Best Vitamins for 2 Year Olds

It is normal for you to worry if your kids are getting all the vitamins they need from their meals. You can lay out all the foods you think your 2 year old would love, but he or she might still not eat them.

Therefore that is the difficult point because you know if they don’t eat they won’t be getting all the essential vitamins and minerals for their growth and development.

This said, it is advisable to include a vitamin supplement in the diet of your child, so even at the times your 2 year old gets fussy about dinner you can assure your self they have consumed the vitamins they need!

The important part is to get educated about the vitamins your child may need thinking of his age and diet and that way you will be able to decide what is the right supplement to provide them with.

Our list contains all the essential vitamins and minerals for toddlers recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. If you are also looking for the best multivitamins for kids aged 4 and above, make sure to check out this article.

#1 Kids and Toddler Option

Kid’s Daily Multivitamin by Hiya Health

For Hiya Health, kids’ safety is one of the top priorities. With over 15 essential vitamins and minerals thoroughly formulated by well-known pediatricians, Hiya Health knows how to attract an audience. 

Alongside a great cost of $15 per kid bottle and a 50% discount on the first order, Hiya also takes care of the fact that the company provides great-tasting daily chewable instead of junk-filled gummies sold by numerous vendors.  

With natural sweetener, 12 organic fruits & vegetables, and zero grams of sugar, Kids Daily Multivitamin is completely safe with no side effects to worry about. Besides this, Hiya Health also provides eco-friendly refills, easy cancellation, and fresh delivery every month to your doorsteps. 

15% off your first order

Kids Daily Multivitamin by Hiya Health

Zarbee’s Naturals Toddler Complete Gummies

Best Vitamins for 2 Year Olds
Created by a pediatrician, Zarbee’s multivitamin contains the essential amount of vitamins and minerals that your child needs for a healthy development and a strong immune system. Suitable for children ages 2 to 4.
Easy to chew gummies which are naturally flavored and sweetened with honey so all children are excited to take their daily supplement.
Each bottle comes with 110 gummies, which contain the following vitamins and minerals: Vitamins A, C, D3, E, B12, folic acid and 11 other nutrients which contribute to healthy bone growth and metabolism.
Made with vegetarian pectin, they are soft and to chew. They do not contain medication, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, gluten or flavors.

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Best Organic Vitamins for Kids

The SmartyPants organic daily is our best choice for an organic kids vitamin.

SmartyPants Vegetarian Organic Kids Daily Gummy Vitamins

Best Vitamins for 2 Year Olds

SmartyPants is a supplement which contains important vitamins and minerals, all blended together in a delicious chewable gummy make it easy for your child to take daily. Designed for children but suitable for the whole family it consists of 14 essential nutrients. These include, vitamin D which helps bones and teeth grow fast and strong; zinc which aids in healthy hair, skin and nails; vitamin B12 and omega-3 which boosts their immune system, and vitamin C which helps calcium absorption and contributes in the health of their gums. Last but not least, the gummies contain probiotics which helps your child’s digestive system.

Each bottle contains 120 gummies.

SmartyPants multivitamin does not include artificial colors or sweeteners, is gluten free, does not contain gelatin, milk, selfish or other usual allergens.

Best Liquid Multivitamin for Toddlers

Our best choice for a liquid multivitamin is JoySpring. It is organic, gluten free, nut free, sugar free, and has a shelf life of 4 years.

JoySpring Liquid Organic Vitamins for Kids

Best Vitamins for 2 Year Olds

JoySpring multivitamins is created for your children with the most natural ingredients and herbs. It is in liquid form with a great taste and comes with a dropper to make it for your child to take it everyday.

It includes all the essential nutrients your child needs to boost their immune system, maintain excellent health and helps them keep their energy levels at peak.

Some the vitamins and minerals that this multivitamin liquid contains are Vitamins A and C, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and many more.

JoySpring is sugar, nut and gluten free.

Chewable Vitamins for 2 Year Olds

Alongside our typical liquid vitamins, we also recommend these chewables for those children that are more likely to enjoy them.

Trace Minerals Complete Children’s Chewable Multivitamin

Best Vitamins for 2 Year Olds

This Trace Minerals’ multivitamin for children is a chewable supplement with a nice raspberry flavor containing all the important vitamins and minerals you would expect from a great product.

About the size of a dime, your 2 year old kid would definitely love to chew on them due to the awesome taste. But the important stuff is the vitamins and minerals they get to help them grow healthy and strong.

Sweetened with natural pure stevia, inulin and sorbitol, the wafer contains vitamins A, C, D, E, B, and K. It also contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iodine, iron, biotin, zinc.

A pack contains 2 bottles of 60 tablets each. That is 120 great-tasting wafers for your kid to chew on daily for a long time.

Renzo’s Iron Strong Vitamins for Kids

Best Vitamins for 2 Year Olds

Renzo’s Iron Strong is formulated specifically to address the iron deficiency in kids which is recognized as one of the major mineral deficiencies in children. To make this a top-notch product, carbonyl iron, instead of ferrous sulfate (iron salts), is used. This doesn’t cause any side effects in the tummy.

The supplement also contains vitamin C which promotes healthy gums and the absorption of calcium in the body. Other minerals include mannitol and magnesium stearate.

Your kid would readily gulp this down as the natural orange flavor sweetened with monk fruit extract tastes awesome.

Best Toddler Vitamins

If your 2 year old eats a balanced diet daily, getting them vitamins supplement is not necessary. The food they eat every day contains everything needed to support healthy growth and development.

Healthy growth and development of a child encompass everything from physical growth right down to development at the cellular level. And for that to proceed optimally, your child needs energy and nutrients from the food they need.

It is impossible to find all these nutrients and vitamins in any single food. That is one reason a combination of foods and drinks are necessary to deliver all the vitamins.

To be on the safe side, you need to supplement your kid’s diet with vitamins. That way, you are sure they are getting everything. After all, kids, most times, would rather skip meals unless they are forced to eat them.

And in some cases, they’d hang on to their determination not to eat certain foods no matter how nutritional these are for them.

There is a rub though. There are dozens of natural vitamins. No matter what salesmen tell you, not all of them are important for your kid’s health and development.

It is wrong to think the more vitamins a food supplement has, the better it is for your 2 year old. In most cases, packing dozens of vitamins and minerals in a single drug is a gimmick to get you to part with a few extra dollars.

Above was the most important vitamins for your 2 year old and how they support their growth and development.

What Vitamins are Necessary for a Two Year Old?

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble nutritional organic compound that is found naturally in foods as retinol and carotene. Foods rich in vitamin A include carrots, vegetables, milk, cheese, eggs, and squash.

In case of a deficiency of vitamin A, your child needs 1000 IU daily to support proper immune response, healthy skin, bone and tissue repair, and the development of the eyes.

Vitamin B

There are eight different types of vitamin B of which the most important is B12. They are collectively known as vitamin B complex.

They are all often found in foods such as vegetables, meat, poultry products, milk, and bread.

The B complex group aid metabolism, energy production, the development of circulatory and nervous systems.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, helps babies and toddlers to absorb iron from the foods they eat. Iron is necessary for the formation of healthy red blood cells to transport oxygen around the body. Hence it is important for healthy brain development.

These can be found mainly in oranges. Other sources include cantaloupe, green peas, broccoli, and green and red peppers.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D primary helps the absorption of calcium in foods to promote healthy, strong bones in kids. It is also known to help safeguard kids against chronic diseases later in life.

As a food supplement, kids should be given at least 400 IU daily according to researchers. In diet, it can be found in fish and milk

For kids on a vegan or vegetarian diet, it is vital that vitamin D supplement is added to their diet daily.

Quick FAQ

Answers to a few other important questions you may have about vitamins for 2-year-olds.

What is the best multivitamin for toddlers?

FITS 2016 revealed that toddlers and children of all ages might have higher chances of lacking vitamins E, D, fiber, potassium, and iron [1]. This is primarily due to frequently being allowed to eat unhealthy foods.

E.g., if you allow your toddler to drink a few sips of your tea every day, they might become addicted to it and cry for tea when you give them milk. Some parents allow unhealthy food habits to continue to stop the child from crying. This may put the child at risk of developing vitamins D and C deficiency. 

One of the best ways to avoid this is by giving them healthy choices to choose from. If you think your toddler might missing any essential nutrients, a multivitamin containing vitamins D, E, and potassium might be a good choice. It will be great if it also contains fiber and iron. 

Be careful with the dosage of the vitamins as overdosing might cause adverse effects. Keep them out of children’s reach, especially the gummy vitamins, because they can easily be mistaken for candies. 

What are the best vitamins for toddlers under 2?

Toddlers under 2 may not require vitamin supplements if they’re being breastfed or drinking cow’s milk every day. If you’ve decided to give them vitamins, it should only be what they’re not getting enough of. 

A FITS study from 2008 found that most toddlers under the age of 2 had an adequate nutrient intake, which included B vitamins and other essential minerals. However, a few of them lacked Zinc and iron. 

If you think your child may lack Zinc and iron, double-check with your doctor first to see if a multivitamin containing Zinc and iron might be suitable for them [2]. 

What are the best toddler gummy vitamins with iron?

Best Vitamins for 2 Year Olds

Zarbee’s children’s complete multivitamin might be a good choice if you’re looking for one that also contains iron. The vitamins from this brand are created by a pediatrician and follow the correct dosage requirements for safety and effectiveness. 

The 14 essential vitamins included also include a few discussed above, like vitamins D, E, and Zinc. 

On a side note, not all liquid supplements taste bad. Some liquid vitamins discussed in this article, like Renzo’s Iron Strong, has a pleasant taste. 

What are the best organic multivitamins for toddlers?


JoysSpring is an organic vitamin brand for children. It was founded by two frustrated parents who were sick of sugar-loaded vitamin candies and prescriptions. 

They worked with a team of US-based manufacturers, nutritionists, and a herbal formalist to create JoySpring vitamins. 

It contains some of the essential nutrients we discussed earlier, like A, potassium, and iron. They also have fiber gummies available for toddlers who don’t get adequate fiber from fruits and vegetables. 


SmartyPants might be another good organic multivitamin for your toddler. They’re known for their ingredient transparency and produce high-quality vitamins lead by a team of medical professionals. 

SmartyPants also contain omega-3, which toddlers might not always get from their diets. 


If you have some concerns about your 2 year old’s vitamins intake or requirements, it is best to have an honest chat with the baby’s doctor. They would be able to advise you properly on what needs to be done and how to go about it.

Generally though, it wise to get the doctor’s advice before introducing any new food supplement to their diet. Some supplements that look good may not be suitable for your kid.

For instance, your kid may be allergic to some ingredients in the drugs. But, the vitamins in this review are devoid of the common allergens that affect toddlers.

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