Addium Review: Why We Don’t Recommend It, and 3 Proven Alternatives

Addium Review: Why We Don’t Recommend It, and 3 Proven Alternatives

Updated September 11, 2018
Addium Review: Why We Don’t Recommend It, and 3 Proven Alternatives

A single 60 capsule bottle of Addium
It seems like a new nootropic supplement pops up almost every week.
Because of the current popularity of the nootropics industry, new companies and products are being performed left and right.
Although some of these are legit, many others are not. The best nootropics are backed with scientific testing and clinical research as well as a reputable company history.
Addium is one such nootropic that’s received a lot of flak as of late.
Marketed both as a “limitless pill” and “the most powerful brain enhancer in the world,” the product has received its fair share of negative reviews from customers.
On top of poor reviews of Addium itself, many others have pointed to the shady marketing tactics of the business itself.
Rather than trust what others are saying, we dug in and did some research ourselves. Our fair, unbiased review will help shed some light on the truth about Addium. Here’s all you need to know about this mental focus pill.

What is Addium?

This nootropic supplement is one of many pills to increase brain power and to help you focus.
As a nootropic, it’s designed from the ground up to improve a variety of cognitive functions, particularly focus, memory, and motivation.
Running with this idea whole heartedly, the company behind the supplement consistently markets it as a “real life limitless pill.”
What the term “limitless pill” actually refers to is a so-called “magic pill” from the Bradley Cooper movie Limitless.
The 2011 film is based, in part, on real life nootropics. But it steps the idea up more than a few notches – as Hollywood tends to do – by enabling Cooper’s character to unlock the full potential of his brain by taking the pill.
Of course, this is an over-the-top representation of nootropics, even to those that swear by these powerful supplements in our day-to-day lives.
Like Adderall, reputable nootropics increase your concentration, creativity focus, memory, and other cognitive functions. Many also provide an energy and mood boost.
(The big difference between these supplements and Adderall is that they don’t have the potential for physical/psychological dependency).
Despite these benefits, nootropic supplements are almost nothing like the “magic pill” introduced to the world in limitless.
So, even from the get-go, Addium’s claims are a little far-fetched. In addition to marketing their product as a “limitless pill,” they also state that it’s “the most powerful brain enhancer in the world.”
Though these claims are high-reaching and far-fetched, it’s important not to discount this product right away. The rest of their promises are far more reasonable.
According to the company, Addium works to enhance your memory, concentration, and focus while providing a simultaneous energy boost.
These benefits are useful to just about anyone, although the company specifically targets its marketing and products towards college students and young professionals.
As we mentioned above, there’s a lot of positive and negative hype surrounding this particular brain supplement, so we dove straight into the scientific evidence for the supplement’s potential.

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About Addium

Little is known about the company behind Addium.
The reason for this is that they aren’t very open about their company background or history.
Not only does the main company website not list any company info (it only details their products), but additional business information is all but impossible to track down online.
Though this doesn’t necessarily mean Addium is a scam, it certainly makes us feel less confident about using their products.
We prefer nootropic companies that are not only transparent about their products and the ingredients that go into them, but also about the company itself.
Additionally, a brief look around online paints a less than stellar picture of the company behind Addium.
The top results are overwhelmingly negative as are many of the reviews.
However, it’s important to note that just as there are many fake positive reviews for nootropic supplements, the same goes for many of the negative reviews.
Despite some negative reviews and claims of scams coming from reputable resources, there’s always the chance that a competitor paid for fake negative reviews.
Because of the potential for this, we wanted to look closer at what this supplement is and how it works, beyond the company’s marketing tactics and lack of transparency about their history.

Claimed Benefits

Like most nootropic supplements, the claimed benefits of Addium are clearly states on the packaging, website, and other marketing materials.
This is our first introduction to the potential positive effects of this brain pill. Among the benefits are classic nootropic benefits like improved cognitive function and increased energy.
Here are the claimed benefits of this brain supplement:

Better Brain Health

Interestingly, one of the most widely advertised benefits of this supplement is its ability to improve brain health.
The company states that it does this by improving blood flow and oxygenation to the brain.
These benefits are largely thanks to the inclusion of certain ingredients with a scientific background of improving cognitive health.

Enhances Cognitive Function

Overall enhancement of cognitive function is another claimed benefit of this nootropic pill.
In fact, this benefit goes hand in hand with the company’s marketing of the supplement towards college students and professionals.
The claim is that the pill enhances all cognitive functions, but most importantly concentration, focus, and memory.

Increased Energy

Like most nootropics, this supplement supposedly improves cognitive function with ingredients that also have thermogenic properties.
And it’s these thermogenic properties that, in part, enable the supplement to give you a long-lasting boost of energy.
Of course, the inclusion of caffeine doesn’t hurt either.

Improved Mental Acuity

Mental acuity relates to the sharpness of your mind.
According to this company, their supplement actually increases this sharpness and improves your processing speed.
Not only does this enable you to use your brain more effectively, but it also increases your efficiency at completing tasks.

Safe and 100% Natural

Addium takes special care to advertise itself as safe and 100% natural.
Compare to Adderall, this is a huge benefit, as many people don’t feel comfortable putting synthesized ingredients into their bodies.
The all-natural composition of this nootropic stack also means that you can do research into the cerebral benefits of each particular ingredient.

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List of Addium Ingredients

Supplement Facts listing the ingredients in Addium
Despite the lack of transparency surrounding the company’s background, the actual list of ingredients in Addium is easy to find. The brain pill includes the following:


Although the body does produce a small amount naturally, acetyl-L-carnitine is a common component in nootropic supplements.According to the Expert Review of Neuropathics, the compound helps the body produce more energy as well as kickstarts quicker mental thinking.


L-theanine is an amino acid found in numerous plants. Many of these plants, including green tea, are used as herbal remedies.
As one of the most widely studies nootropic ingredients, dozens of studies, including this one in the journal Nutrients, establish l-theanine’s ability to control stress, improve the mood, and improve learning retention.


As the most widely used central nervous system stimulant in the world, most of us already know the energy boosting effects that the substance provides.
A study in Current Neuropharmacology backs up these energy boosting benefits. It also adds data to the conclusion that caffeine is also a highly effective performance enhancer, both mentally and physically.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Rhodiola rosea is a flowering plant native to many regions of the world. It has a long history of use as an herbal remedy and cognitive enhancer.
A study in BioMed Central Complementary and Alternative Medicine states that rhodiola rosea provides a substantial boost in energy and brain power. It also claims that the extract alleviates stress and improves mood.

Bacopa Monnieri Extract

Bacopa Monnieri is a creeping herb with many health benefits. Chief among these are its ability to improve mental acuity and memory retention.
According to a study in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, bacopa Monnieri extract improves cognitive processing, working memory, and overall brain function.

Is Addium Really the Most Powerful Brain Enhancer in the World?

Addium’s chief claim to fame is its advertising slogan as “the most powerful brain enhancer in the world.”
This is a steep claim – and one that the nootropic supplement simply does not live up to.
Although it would be hard to pinpoint which brain enhancer is in fact the most powerful, the sheer amount of mixed reviews on this particular supplement take it out of the running.
Other nootropics have a much more solid widespread reputation in the nootropic industry and among nootropic users.
Furthermore, Addium actually receives more negative reviews than it does positive reviews.
Although we don’t consider it a scam, many customers do insist that the supplement has few, if any, actual benefits. In fact, the majority of users claim that it causes no effects at all.
Briefly looking into the matter, it seems that the main cause of the lack of effects is the low amount of ingredients in each capsule.
The capsules themselves simply do not have the “oomph” that other more powerful nootropics provide.
With that said, there are some positive reviews surrounding this brain pill. There are those that do claim the cognitive enhancer worked for them.
So, while this supplement might work to improve focus and concentration, it’s certainly a far cry from the strongest in the world, as the company likes to claim.

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Possible Side Effects: Is Addium Safe?

Maybe you’ve heard that nootropic supplements don’t have side effects.
Although that’s largely true, it’s not the complete truth. Despite using only natural ingredients, many of these supplements do have minor side effects.
Addium is one of these. Many users report feelings of agitation, nervousness, and racing heart beat after consuming these so-called limitless pills.
The reason behind these side effects is simple: the supplement contains a lot of caffeine.
Caffeine is a common component in many nootropic supplements, but this particular stack likely contains too much of this particular ingredient.
Unfortunately, it’s difficult to pinpoint caffeine as an exact cause. Although caffeine is listed as an ingredient, this herbal supplement does not specific the exact amount of each ingredient included in each capsule.
Despite this minor side effect, you can rest assured that this nootropic pill has no major side effects. You might experience slight discomfort, but that’s likely the most of it.
In particular, there’s no risk of abuse or addiction when taking this product. This is a far cry from the potential for abuse and addiction that comes with regular Adderall usage.
Like most nootropics, Addium is safe, despite the potential for minor nervousness and racing heart.

Customer Complaints About Addium

Addium has its fair share of negative reviews from past customers on Amazon and other review websites.

Filler Ingredients

Many users have stated that the actual ingredient list on the back of the bottle lists filler ingredients that the website claims the product doesn’t include.
Addium Review: Why We Don’t Recommend It, and 3 Proven Alternatives

No Effect

Among the most common complaints is that this supplement doesn’t have any noticeable effects, even after extended use for multiple weeks.
Addium Review: Why We Don’t Recommend It, and 3 Proven Alternatives

Digestive Issues

A handful of past customers claim that this brain enhancement pill causes minor side effects in the form of digestive issues and stomach cramps.
Addium Review: Why We Don’t Recommend It, and 3 Proven Alternatives

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Addium Reviews: What Do Customers Say About It?

In addition to the negative reviews related to Addium, there are also a plethora of positive customer reviews.

Improves Creativity

Amazon user “Juan” states that this supplement gave him a “burst of creativity,” although he did quickly notice that the benefits plateaued.
Addium Review: Why We Don’t Recommend It, and 3 Proven Alternatives

Increases Productivity

Another user, “Nails by Heather,” states that this nootropic is particularly beneficial for improving “focus and motivation.”
Addium Review: Why We Don’t Recommend It, and 3 Proven Alternatives

No Side Effects

According to another Amazon customer, this supplement caused absolutely none of the commonly stated side effects. They didn’t’ experience any jitters and were able to focus intently on the task at hand.
Addium Review: Why We Don’t Recommend It, and 3 Proven Alternatives

Comparison to Other Products

Several other products are similar to this nootropic supplement. Among the most commonly compared are Adderall, Addrena, and Cogniflex.

Addium vs Adderall

Adderall is the classic “limitless pill.”
It’s long been used by students and professionals for its ability to enhance focus, mental clarity, and learning retention.
Another commonly stated benefit of Adderall is its ability to boost energy.
Addium has the potential for all of these same benefits. The difference is that it comes without any negative side effects as well as no risk for abuse or dependency.
The vast majority of users are better off choosing a nootropic over Adderall, unless they have a prescription from their doctor.

Addium vs Addrena

One of the most popular nootropic pills on the market is Addrena.
Also designed to improve concentration, focus, and energy, it maintains a largely positive reputation among its customers.
It also contains almost three times as many ingredients as Addium – all of them natural.
But what we like most about Addrena is the company transparency. Not only is it easy to find out information about the company itself, but the exact amounts of each ingredient are clearly stated on the packaging.
Addrena is simply a better choice if you are going off of what other past users have said and experienced.

Addium vs Cogniflex

The most similar nootropic to this supplement is none other than Cogniflex.
Created by the same company, it seems as though Cogniflex has taken over as the go-to product.
Also marketed as a limitless pill, Cogniflex boasts many of the same benefits with a few tweaks to the list of ingredients.
Simply put, it’s claimed benefits are to enhance focus, boost productivity, and improve energy.
However, because it’s made and sold by the same company, we’d be hesitant that Cogniflex practices similar shady marketing practices.

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Does Addium Have a Money Back Guarantee?

According to the Addium website, they do offer a money-back guarantee on their nootropics.
The company states that, because of their confidence in their products, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
If you’re not completely satisfied with the product during this time frame, you can send it back for a full refund.
This type of offer typically increases our confidence in the product and company, because there’s almost no reason not to try it out.
However, in this particular instance, several past customers complained about the company not honoring this policy, so we’d advise you to take the money-back guarantee with a grain of salt.

Final Conclusion

There’s no denying that Addium advertises itself as much more than what it actually can do.
Case in point: there is no such thing as a true limitless pill.Although this nootropic, and others like it, can improve your focus, concentration, memory, and more, we do feel that the advertising is misleading.
The same goes for the company’s claim that this product is the best cognitive enhancer in the world.
In addition to these outlandish claims and shady marketing, dozens of past customers state that they experienced no effects after taking the supplement.
Looking at the actual ingredients included in the nootropic stack this shouldn’t be the case, but because the exact levels of each ingredient aren’t stated, it makes sense that there might not be enough of each to cause any real benefits.
Simply put, there are a lot of other, more reputable and well-reviewed, nootropic supplements available on the market, so there’s little reason to try Addium unless you’re already dead set on it.

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Where to Buy Addium

Right now, it’s difficult to find Addium for sale online.
Although the supplement is currently listed on Amazon, it’s not available for purchase at this time.
The same goes for the actual Addium website. In fact, type in and the website redirects to
It seems as though the company behind Addium is now selling Cogniflex as an alternative.
It will be interesting to see if this supplement goes back for sale online, at Amazon or on the company website, in the near future.

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