💉 #4: Manopause, Stomach Paralysis, and Dr. Huge on SARMs

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💊 A Safe Treatment for… Manopause?

🤮 Stomach paralysis (your new worst nightmare)

💉 Dr. Huge on 20 Years of SARMS

Let’s inject this.

Research Corner: A Safe Treatment for “Manopause”

Back in 2014, Time magazine coined the term “manopause.”

Yes, we hate it too.

They’re talking about the classic signs of male aging… A decrease in energy, libido, muscle mass, and overall drive in life.

The root cause? Low testosterone.

See, back in 2014, the testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) industry was already booming, but there were concerns about safety issues, particularly dangerous cardiovascular side effects, such as an increased risk of heart attacks.

It seems like every few months, another fitness industry icon passes away far too young, and it’s hard to imagine these deaths aren’t related to anabolic use.

But is TRT equally dangerous? 🤔

Well, a new study that was just released in the New England Journal of Medicine says that we have nothing to fear–TRT is safe.

Now, this study looked at men who truly needed TRT, not those guys who use TRT clinics as a loophole for legal steroids, often receiving doses far beyond what is needed.

In clinically hypogonadal men, appropriate TRT usage did not increase the risk of cardiovascular events.

So if your testosterone is low, and you’re treating it safely with TRT under proper medical supervision, you don’t have anything to worry about… though you can never go wrong with regular blood work and health checkups, just to be safe.

In The News: Weight Loss Drug Causes Stomach Paralysis?

Not a week goes by that we aren’t hearing something new about Wegovy or Ozempic, which are brand names for semaglutide… and this time, the news isn’t so great.

Doctors are reporting that in rare cases, using these weight-loss peptides may cause stomach paralysis. The FDA claims they’ve received similar reports.

When this happens, your stomach’s digestive system slows down so much that it can no longer process food appropriately. This causes severe stomach distress, vomiting, dehydration, and other nasty side effects.

The manufacturers of these drugs claim they’ve been used safely for years, with zero side effects. Many doctors say they’ve never seen any of these side effects in their patients.

One patient who suffered from this stomach distress claims that she vomits so frequently she had to take a leave of absence from her job, and another patient said she’s had to skip family vacations.

We don’t know for sure if these issues were actually caused by semaglutide. And if they were, it seems to be a rare occurrence.

Still, if you’re using any sort of peptide and notice weird side effects, be sure to speak to your doctor ASAP.

Media: Dr. Huge on 20 Years of SARMs

Anthony Hughes, aka Dr. Tony Huge, is one of the most popular figures in the enhanced fitness space.

He’s very open about his biohacking journey with PEDs, SARMs, and peptides, and has even starred in two Generation Iron movies, Enhanced and Enhanced 2.

We’ll let you guess what “enhanced” is referring to.

Anyway, Dr. Huge recently released a YouTube video detailing the side effects he’s noticed after 20 years of SARMs use.

His takeaway message?

As with anything, safety always comes down to responsible use.

He says that he’s never noticed side effects with moderate use, but if he continuously took very high doses for years, he doesn’t doubt he would have experienced health issues.

Just because something is useful, doesn’t mean more is better. Dr. Huge encourages self-experimentation but insists on regular bloodwork and well-informed use.

As Dr. Huge isn’t technically a medical doctor, this is far from medical advice.

But it never hurts to be reminded that compounds that seem safe can have detrimental side effects if you’re abusing them.

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