Making the Connection: The Tie Between Bodybuilding Magazines and Supplement Companies


It’s no secret that the bodybuilding magazine industry is in bed with the supplement industry. But did you know that most major bodybuilding magazines are corporate bed-fellows with supplement companies?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true – bodybuilding magazines are nothing more then supplement catalogs with cut and paste mumbo jumbo. Let’s not forget the articles written by top stars – *cough* – ghost writers. You didn’t really believe that top pro Joe Scmoe could write like that, did you?

Nope. He can’t. When Joe Schmoe turns pro, he signs upon the dotted line and whores himself out for phat supplement cash. I can’t really blame him. After all, Joe Schmoe does have an expensive drug habit to support.

And with his name on the dotted line, bodybuilding magazine slash supplement company proceeds to feature him in magazines. His photos and articles are everywhere, smiling and holding up the latest, greatest supplement on one page, and writing an intense, well-thought out training article on the next.

It’s all a bunch of bullshit. Let that linger for a while.

So class, let’s review…supplement company and bodybuilding magazine are corporate partners, or are owned by the same corporation. They publish a magazine aka a supplement catalog. This catalog exists to sell you supplements. In case you missed the memo, supplement sales drive the bodybuilding bus. You didn’t really think that bodybuilding and bodybuilders were that popular, did you?

To get you to buy the supplements, magazine slash catalog slash supplement company contracts Joe Schmoe. Joe gets cash, pays for his drug habit, and the sport of monster-gorilla-ass bodybuilding thrives and drives on.

You keep buying the supplements and magazines to look like Joe Schmoe. The supplement companies slash magazines take your cash, skim off the top, and stuff Joe Schmoe’s pockets. Joe Schmoe juices to the gills. Cycle continues, on and on.

Have you noticed that bodybuilders continue to get bigger and bigger and bigger? The bigger they get, the bigger the supplement bus becomes.

Yes, my friends…the modern sport of bodybuilding is a sham. On the cover of magazines, it’s all about the sport. But under the skirt, bodybuilding is a well-worn whore, propping up unhealthy, drug-bloated freaks, and using them to steal your cash.

Think it’s a coincidence that the sport of bodybuilding entered the shitter at the same rate that supplement companies and bodybuilding magazines grew?

Enough of my rambling. If you don’t get it now, you may never get it. The professional sport is a business – a WWE style business. It’s not about the sport, it’s about the supplement money.

Think about these connections the next time you hold a magazine in your hands:

Weider Supplements

Weider supplements and Muscle & Fitness (and Flex Magazine) are one in the same. That should come as no surprise. Joe Weider and gang have been in the industry since dinosaurs roamed the earth.

As the king of the mountain, Weider Co. doesn’t need to push Weider supplements as hard and heavy as they did in the 80’s. Supplement companies are standing in line – particularly MuscleTech – to hand out boat loads of phat advertising cash.

But don’t let that fool you…Weider is globally active, and their supplement company slash magazines are currently in the process of trying to rule the Asian market.


The EAS supplement empire grew out of Muscle Media Magazine. Initially, Muscle Media touted itself as a resource that wasn’t swayed by advertisers.

But as the EAS supplement line grew and exploded – due to a multi-tiered promotional attack of books, Body for Life challenges, partnerships with the NFL – it became all about the supplements.

You can’t blame Bill Phillips for wanting to earn a living. But the Body for Life Challenge was all about the supplements, and Muscle Media became just another supplement catalog.


T-Mag and Biotest. What more is there to say? T-Mag does have a boat load of informative articles and information. But alas, it exists to drive supplement sales.

T-Mag is at the forefront of the new Internet age of supplement marketing. While Biotest isn’t the biggest name in the supplement business, it isn’t exactly shrinking either.

As of late, T-Nation and Biotest have gone off the deep end. They are pushing an all supplement diet known as the velocity diet. They also are making outrageous claims that certain Biotest supplements are more potent then steroids – and have added 27 pounds of mass to experienced, advanced lifters.


There are many more examples, but I think you get the picture. I don’t need to rattle off everyone muscle magazine that’s ever existed, and the supplement company that dances with it.

The point of this article isn’t to call all magazines or supplement companies evil. They are businesses, and drive a niche of the economy that employs hundreds of thousands of workers.

My point is to shine a light on reality. Don’t pick up a bodybuilding magazine and expect to get an unbiased slant on training, diet and supplementation. All roads lead to the big funnel – also known as supplement sales.

And this doesn’t mean that every website/lifter/whatever who owns a supplement line has no integrity…far from it.

Please, just filter what you read. And think before you buy. Supplements are not the anti-Christ. But words that exist only to sell you magic pills are.

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