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What are Net Carbs?

Updated February 2, 2021

When following a keto diet many people track their “net carbs.” What are net carbs? It’s really simple. Net carbs are the amount of carbs minus fiber.

So when you use the net carbs that allows you a little more freedom while keeping you on the track you want to be for losing weight. Let’s say you aren’t sure if you want to count total carbs or net carbs. The first thing yo need to do is ask yourself what you are trying to achieve? How sensitive are you to carbs? If you are looking to follow a keto diet with low carbs to lose weight and get healthier, then net carbs is a fine path. If you are looking to avoid carbs altogether then you would go with total carbs.

What are Net Carbs?

net carbs formula, total carbs - fiber = net carbs

It is good to use an app that allows you to track all of the foods you put in your body. I use MyFitnessPal. It is on iPhone and Android. When you track everything you put in your body you will quickly realize what works for you and what does not work. That is why I highly encourage you to download MyFitnessPal or something similar because knowledge is power. Maybe you are eating high carbs and high fiber and your weight isn’t dropping. Then it’s time to start counting net carbs. With this app you are able to figure things like this out.

Another advantage of this app is that it increases your knowledge of the nutrition that is in the foods you eat. When you add these items daily, you will start knowing the nutritional information before you add it. That makes it very convenient when you are making decisions about your diet on the fly.

The MyFitnessPal app also has a very wide database of nutritional information of foods from popular restaurants, which is very convenient. While restaurants are supposed to be more open about their nutritional information, we know that sometimes is not the case. MyFitnessPal helps you look this up in a matter of seconds. If you want to get into ketosis quickly it’s important to track what you are eating.

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