Don’t Be A 165 Pound Weakling – A Rally For The Strong

Updated December 12, 2012

This article was written by miked96 from the Muscle and Brawn forum.

I wanted to address something that really gets on my nerves, and is one of the key things I believe in about getting bigger and stronger. I don’t know where it started, but for some reason the average young man (or not so young) today is not actually interested in building a physique that shows they lift weights. They want to look like some 175 pound emaciated skeleton; like Brad Pitt in Fight Club or one of those kids in “Twilight”. It’s all about abs.

Well let me tell you something that was passed on to me by a very wise man. Abs on skinny guys are like boobs on fat girls, they don’t count! If you want to spend countless hours reading, lifting, and taking supplements to look like you have never even looked at a weight in your life, then I have no use for you.

For the people that are still with me, the way to achieve a body and strength level that makes you stand out from your peers is to lift heavy and gain weight. If you are on some type of starvation diet and you have to tell people you work out, then you are wrong.

YOU HAVE TO BUILD THE HOUSE BEFORE YOU PAINT IT! It’s no use dieting away body fat when there is not enough appreciable mass in the first place. Once you have reached the size you want and hold it for a while, it’s really easy to lose the fat. You will be left with a body that has “abs” but also biceps, quads, etc!

The dissenting cry for the weak-minded is that it’s not healthy. First off, lifting weights to the extent where you would be reading this article is probably not the healthiest thing for you. Is it really good for me to squat and pull over 500 pounds three to four times a week? Is that the best thing for my knees and spine? The answer is no.

I do it because I love it and I don’t want to spend countless hours training and watching what I eat to look like a marathon runner. I can walk around 230 plus pounds with “abs” because I put my time in and built my body to 260 pounds. I was at a level that even after losing thirty pounds I still had muscle mass. Are you going to lose thirty pounds when you weigh 185? Unless your 4’11″, that’s not going to be too impressive.

Worried about getting fat? Give me a break! If you’re a 145-pound man in his teens or twenties do you even have the metabolism to get fat? The smooth milk toast physique you see in the mirror looks that way because you have no muscle mass!

Take advantage of your metabolism to keep you lean and build something to be proud of. Yes there are guys that don’t need to do this, and who are walking around at 220+ and lean.

But guess what? You ain’t them! Neither am I! You want to get there, then build yourself up to 250 and hold it for a few years. Lose thirty pounds and you got it!

I am not advocating eating nothing but crap, but you need to be eating significant calories, clean or not. There are ways to gain the weight with minimal fat gain and it makes it easier to switch over later. No matter how you do it, achieve the real goal we all want when we get hooked by lifting weights.

Don’t lie to yourself and say oh all I care about is being “functional” or “conditioned”. There’s nothing functional about a 165-pound weakling. If you are reading this then you are usually serious about lifting, it’s time for a wake up call and start doing what it takes to get what you really want to achieve.

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