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I have never done a review before, but I owe an honest review to Learn for shipping a free sample out. This is going to be a long one, so bear with me; this product deserves it.

I have several issues with pre-workouts that not many other people may experience, but unfortunately for me it really limits my selection of Supplements. I have tried ACG 3, Jack3d, Coastal Rush, and numerous others, but I tend to be extremely sensitive to beta-alanine, caffeine, and various stimulants. Taste sensitivity is also a big factor for me. If it doesn’t have a decent flavor I tend to feel like I’m going to gag.

Some of these pre-workouts bother me so much so that I often can’t get through my warm-ups because the stimulants increase my heart rate, speed up my breathing, and give me an overall sense of paranoia that something is incredibly wrong. Needless to say, I spend most of my time while on pre-workouts wondering if I am dying instead of focusing on my lifts, even when I cut the serving sizes down drastically.

I am happy to report that Game Day is one of the only pre-workouts I have used that actually enhanced my workout without providing a feeling of nervousness and shortness of breath. My energy level was high without that feeling of overkill or that feeling of being on speed that most supplements give me. Game Day helped me decrease my rest periods and keep intensity high all while keeping a decent amount of weight on the bar. It made what would usually be a tough workout for me seem easy.

Another note on Game Day is that the flavor was amazing. Most lemon-lime flavored powdered Supplements I have tasted have the distinct taste of squeezing lemon juice into my mouth directly after brushing my teeth. Simply put, they taste disgusting. Game Day’s flavor tasted like fresh lemonade made by a sweet old lady who knew exactly how much lime to add to it. In other words, it tasted pretty darn close to my Grandma’s lemonade.

One of the most important factors to me is that every single ingredient is listed with the specific amounts. There is none of that proprietary blend non-sense that is essentially the company saying, “there may be tons of fillers in here, but we’re going to let you think that all ingredients are of the highest quality.” In fact, some companies don’t even list the amounts of ingredients per serving!

However, as great as a product this is there are a few caveats. Although the price is decent, I feel that the servings per container are a little bit limited. If you use the recommended 2 scoops for extreme performance as opposed to the 1 scoop listed in the serving size as the adult dietary supplement you only get about 15 servings. That is just a small factor though as one serving seems to be enough.

I am also really big on BCAA’s, and although Game Day does have Tyrosine I would have liked just a bit of leucine or another essential BCAA. They did make an excellent call however on not adding glutamine to the ingredients. When taken before a workout l-glutamine can actually result in increased levels of ammonia in the body, resulting in a horrible lactic acid type burning sensation. I’m certain that Game Day uses their combination of ingredients for a good reason, and it’s working, so this point isn’t that big either.

Overall, this is an amazing product worth purchasing and if I weren’t so strapped right now I would buy it myself.

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