5 htp can help you keep calm, reduce anxiety, and assist in restful sleep.

5 HTP Reviews for Anxiety: Does it Help Keep You Calm?

Updated October 19, 2020
5 htp can help you keep calm, reduce anxiety, and assist in restful sleep.

5-HTP is one of the best remedies for a variety of psychological conditions such as anxiety, stress and even depression. This all-natural substance is prepared from the amino acid L-tryptophan. But as a supplement, it’s derived from Griffonia Simplicifolia plant seeds. This all-natural compound has been known to be an effective mood elevator and it’s also effective in enhancing cognitive functions of the brain.
Regardless of the cause behind your down mood, whether it’s lack of sleep, over-exercise, poor diet, or work pressure, you’ll experience outstanding relief with the supplementation of 5-HTP. Benefits of this rich compound include enticing calmness, improving sleep schedule, reducing anxiety and nervousness, and even promoting weight loss.

5 HTP is naturally produced in our body from the amino acid tryptophan. This amino acid can be acquired through foods like pumpkin, garlic, eggs, meat, lentils and chickpeas. 5-HTP is secreted in the liver after the tryptophan is broken down. The compound then travels through the bloodstream to the brain crossing the blood-brain behavior. Lower amounts of tryptophan in the body means lower secretion of 5-HTP, which is when you need to take 5-HTP supplements.

How 5-HTP works

The 5-HTP traveling through the bloodstream to the brain is converted into serotonin. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter in the brain responsible for a variety of activities such as mood regulation, appetite control, sleep and other behaviors.

Research has associated lower levels of serotonin in the brain with signs of anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, addictive behaviors and chronic insomnia. Since 5-HTP supplements increase the level of serotonin in the brain, regular intake of 5-HTP can have outstanding effects in alleviating anxiety and stress.

Since this substance is all-natural, it’s also now popular as an effective herbal solution to cure the aforementioned conditions. Researchers agree that the effects of this compound might even be comparable to prescribed anti-depressants when it comes to reducing depression and anxiety.

One study showed that 150mg-400mg of 5-HTP supplement regularly taken for a period of 8 weeks produces the same level of effects on reducing depression as 20mg-40mg of Prozac.

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User Reviews

The fact that 5-HTP is an all-natural, neurologically active compound has also helped fuel its popularity. Normally, there are two ways to obtain 5-HTP supplements: either through a doctor’s prescription or ordering it online. It goes without saying that ordering the supplement online cannot be considered 100 percent safe. Getting the proper dose is extremely vital while taking any kind of supplement. And, while 5-HTP is well known for its effect of putting the user in a relaxed and calm state, our first suggestion is to consult your doctor before you begin your supplementation.

However, online availability of 5-HTP supplements has definitely made life easier for users wanting to try this substance. And, since speaking up about any product that we try is what we do in this day and age, it also helps the rest of the world obtain proper information about the product other than the claims made by companies.

Most users have reported experiencing surprising effects when it comes to feeling calm and relaxed. After extensive research, we discovered that there is are a handful of companies selling 5-HTP supplements on the market. While the effects of these products tend to be more or less the same, a few companies use completely veggie products to manufacture 5-HTP capsules. This is great news for vegans.
Other users claim feeling happy most of the time, dramatic increase in attention span, memory boost, and state of relaxation. The major benefit of these kinds of effects is the restoration balance of brain chemicals, which also assists in reducing anxiety.

There’s no guarantee that this product will work for everyone. Even this all-natural compound has received a few less-than-satisfactory reviews. A few users of this supplement have complained about not feeling any change in their body. This could be because the user’s anxiety and other issues are unique and not affected by 5-HTP, which is precisely why one needs to consult a doctor before starting the supplementation.

Other reviews involve not being able to feel the effects for longer periods despite super effects from the supplement. On the other hand, some users have claimed the supplement to be too strong for them to do anything other than lay down. These issues might have been caused either by under-dose and overdose of the supplement respectively.

Users’ tips

Users who tried 5-HTP supplements firsthand had quite a bit of insight on proper ways to take the drug. Luckily for you, we are going to summarize the tips here.

You will want to take the 5-HTP supplements at night before sleep. This will help you get proper sleep and also save you the trouble of having to toss and turn until you fall asleep on your own. While there’s no strict rule to taking it only before bed, depending upon your tolerance level, you are likely to feel drowsy and sleepy if you take it in the morning.

5-HTP is considered to be relatively safer than most neurologically active compounds, however, you must keep your dosage in check to avoid overdose. Overdose of the supplements might have minor side effects such as gastrointestinal issues, nausea, heartburn and diarrhea. Also, keep in mind that the case of heightened serotonin in the brain can cause a variety of problems. And, the problem could even be fatal if not taken care of in time.

Remember not to take 5-HTP with other anti-depressant medications and similar drugs. The substances might counteract each other causing different problems in your body.

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