The 5 Best Diet Apps for the Keto Diet

The 5 Best Diet Apps for the Keto Diet

Updated February 5, 2021

The ketogenic diet is one of the most revolutionary diets to hit the world. Sometimes it can be difficult to stay on track. This article features the 5 best diet apps for those on the ketogenic diet. 

Not only is it effective at helping individuals lose and maintain a healthy weight, it is one of the few diets out there right now that is actually backed up by medical science. In fact, more and more doctors are recommending the diet as well as becoming participants of the ketogenic challenge themselves.

With that in mind, this diet can be a complex regimen to follow. Like every other diet or lifestyle plan, it is crucial to keep track of what you are intaking and make sure you avoid foods that will counter the diet’s requirements.

The ketogenic diet works by strictly limited or eliminating carbohydrates and replacing them with fats. The goal is to train the body to utilize fat instead of carbs for energy. When the body does this, it goes into a state of ketosis.

Keeping the body in this state is the point of the diet, but this can be difficult if you do not keep track of food intake properly. Fortunately, there are several good smartphone apps that help you follow it more precisely. Here’s five of the best diet apps available for tracking ketosis.

The 5 Best Diet Apps for the Keto Diet

  1. FatSecret:

    This is one of the best diet apps available for free on the market. One of the most beneficial features is the app’s ability to tell you what foods are available in supermarkets or grocery stores near you that compliment your diet. FatSecret has regional versions of the app available to fulfil this function. For example, if you live in Canada, it will tell you what types of foods are available local to you for your diet needs.

    The app also carries a large database of basic food ingredients to keep you well-informed and vigilant against unwanted carbs. It will also track sodium and potassium levels.

    Download it for iPhone or Android
  2.  Cron-O-Meter:

    The app is great for those wanting to know what types of nutrients they are getting with their keto choices. One of the challenges of the ketogenic diet is eliminating carbohydrates while making sure you are replacing them with nutrient-rich foods – failing to do this can actually lead to malnutrition. Cron-O-Meter is therefore great for ensuring you’re still getting all the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy.

    Cron-O-Meter helps you determine the nutrients in the foods you are eating by comparing them to the micronutrient database provided in the app. One drawback may be that it costs $2.99 for the app, $5.99 for the premium version, which eliminates adverts. This small cost is offset by great nutritional information and helping keto followers remain healthy.

    Download it for Android
  3. MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter:

    This is one of the most popular apps on the market for keto followers. It has the largest food database available of any food and nutrition apps on the market and includes popular keto brands in its library.

    The app’s most beneficial quality is the ability to set up personal macros or goals for yourself. MyFitnessPal will track your goals to an accuracy of 5%. The basic version is free, but users have the option to pay $9.99 for all available features.

    Download it for iPhone or Android
  4. The KetoDiet App:

    Unlike any of the other apps on this list, this one is built specifically for tracking ketosis. Particularly, it will track your net carb intake as well as all of your macros (tracking ketosis in the body). The KetoDiet App comes with an embedded calculator for manually tracking ketosis.

    The app also has an ingredient database, though it is not as big as some of the others. You may want to use it is conjunction with apps, programs or other diet resources to ensure you build a varied bank of ketogenic foods.

    Download it for iPhone or Android
  5. Carb Manager:

    This app is also specifically for keto dieters, and its greatest feature is the ability to scan barcodes for products and track the nutrients and calories in the food.

    Carb Manager comes equipped with a large database of ingredients that help you healthily stay on track with your diet, as well as the ability to access supplemental information online.

    Download it for iPhone or Android

These apps are all excellent choice to keep you on the right path when it comes to the keto diet. What are you waiting for? Pick one out today and try it out!

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