Wingstop Keto Options

Updated February 15, 2021

If you know anything about keto, then you are aware that chicken wings are one of the go-to options of the ketogenic diet. Wingstop is a popular chain restaurant. Here are some Wingstop keto options. We’ll wade through the menu for you and pick out the best choices. We’ll tell you what is safe and what you should avoid. There’s always that sneaky thing on the menu that you think is safe, but it is actually loaded with carbs.

Alright, guess what we’re going to start with? Chicken wings! On their nutritional guide on their site, they give you the nutritional information per 10 wings, because who the heck eats two wings? A small child? Odds are not many small children are on keto.

So first we’re going to go through all of the wings that are 10 g of net carbs or less per 10 wings.

Wingstop keto chicken wing options

Wingstop Keto Options

Plain – 0 net carbs, 700 calories, 75 g protein

Atomic, 5 net carbs, 720 calories, 75 g protein

Cajun, 0 net carbs, 710 calories, 75 g protein

Original Hot, 0 net carbs, 710 calories, 75 g protein

Mild, 0 net carbs, 920 calories, 75 g protein

Garlic Parmesan, 0 net carbs, 1,020 calories, 80 g protein

Lemon Pepper, 0 net carbs, 900 calories, 75 g protein

Louisiana Rub, 0 net carbs, 850 calories, 75 g protein

Wingstop wings to AVOID

Mango habanero, 30 net carbs, 800 calories, 75 g protein

Hickory Smoked BBQ, 35 net carbs, 850 calories, 75 g protein

Hawaiian (Ken’s), 20 net carbs, 780 calories, 75 g protein

Hawaiian (Renfro’s), 15 net carbs, 780 calories, 75 g protein

Teriyaki (Ken’s), 25 net carbs, 800 calories, 75 g protein

Teriyaki (Renfro), 20 net carbs, 800 calories, 75 g protein

Now there are boneless wings and crispy tenders. Obviously those are not an option. The lowest amount is if you eat two plain boneless wings it’s 13 net carbs or two plan tenders it’s 15 net carbs. That doesn’t cut it.

Now when it comes to sides. You have two options for sides.

Wingstop keto sides

Celery – 4 sticks, 1 net carb, 5 calories

Carrots – 4 sticks, 3 net carbs, 17 calories

Wingstop keto dressing

Ranch 3.25 oz cup, 2 net carbs, 313 calories, 1 g protein

Blue Cheese 3.25 oz cup, 3 net carbs, 312 calories, 3 g protein

No honey mustard and no cheese sauce!

Well, there you go. Now you’re ready to take on Wingstop and maintain ketosis.

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