Adderin Review: Is It Really A Safer Alternative To Adderall? Or Just Marketing Hype?

Adderin Review: Is It Really A Safer Alternative To Adderall? Or Just Marketing Hype?

Updated September 11, 2018
Adderin Review: Is It Really A Safer Alternative To Adderall? Or Just Marketing Hype?

Adderin bottle 30 capsules
Adderin is yet another nootropic supplement billed as a safer alternative to Adderall, but it is all hype?
According to KNH Online Inc., the company behind this product, it provides many of the same cognitive benefits of Adderall without any of the negative side effects.
Composed of natural ingredients, including tyrosine and vinpocetine, the supplement is designed to increase your focus, energy, and mental power without any risk of developing a physical or phycological dependency.
The only problem is the nootropic industry is ripe with lackluster products as well as outright fakes. To make matters more confusing, many of the most prominent cognitive supplement reviews are paid.
To get around the shady business and cut to the heart of the matter, we performed our own extensive Adderin review to see if the product is actually legitimate as claimed.  Here’s everything you need to know to decide if you should try this brain supplement next.

What Is Adderin?

Adderin is a natural dietary supplement sold as a nootropic, with the intent of boosting the cognitive abilities of its users.
According to the company itself, the specific functions that it improves include creativity, focus, and memory.
It’s also marketed for its energy-boosting benefits. The company states that the supplement will “give you incredible, long-lasting energy without the crash or jitters of some energy drinks.”
Indeed, the crash-free experience is one of the main highlights of this supplement.
Unlike some other nootropics, Adderin is specifically created to minimize negative side effects, particularly the risk of sleepiness or a crash after the main effects wear off.
Not only is this type of crash prevalent among some other nootropics, but it’s also one of the main side effects of Adderall.
As a 100% natural supplement that utilizes all-natural ingredients, Adderin manages to provide many of the same benefits as Adderall without any potential for developing a physical or phycological dependency or addiction.
Like most nootropics, this particular brain pill is mostly marketed towards students and professionals that require a boost in energy and focus to complete a particular task.
With that said, we admire the transparency in which Adderin discusses the company background as well as the ingredients that go into each product.
For example, the company continues to place a big emphasis on the natural ingredients, which makes this product very appealing to those wary of taking a synthesized drug.
Note that in addition to its performance enhancing benefits, the product also claims to improve the mood and develop a more stress-free attitude even when the user is faced with a tight deadline or a mountain of work.

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About Adderin

Adderin is sold by a company known as KNH Online Inc.
Based out of Saint Petersburg, Florida, the home of many nootropic headquarters, the company has been selling top-rated supplements for years.
The company created their line of brain supplements to specifically cater to those hoping to enhance concentration and focus.
Like many of their competitors, KNH Online Inc. entered the nootropic business to solve a particular problem: to create an effective alternative to Adderall.
For years, this prescription drug has been used by those without a prescription for its ability to improve concentration, energy, and memory.
Unfortunately, Adderall is not without its faults. Not only does it require a prescription for legal use, but it also has a high risk for abuse, addiction, and dependency.
Adderin strives to provide a healthy, safe, prescription-free alternative to Adderall that still contains the same cognitive benefits.
Through tireless research, the company has selected six primary ingredients to use in their nootropic supplement, all backed up with numerous scientific studies.
Even though the company and product have been around for years, the team continues to finetune and update their brain pills to meet the changing demands of their customers.
According to the company, “Adderin is a powerful supplement to help maximize your cognitive ability.”

Claimed Benefits

As an over-the-counter substitute for Adderall, this natural supplement boasts many of the same performance enhancing benefits.
Be careful to note that nowhere does the company claim its products is an actual replacement for Adderall – especially not in any prescription or medical sense.
Instead, their mental focus pills are targeted to those in need of an extra cognitive boost for work, school, or another non-medical area.
You should also keep in mind that the actual ingredients in this nootropic affect certain people differently, so the claimed effects won’t be the same for everyone.
With that in mind, here are the claimed benefits of Adderin, according to KNH Online Inc.:

1. Increased Focus

Much of the advertising around this brain pill is placed on its ability to increase focus.
Like most nootropics that mimic the cognitive benefits of Adderall, it achieves this through its proprietary blend of natural ingredients.
The smart pill supposedly heightens brain activity to keep you alert and concentrated on the task at hand.

2. Long-Lasting Energy

Another claimed benefit is that this supplement provides a long-lasting energy boost.
Rather than supply just a short boost in energy like some nootropics, the marketing material states that this energy pill provides long-lasting energy for several hours.
Better yet, there is reportedly no crash or comedown once the energy effects wear off.

3. Increased Processing Speed

An interesting benefit, that most other nootropic manufacturers don’t highlight, is an increase in processing speed.
This means that the supplement actually makes your brain quicker. Your thinking abilities sharpen and your cognitive skills become faster.
An increase in processing speed directly translates to higher efficiency at a variety of tasks.

4. Improved Memory

Similar to most focus pills, this one highlights an improvement of memory among users.
The company states that the product provides cerebral enhancement, particularly in the realm of learning retention and memory.
Think of it this way: if you’re using the pill to help focus on studying for a test, you’ll actually retain the information you’re reviewing later on, when it counts.

5. Completely Natural

We always like to see a nootropic company that sells all-natural supplements.
And, we especially like to see companies that back up these claims with a transparent list of ingredients.
All of the ingredients in this smart pill are 100% natural so you can rest assured that the side effects will be minimal.

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List of Adderin Ingredients

Supplement Facts label of Adderin ingredients
The most important step when it comes to researching any nootropic supplement is to see what it contains.
Luckily for us, Adderin is very transparent about the ingredients (and the amounts of each) that their brain pill includes. The ingredients are:

Alpha GPC

A choline compound naturally found in the brain, supplementing Alpha GPC can improve overall brain function.
According to a study in Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior, Alpha GPC is an effective cognition enhancer, especially at ensuring the proper functioning of neurotransmission.


Vinpocetine is found in almost all over-the-counter nootropics. It’s a derivative of the periwinkle plant known to boost energy.
Countless studies, including one in the European Journal of Pharmacology, point to vinpocetine as a natural way to increase the body’s overall energy production.


Tyrosine is an amino acid. It’s long been used as an herbal remedy for a variety of health problems, including mental health issues.
A study in the Journal of Physiatry and Neuroscience backs up the claim that tyrosine reduces brain fog, improves processing speed, and even improves the mood by alleviating stress.


GABA is a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating communication between the various brain cells.
The proven health benefits of GABA are numerous. Chief among them is the ability to promote better concentration, according to the Shanghai Archives of Psychiatry.

Bacopa Monnieri

Referred to as a “wonder herb” in numerous ancient cultures, bacopa Monnieri is a creeping plant that’s long been used in herbal remedies.
The cognitive benefits of this plant and its extract are backed up by a lot of research, including a study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is an alkaloid compound found in firmoss. Thanks to its ability to enhance memory and learning retention, it’s among the most common ingredients in nootropic dietary supplements.
A study in the Shanghai Archives of Psychiatry help prove that huperzine A is a highly effective cognitive enhancement aid.

Does Adderin Really Maximize Your Cognitive Ability?

Among the many claims Adderin makes is that it’s able to “maximize your cognitive ability.”
This catchy piece of advertising copy is repeated around the web, wherever the company places its marketing efforts.
So, does it hold up? Does Adderin really improve your focus, memory, and overall cognitive abilities?
The actual ingredients and scientific processes behind this nootropic stack state that it should.
All of the included ingredients have been studied and tested extensively, not only for their cognitive benefits, but also to establish their safety.
Each ingredient has been put through the wringer and come out clean in terms of safety and effectiveness.
So, it should go without saying that Adderin also works just as well, right?
Not so fast.
Unfortunately, the reviews for Adderin are mixed. One of the most common complaints (that we discuss in greater detail below) is that taking the pills has no effect.
Many past users complain that even after taking the supplement for up to a month, they experience few if any positive results.
Of course, this could be related to the individual’s tolerance or personal reaction to the drug, but there’s no denying it’s cause to stop and think.
Another explanation is that the nootropic stack doesn’t contain enough of each individual ingredient to cause a noticeable effect in some users.
In theory, Adderin should actually maximize your cognitive ability. But, in practice, it depends largely upon the specific user.

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Possible Side Effects: Is Adderin Safe?

Most people will not experience any Adderin side effects.
The same is true for almost any nootropic supplement. These pills are typically composed of ingredients that have few side effects themselves.
Although it’s unlikely you’ll experience any side effects, there is one side effect that’s somewhat commonly reported.
Some users experienced minor digestive problems, ranging from upset stomach to nausea, after taking the supplement.
Another potential side effect is the possibility of experiencing a feeling of nervousness or anxiety, despite the calming effects of several of the included ingredients.
As with all dietary supplements, it’s important to take a small dosage of this smart pill at first to see how your body individually reacts.

Customer Complaints About Adderin

This supplement is no longer available on Amazon and other online retailers. These negative reviews come from HighYa.

Does Nothing

A common complaint about this supplement is that it does nothing. Despite the proven benefits of its ingredients, the actual amounts of each are likely too low to cause any noticeable effect in many users.
Adderin fraud review

Poor Customer Service

Other users claim that the company has very poor customer service. In fact, many state that the company is impossible to reach, even after serious issues with additional charges made on your card.
rip off

Fraudulent Charges

Unfortunately, more than just a single user, claims that their credit card was charged multiple times, or for an improper amount, after purchasing this product directly from the company.
charged twice

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Adderin Reviews: What Do Customers Say About It?

Unlike many other nootropic supplements, it was actually very hard to find even a single positive review of Adderin.

Improved Memory

HighYa user “Joyce P,” a verified reviewer states that despite the issues other reviewers had with the product (mostly with the company itself), her experience using the pill resulted in a marked increase in concentration, motivation, and learning retention.
positive review of Adderin

Note: We are skeptical of the above positive review because it could have been left by anyone.

Comparison to Other Products

Adderin is very similar to many other products. Chief among these are Adderall and Addrena.

Adderin vs Adderall

The differences between these two substances are vast.
For starters, Adderall is a prescription medication with a history of abuse and addiction.
Although the cognitive effects of the two are similar (both promote alertness, concentration, and energy), these negative side effects couldn’t be farther apart.
As an all-natural nootropic supplement, there’s very little risk of experiencing side effects after taking Adderin. And there’s absolutely no risk of addiction.
Unless you have been prescribed Adderall by a doctor, it’s probably best to avoid this prescription medication in favor of an herbal supplement.

Adderin vs Addrena

Addrena is another popular herbal supplement. The big difference between these two nootropics isn’t even in the products themselves, but in the reputation of the companies behind them.
Addrena, for example, is backed by a reputable manufacturer. It’s sold by Addrena LLC, a company that is easy to contact and maintains a positive relationship with users.
In fact, Addrena is one of the most highly-rated nootropic supplements on Amazon and other review sites.
The simple fact that the company itself is respected (and billing issues are at a minimum) is a reason to choose Addrena and other alternatives over Adderin.

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Does Adderin Have a Money Back Guarantee?

Despite a clean, simple, and professional website, is lacking in a lot of information.
One major area that suffers a lack of information is in regards to a money-back guarantee.
The vast majority of nootropic supplement manufacturers now offer money-back guarantees (usually 30-day) on their products, especially when purchased through the company website.
There is no information regarding such a money-back guarantee on this website.
Unfortunately, there is also limited contact information, so we were able to contact the company directly for more information.

Final Conclusion

One major redeeming quality of Adderin is that it contains only natural ingredients.
Because of the all-natural formulation, this nootropic stack has few, if any, potential side effects.
It certainly won’t lead to any major issues, such as abuse or dependency, like Adderall and other prescription medications have the potential to.
For this reason alone, there’s little reason not to try this herbal supplement for yourself if you’re still interested.
Although we feel that there are other, more reputable manufacturers with more highly-rated products available, there’s certainly no harm in trying this one.
We can’t say for certain how the supplement will work for you, but we can state that each of the individual ingredients has been widely studied with positive results.
What we can say is that this company has a history of shady behavior. More than one user claims their credit card received multiple charges after making a purchase. Or that they were charged more for the product than advertised.
With this type of behavior possible, and with so many more reliable manufacturers out there, we’re hesitant to strongly recommend Adderin to anyone.
An, as always, make sure to talk to your doctor before taking any dietary supplement, especially if you are pregnant.

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Where to Buy Adderin

You were once able to purchase Adderin on Amazon and other popular online retailers.
Unfortunately, it’s no longer quite so easy. The herbal supplement is no longer available from these popular e-commerce websites.
The only way to currently buy the product is directly from the manufacturer at
Here, there are several options for buying it, including a one-month supply, three-month supply, and five-month supply. The more you buy up front, the lower the overall price per bottle of pills.
For example, the one-month supply is currently $74.95 per bottle while the three-month supply is currently $51.30 per bottle. Each bottle contains 30 pills each.

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