Low Carb Pizza Hut Options

Low Carb Pizza Hut Options – Seriously!?

Updated February 15, 2021

Some restaurants are more challenging than others when it comes to keto. This one in particular is extremely tough, but we’ll do our best. Let’s go over some low carb Pizza Hut options.

First thing is first. No pizza. You probably knew that, but I just wanted to get that out in front of your right away so you don’t get your hopes up. If you eat three or four pieces of pizza that will knock your out of ketosis for days.

Pizza Hut does offer some salads. The Asian Salad is 20 net carbs and 330 calories before dressings. The Athenian Salad is 34 net carbs, so that’s a no go. BLT Salad is 22 carbs. A Chicken Caesar Salad is 23 net carbs and the Chicken Garden Salad is 29 net carbs. We are going to eliminate any salad that is above 25 net carbs before we even add dressing.

Now let’s get to the dressing. Blue cheese dressing is 3 net carbs and 450 calories. Ranch is 2 net carbs and 200 calories per packet.Creamy Italian dressing is 4 net carbs. French dressing is 13 net carbs. Steer clear of that one. A packet of the Caesar dressing is two net carbs. So we have some dressings to work with. Here are all of the salads and dressing you can have if you are hoping to stay near 25 net carbs for your entire meal:

Low Carb Pizza Hut Options


  • Asian Salad – 20 net carbs
  • BLT Salad – 22 net carbs
  • Chicken Caesar Salad – 23 net carbs

Salad Dressings

  • Blue Cheese – 3 net carbs
  • Ranch – 2 net carbs
  • Creamy Italian – 4 net carbs
  • Caesar – 2 net carbs

So that gives you some options for salads when you are at Pizza Hut. Pair any of those up and you are at least close to 25 net carbs. Not great, but it will get you through until your next meal.

Some Pizza Huts have salad bars. If that happens you are in luck! As long as you are familiar with what can and cannot be in your salad, you are fine. Remember, green leafy vegetables. Don’t go crazy on tomatoes or carrots. You got this!

We have one other option: chicken wings. If the Pizza Hut is a “Wing Street” location, then they actually have decent wings. That said, you must be very careful when it comes to the sauce you choose. Most of their sauces are loaded with carbs and sugar. You could always order them plain and dip them in ranch or if you get them to go you can use your trusty Frank’s Red Hot or Texas Pete.

Here is a list of the wing sauces with low enough carbs for you to order.

Chicken Wings

Low Carb Pizza Hut Options

Naked – 0 carbs per wing

Cajun Rub – 0.6 carbs per wing

Garlic Parmesan – 0 carbs per wing

Spicy Garlic – 3 carbs per wing

Yep, that’s it. Their hot and BBQ wings are loaded with sugar and carbs.

So there are your options at Pizza Hut when you are looking to eat low carb. Salad or wings. That’s about par for the course isn’t it? If you think I’m missing anything feel free to scour the Pizza Hut Interactive Nutrition Menu and let me know what you were able to find.

And at this point there is an elephant in the room. We go to Pizza Hut to get pizza. Unfortunately there is no way you can eat pizza at Pizza Hut if you are looking to stay in ketosis. There is an alternative, though. Check out the recipe for fathead pizza.

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