Low Carb Taco Bell Options

Low Carb Taco Bell Options

Updated February 15, 2021

Many people write off Taco Bell when they start the ketogenic diet. It is tough to order and not get a soft or crunch tortilla shell. That said, there are low carb Taco Bell options. There are more items at Taco Bell than just tacos, burritos and the like. Think about what is inside of those ingredients. Beef, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, etc. These are the items that will be put together for a keto-friendly meal. Check out the Taco Bell keto options here.

Low Carb Taco Bell Options

Let’s Look at Some Low Carb Taco Bell Options

When it comes to lunch or dinner, you have one option, really. It is the Power Menu Bowl.  You can go with either the Power Menu Steak Bowl or Power Menu Chicken Bowl. There is one important thing to remember when ordering. Make sure you request “no beans, no rice.” Those words may be hard for many who are ordering Taco Bell to say, but in order to make it keto-friendly this is something you must request.

The Power Menu Steak Bowl comes in for 395 calories and 7 net carbs. If you are a big-time eater, you should probably order two of them to be safe. If you go with the Power Menu Chicken Bowl that will knock you down to 5 net carbs and 250 calories. You will definitely need to order two of those.

Low Carb Taco Bell Options

Now it’s time for some Taco Bell breakfast. Some of you might be thinking, “Taco Bell breakfast?” I must admit in my pre-keto days I had a kick on the AM Steak Crunch Wrap. NOT keto-friendly at all, but it was very filling and very reasonably priced. Plus, like most Americans, I passed one on the way to work every day.

For a low carb Taco Bell breakfast option, you go with the Breakfast Mini Skillet. You have to make sure you go no potatoes, but add extra bacon and extra guacamole. This goes for 290 calories and 6 net carbs. It can vary how you are charged for this with the extras, but it should be $3 to $3.50 and 290 calories for breakfast with 23 grams of fat is a strong option.

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Right now Taco Bell has a promotional item going on with the Naked Egg Taco. You have to make sure to request no potatoes in each of these. And added guacamole if you’re into that thing. Yes, they put potatoes in their freaking tacos. These are 9 net carbs if you go bacon and 8 net carbs if you go sausage. 350 calories for bacon, 300 for sausage.

Low carb taco bell, naked egg taco bell keto

Taco Bell keto is possible! Who would have thought!?

Who would have thought there would be so many good low carb, keto-friendly options at Taco Bell? While we must admit that it is tough to enjoy Taco Bell without the trademark crunchy tacos, soft tortillas, etc. but you are able to get a taste of that Taco Bell goodness while maintaining ketosis, which is a whole lot better than missing it altogether. No one ever said keto was going to be easy all the time. While I never really was a big ban of Taco Bell, I know many, many people who freaking love it.

Download the Taco Bell app

When ordering keto-friendly food at Taco Bell, it is so much easier when you have the mobile app. Whether you use iPhone or Android, make sure you grab the mobile app. This way you are able to see every single option on the menu. There are things there that you didn’t even think about.

Another great thing about the app is you get to order without asking for all those modifications you need when making a low carb Taco Bell order. You know how much of a pain in the neck it is when you want to make an order and need to make fifteen modifications in order to get what you want. Even if you don’t mind making all of the specifications, it’s so much easier for the workers at Taco Bell when they are taking your order. Be considerate of them and use the app! On top of that, if you order in the app it makes it much less likely that either you or the Taco Bell employee will make a mistake with your order and put your keto diet in jeopardy.

While Taco Bell isn’t the best fast food restaurant to grab a low carb meal, there are definitely some options. So get on down to Taco Bell and check out these keto options!

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