focus, and fat loss” pill.
Among all of these benefits, the one that is marketed most prominently is the supplement’s ability to increase concentration and focus.
Most users report that Addrena does, in fact, improve their cognitive function, allowing them to focus longer on difficult tasks, such as studying for a big exam.
The brain pill works thanks to its mix of herbal ingredients. As outlined above, the supplement contains over 15 herbal ingredients.
Each of these herbal ingredients is included because of their cognitive enhancing or energy boosting properties.
A few of the ingredients have the additional benefit of making the brain and body more receptive to the other included ingredients.
Of particular importance to the composition of this supplement are the brain boosting ingredients guarana, choline, bacopa extract, and huperzine.

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Possible Side Effects: Is Addrena Safe?

Every nootropic supplement, even the most popular ones, have potential side effects.
It’s also important to know that this supplement has the potential to affect everyone differently, so you should take a small dose at first to see how it affects you personally.
What that said, the Addrena side effects are few and far between. In fact, it was designed to be side effect free from the get-go.
The only side effects to look out for are side effects of a few specific ingredients, rather than the supplement as a whole.
Some people will experience minor adverse reactions to some of the ingredients, so it’s important to thoroughly review what is in the supplement.
The most commonly reported side effects of Addrena are nervousness, agitation, and restlessness.
These side effects are typically caused by an adverse reaction to the guarana, caffeine, or acetyl-L-carnitine included in the supplement.
Despite the potential for experiencing these side effects, the vast majority of people won’t experience an adverse reaction.
Just be cautious if you have experienced a negative reaction to caffeine, guarana, or any of the other included herbal ingredients in the past.
It’s also very important to note that despite its similarities to Adderall, Addrena is completely natural and does not come with any potential for abuse or psychological/physical dependence.

Customer Complaints About Addrena

Despite mostly positive Addrena reviews from customers, there are a few common complaints about the supplement.

Potential Crash

Some users report that after the initial energy boost wears off they experience a “crash” that includes a heavy sense of sleepiness.

No Effects

Among the most common customer complaints is a failure to notice or experience any cognitive or energy effects after taking the supplement.

Not an Adderall Replacement

Because this supplement is marketed as a natural alternative to Adderall, some users took it to help with ADHD. It’s important to note that this pill isn’t recommended for those are prescribed Adderall or Ritalin for ADHD and similar brain disorders.

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Addrena Reviews: What Do Customers Say About It?

There are numerous positive and mixed Addrena reviews by online users that have taken the supplement in the past.

Improves Focus/Concentration

User “Marianne H.” states that Addrena Focus Pep supplement helped her focus in much the same way as Adderall.

Energy Boost

According to user “AmazonloverYogi,” that the ingredients might not be “as potent as you would find in Adderall,” but that the supplement “DOES WORK!” She continues that this is one of the only natural alternatives she’s used that provides a near instant energy boost.

Promotes Weight Loss

User “Krista L Lawrence” claims that this nootropic supplement “works great” to keep her focused, but also that it helped her lose 10 pounds in just six weeks.

Comparisons to Other Products

The most common product that this supplement is compared to is Adderall.

Addrena vs Adderall

Addrena is marketed by the manufacturer itself as a natural alternative to Adderall.
The reason for this comparison is the similar benefits. Both substances promote enhanced cognitive function, especially focus and concentration. They also both give you an energy boost and promote weight/fat loss.
Unlike Adderall, this natural nootropic supplement isn’t addictive. The chances of developing a psychological or physical dependency are very low.
In addition, this brain pill has very few side effects. The vast majority of users will experience no side effects, while many Adderall users experience mood changes, sleep problems, and nervousness.
Because Addrena is available over the counter, you do not need a prescription for it like you do for Adderall.

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Does Addrena Have a Money Back Guarantee?

According to the Addrena website, their supplements do indeed come with a money-back guarantee.
However, this money back guarantee is seemingly only offered if you buy the product directly from them, rather than through a third-party website like Amazon.
It’s a smart idea to call customer service before ordering to further discuss the terms of their money-back guarantee with a professional representative.

Final Conclusion

As a whole, most past users of Addrena brain supplements agree that the nootropic pill is worth trying out for yourself.
Although there’s a lack of unbiased scientific studies into its effectiveness, the company is very transparent about the included ingredients.
Each of the included ingredients has been studied widely. A plethora of information is available about the benefits and side effects of each ingredient. These claims are backed up by a wide variety of scientific studies.
All in all, Addrena has several powerful potential benefits that mimic the concentration, focus, and energy boosting effects of Adderall.
At the same time, it comes without any of the side effects of Adderall. Because of its all-natural composition, the risk of developing dependency or abusing the supplement are minimal if not altogether non-existent.
If you’re looking for a cognitive-enhancing nootropic supplement, Addrena might just be a good option for you to try out.

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Where to Buy Addrena

You have many online options when it comes to buying Addrena.
Your best bet, however, is directly from the Addrena website. Not only is this the most direct method, but it’s typically the most affordable.
Buying directly from the manufacturer also enables you to take advantage of their money-back guarantee in case the supplement doesn’t work for you.
Addrena Focus Pep is currently available for $39.98 per bottle on Amazon. Each bottle comes with 60 capsules.

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