Best Personalized Vitamin Packs

Personalized vitamin packs when paired with a quiz, or bloodwork, take the guesswork of your supplement routine.

Have you ever walked around the vitamins section of a store and thought you could use more than three or four types? You may have hesitated to get them all because of your budget and the thought of having to repurchase them.

This is where vitamin packs may come in handy, especially the packs that give you exactly what vitamins you may need and nothing in excess.

We’ve tried all the brands, done all the quizzes, tests and punched holes in ourselves for blood work.

Here is what YOU need to know, and what is best for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Multivitamins are a one-size-fits-everyone. Unlike personalized nutrition.
  • Vitamin packs, especially the customized ones, may help you get exactly what you lack instead of a bunch of vitamins you don’t need.
  • The best custom vitamin packs are Rootine, Care/of, and Persona Nutrition.
  • Please consult your doctor first, especially if you’re on medications that might interfere with certain types of vitamins.
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Why Take a Vitamin Quiz?

  • A vitamin quiz is able to guide customers in making better decisions on which vitamins and supplements are best to purchase for their specific health needs
  • Most vitamin quizzes take around 5 minutes or less to complete and provide a faster way to find the best products for certain health concerns
  • Some vitamin quizzes allow you to include current medications and supplements in order to help prevent any possible interactions or negative side effects
  • Vitamin quizzes provide customers a better way to personalize their approach to health and help them to feel more in control of reaching their specific health goals

Who Offers a Vitamin Quiz?

Although there are numerous companies that use a vitamin quiz as a part of their purchasing process, the best brands that offer a vitamin quiz include Persona, Care/of, and Rootine. All 3 of these brands vitamin subscription services that provide customers with a more personalized approach to health.

Vitamin packs provide a targeted approach to health that enables people to fill-in their nutrient gaps and support all areas of their health. Vitamin packs generally contain higher quality nutrients and also include different types of supplements to help with specific health concerns.Most people do not consume all essential vitamins and minerals within their diet alone. Although adults and teens can use multivitamins to help correct this issue, standard multivitamins tend to contain cheaper and less absorbable forms of vitamins and minerals. Even worse, some multivitamins contain excessive amounts of nutrients which can worsen certain health conditions.

In this article we’ll review what exactly vitamin packs are and go into further detail about how vitamin packs work, the ingredients they contain, what to look for in vitamin packs, and their overall health benefits.

Additionally, we’ll discuss why we selected Persona, Care/of, and Rootine as the 3 best brands for personalized vitamin packs and highlight each brand’s key features and the products they offer.

#1 Option

Best Vitamin Subscription Service: Persona Vitamins

Persona Nutrition provides each of its customers with their own personalized, monthly vitamin subscription service to best meet their specific health needs.

In order to best customize individual vitamin packs, customers should initially complete a quick assessment on Persona’s website to receive personalized vitamins and science-backed supplement recommendations.

Specific questions on this assessment gather information on specific types of diets, allergies and food sensitives, health conditions, medication use, and more.

Alternatively, customers may also use the option to filter vitamins by certain health needs on the products page.

All vitamins and supplements offered by Persona adhere to FDA certified Good Manufacturing Practices and several of the ingredients included within its vitamin packs are trademarked, providing customers with greater transparency and trust.

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Best Personalized Vitamin Packs
  • Quick online questionnaire Free nutritionist consultations via app
  • Fastest turnaround time, we got ours in 4-5 days!
  • 40% off TWO months
  • Companion app with reminders, assessments, and support
  • If you’re not careful you can end up with too many pills for each day (yuck!)

Best DNA/Blood Based Custom: Rootine

Let’s say you’re someone who loves eating citrus fruits like oranges regularly. You also never forget your glass of milk every day. 

Would it make sense to buy a vitamin pack that’s loaded with the vitamins D and C and you’re already getting fro these foods?

No. But let’s also say, for instance, that you hardly ever eat fatty fish, nuts, and seeds. This means you could be missing out on omega-3. 

Emerging research says that genetics could play a part in how your body responds to nutrients and vitamins. E.g., some studies have found a positive correlation between vitamin D and heredity [1]. 

Routine’s custom vitamin packs take into account your DNA, blood levels, and lifestyle habits to make sure you’re only the vitamins you need. 

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Best Personalized Vitamin Packs

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  • Vitamins come in bead form that can be added to drinks
  • Three tier system combining blood, DNA, and a questionaire
  • At home testing
  • No guesswork involved
  • If you do the DNA + Blood it can be as much as $260
  • Might need to do blood every ~3 months for optimal results
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Copper
  • Vitamin D3
  • Alpha Lipic Acid 9. Zinc
  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamin E
  • Phytosterols
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium 16. MSM
  • Selenium
  • CoEnzyme Q10

Best Women’s Vitamin Pack: Care/Of

Care/of offers premium vitamin and supplement packs that are personalized for each of its customer’s needs. Care/of analyzes the lifestyle and health goals of its customers through a highly-detailed online survey that determines which products will best support the unique health needs of each individual. 

Vitamins and supplements sold by Care/of come in the form of a monthly subscription pack which contains 2 – 14 different ingredients. These ingredients consist of key vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, and specialty supplements that support all major areas of health. 

Those who subscribe to Care/of will receive a box of monthly vitamins every 30 days as well as free shipping on orders over $20. Additionally, customers will be able to track their supplements, learn about how they work, and get new recommendations as their health changes through the Care/of app. 

Care/of is a privately held, New York-based supplement subscription service. The team at Care/of works closely with leading doctors, scientists, and nutrition experts on product development, recommendation logic, and to stay on top of the latest research findings. Care/of has traveled the globe in order to provide the most effective, bioavailable, and sustainable ingredients possible.

Best Personalized Vitamin Packs
  • No blood work required, online questionnaire available.
  • Option to buy individual vitamins
  • Ability to add protein powders and other supps!
  • Some packs contain too many pills 
  • Large price variance

Vitamin Packs

Vitamin packs take customization to the next level by personalizing vitamins for people through the use of online assessments, blood and DNA tests, and through the ability to filter products for specific health concerns.

Online assessments generally ask for information such as age, biological sex, diet, and other lifestyle factors.
Blood and DNA tests help to identify specific nutrient deficiencies and health conditions which affect long-term health needs.

Filtering through products by targeting specific health areas enables people to find the exact products they would benefit the most from, whether or not it’s based on scientific testing or personal preference.

Following the completion of online assessments as well as blood and DNA testing, vitamin pack brands provide recommendations for vitamins, minerals, and other supplements that are best suited to the specific needs of each customer.

When searching for vitamin packs it’s important to find a brand that is based upon the knowledge and expertise of doctors, nutritionists, and extensive scientific research. Although online quizzes have the potential to better personalize vitamins for individuals, nothing can replace the use of legitimate scientific testing and support from medical and health professionals.

Read more below about the 3 best brands for personalized vitamin packs!

Persona Vitamins

Persona is lead by an impressive medical advisory board and team of nutritionists who have put together both their expertise along with decades of research to come up with a specific supplement formula that can help you target certain areas of your health. Persona offers over 80 different products that can be used for a variety of health needs.


Care/of is a vitamin company that offers personalized vitamin recommendations based on a detailed quiz. Their products consist of vitamins, minerals, and fitness supplements, like protein powder.

All vitamin and supplement recommendations stem from the quiz that you take beforehand, with an extremely complex algorithm that takes almost everything into account and then feeds you a list of supplements that might benefit you.


Rootine is among the new wave of D2C supplement and nutrition companies that have popped up in recent years. Rootine differentiates itself from other multivitamin companies through the use of optional DNA test inputs and the availability of a beadlike drinkable vitamin formula.

This company was created to combat the use of generic multivitamins that people have been blindly consuming for years.

Ritual Vitamins

As fancy as they are, Ritual is not a personalized option. They have options broken down by age group and gender but they do not have any personalization.

Persona vs Care/of vs Rootine Quiz Comparison

There are numerous health companies on the market today that offer an online vitamin quiz to better personalize each customer’s vitamin and supplement routine. Each vitamin quiz has its own unique features but most take around 5 minutes to complete and cover the major areas of health such as immunity, fitness, energy, skin health, and reproductive health.

After the completion of a vitamin quiz, most health companies apply an algorithm backed by scientific and medical expertise to help narrow down the best vitamin and supplement options for each customer, based upon their specific answers and the additional information they provided.

Generally, customers will review the feedback and recommendations obtained from taking the quiz and then make final changes to their order prior to purchasing their daily vitamin packs.

Persona vs Care/of vs Rootine Experiment

We decided to take each of the vitamin quizzes offered by Persona, Care/of, and Rootine in order to compare their similarities and differences. Here’s a closer look at our vitamin quiz experiment!

Persona Vitamin Quiz

Persona’s vitamin quiz takes at least 5 minutes to complete, however, those who include more detailed information, such as all of their current prescription medications or specific health conditions, may require around 10 minutes to complete the quiz. Personally, this quiz took us just shy of 10 minutes to complete since we provided as much information as possible in order to best personalize our order.

Here are some of the key features of Persona’s vitamin quiz along with the final products we were recommended to take.

Top 3 Health Concerns

Vitamin Quiz Experiment

Persona allows you to select your top 3 health concerns initially while taking the quiz in order to help personalize your vitamin and supplement routine and ask specific questions related to these areas. We selected energy, fitness, and stress as our top 3 health concerns.

Highly Specific Questions

Overall, Persona’s quiz is quite comprehensive when it comes to covering all aspects of health, and it asks some very specific questions.

It also makes sure to include some more basic questions on diet, fitness, energy levels, and stress as well but it’s highly encouraged for customers to provide the most information possible that accurately reflects their current health concerns and situation.

Here’s an example of one of the more specific questions asked by Persona:

Vitamin Quiz Experiment

Includes Genetic Health Testing

Persona provides the option to include genetic health testing while completing its online quiz. Although it’s not necessary to include this information in order to purchase a monthly vitamin subscription, including DNA testing will certainly help in the final determination of which products are best suited to each customer’s specific nutrient and health needs.

Checks For Drug Interactions

Vitamin Quiz Experiment

One of the best features of Persona’s vitamin quiz is that it checks for any possible drug interactions by asking customers to include all of their current prescription medications. This is extremely helpful and vital for the final product recommendations since most people are not always informed of certain drug interactions and potential side effects.

Product Recommendations

After completing the quiz, Persona takes roughly 1-2 minutes to place all of your answers into its algorithm in order to determine the products that are best suited for your specific health concerns.

We were recommended the following products based on our answers to each of the questions along with our initial selection of health goals:

Vitamin Quiz Experiment
Vitamin Quiz Experiment
Vitamin Quiz Experiment
Vitamin Quiz Experiment
Vitamin Quiz Experiment

Final Cost of Persona

Vitamin Quiz Experiment

The final cost for our personalized vitamin and supplement routine came out to $63.00 for a 28 day supply, making each standard serving come out to $2.25/day. This was a pretty good deal, considering that our entire order contained 11 different supplements all targeting extremely specific areas of health.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that a lot of customers choose to add in additional ingredients, such as CBD, which will make the final cost rise greatly. Additionally, customers can choose to edit their final order in case they do not want to take one of the recommended products.

Altogether, most people can expect to spend anywhere from around $50-$80/month if they choose to order their personalized daily multivitamin from Persona.

Care/of Vitamin Quiz

Care/of’s vitamin quiz took us around 5 minutes to complete and was much shorter and simpler than Persona’s vitamin quiz. Here are some of the key features of Care/of’s vitamin quiz along with the final products we were recommended to take.

Up To 12 Health Goals

Vitamin Quiz Experiment

Care/of allows you to select up to 12 health goals to explore while taking its vitamin quiz. For each health goal selected you will have to answer an additional 3-5 more questions in order for Care/to decide on which products you need the most in its final calculation. We decided to select immunity, stress, energy, hair, skin, and nails as our health goals.

Mostly General Questions

Overall, Care/of asks mostly general questions during the quiz, although it does throw in a few somewhat specific questions periodically.

Most of the questions cover basic areas of health and there were several portions of the quiz that leaned more towards women’s health, especially its sections on skin, hair, and nails.

Here’s an example of one of the questions it asked:

Best Personalized Vitamin Packs

Doesn’t Include Genetic Testing

Something important to keep in mind about Care/of’s vitamin quiz is that it does not provide customers the option to include genetic testing at any point. Thus, all final product recommendations are based solely upon how you answer the quiz and it’s important to answer as many questions as possible so that you receive the products that best fit your health goals and needs.

Doesn’t Check For Drug Interactions

Another major drawback to taking Care/of’s vitamin quiz is that it does not include an area where you can put in specific medications or supplements that you’re taking. Rather, it asks more general questions about this topic to get an overall idea of each customer’s health.

Product Recommendations

We were recommended the following products by Care/of based on our answers to each of the questions along with our initial selection of health goals:

Vitamin Quiz Experiment
Vitamin Quiz Experiment
Vitamin Quiz Experiment

Final Cost

Vitamin Quiz Experiment

The cost of our final order was $79.00/30 day supply, making it $2.63/standard serving. Our order for Care/of was slightly more expensive than Persona’s based on the standard serving and contained fewer supplements overall, however, this could be attributed to the inclusion of specialty products, such as collagen and maca.

Altogether, most people can expect to spend anywhere from around $50-$100/month if they choose to order their personalized daily multivitamin from Care/of depending on whether or not they include its specialty products.

Rootine Vitamin Quiz

Rootine’s vitamin quiz was extremely short and took us less than 5 minutes to complete. It should be kept in mind that the vitamin quiz is only the first part of the 3 step customization process and Rootine uses the information it collects from blood and DNA testing in order to finalize the nutrient dosages for each customer’s order.

Here are some of the key features of Rootine’s vitamin quiz along with the recommended vitamin, mineral, and supplement dosages for my vitamin pack.

Mostly General Questions

Rootine asks mostly general questions related to diet, fitness, overall mood, and energy levels. These questions are supposed to be complementary to the information obtained from blood and DNA testing and are not supposed to serve as the deciding factor in determining specific nutrient needs.

Here’s an example of one of the questions asked during Rootine’s vitamin quiz:

Vitamin Quiz Experiment

Includes DNA & Blood Testing

Rootine includes both DNA and blood testing as the major portion of its personalization process. Customers should initially complete the online quiz and then upload results from DNA or blood testing to finalize customization.

Doesn’t Check For Drug Interactions

One of the major drawbacks to using the online quiz by Rootine is that it doesn’t ask for or include current medications or supplements. However, those who complete the blood test portion of the personalization process will provide the team at Rootine with the information they need in order to make an informed decision on the nutrients that are most or least needed by the customer.

Doesn’t Include Health Goals

Another major drawback to Rootine’s quiz and overall customization process is that it does not ask for each customer’s health goals, rather it solely relies upon the information obtained from the online quiz accompanied by biometric data. Thus, customers will receive a daily multivitamin that’s designed to fill in nutrient gaps and meet their overall health needs, not one that contains specialty herbs or supplements to aid specific health areas or goals.

Product Recommendations

Here’s what Rootine’s recommended for our vitamin, mineral, and supplement dosages for our personalized vitamin packs:

Vitamin Quiz Experiment
Vitamin Quiz Experiment
Vitamin Quiz Experiment
Vitamin Quiz Experiment
Vitamin Quiz Experiment

Final Cost

Vitamin Quiz Experiment

The final cost for our order was $69.99/30 days, making it $2.33 per standard serving. Based on the cost per standard serving, Rootine came out to be less expensive than Care/of and slightly more expensive than Persona, however, it contained 19 key nutrients total whereas the Persona contained 11 and Care/of contained 7.

Since Rootine does not allow customization to the final order, all customers can expect to pay the same amount for the 30 day supply. However, additional costs are associated with Rootine’s Nutrient Blood Test and Nutrigenic DNA Test which are $99 each.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that customers are required to purchase Rootine as a 90 day supply and will be billed $69.99/month.

Benefits Of Custom Vitamins

There are numerous benefits to using custom vitamins. The following are the top reasons why people choose to use personalized vitamin packs:

  • Personalized to specific health needs
  • An all-in-one approach to health
  • Once-daily and very convenient
  • Monthly subscription option available for most
  • Recommendations are science-backed
  • Takes into account factors such as diet, allergies, health conditions, and medication interactions
  • Able to filter vitamins by certain health needs
  • Professional help is available through several communication platforms

Ideal Vitamin Pack for Women

Women should use a vitamin pack that contains the right nutrients and supplements that address the major areas of female health. Ingredients in women’s vitamin packs should be geared towards areas including resolving PMS symptoms, improving urinary tract health, providing additional nutrient support for prenatal and postnatal health, enhancing the health of hair, skin, and nails, as well as promoting healthy thyroid function and metabolism.

Some of the best ingredients that women should include in their vitamin pack are:

  • Vitamins: B (2,3,6,9,12), C, D3, E, K2
  • Minerals: folate, iron, boron, magnesium, iodine, selenium, zinc, choline
  • Supplements: omega-3 fatty acids, collagen, borage with saffron, cranberry extract, probiotic

Ideal Vitamin Pack for Men

Men should use a vitamin pack that contains nutrients that target the improvement of strength, energy, testosterone levels and production, fertility, prostate health, and heart health.

Some of the best ingredients for men’s vitamin packs include:

  • Vitamins: A, D3, K2,
  • Minerals: zinc, selenium, potassium, magnesium, boron
  • Supplements: omega-3 fatty acids, ashwagandha, lycopene, CoQ10

Ideal Vitamin Pack for Athletes

Athletic nutrition is a growing segment, with brand starting to offer specialized options. We’ve done a full breakdown of athletic vitamins here.

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