Low Carb Dairy Queen Options

Updated February 15, 2021

So you’re with a friend and you’re going somewhere for lunch. Your friend pulls into freaking Dairy Queens. What are you gonna do? Fear not, I have you covered with some low carb Dairy Queen options.

When it comes to eating low carb at Dairy Queen it’s pretty similar to when you are eating low carb at a fast food restaurant. Bunless burgers and salads are the name of the game.

So what do we order?

Flamethrower Grill Burger (Bunless)

Sorry I don’t have a photo of the burger without the bun. I’ll get one next time I hit up DQ.

This burger is no joke. It’s a half pound of beef, jalapenos, bacon, creamy jalapeno sauce, lettuce, tomato and pepper jack cheese. The lettuce is crispy, the tomatoes are better than most fast food tomatoes. I love spicy stuff, so this is right up my alley.

That name tells you all you need to know. It’s a burger that actually tastes like it just came off the grill. Also, it is very spicy. And I gotta say, they’re not lying. This is a very good burger. Truth be told, if I entered it into the bunless burgers contest I had earlier, it would have won. For some reason when I think of fast food burgers I don’t think of Dairy Queen. From now on I will. Very tasty burgers that can be handed to you through a drive-thru window in a big. That definitely qualifies.

This burger hits hard. And the macros are right on the money.

4g net carbs, 760 calories, 45g of protein

Cheeseburger (Bunless)

This is your basic burger. Comes with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and mustard. Again, it’s above average when you compare the taste to other fast food burgers. You won’t get the deal you would at McDonald’s, but you’re getting a better taste.

3 net carbs, 220 calories, 16g protein

Turkey BLT (Bunless)

This is a very good fast food sandwich and the bacon on there makes it more filling. It comes with turkey, bacon (duh), swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo. I highly recommend this.

5 net carbs, 390 calories and 27g protein

Grilled Chicken BLT Salad (with ranch dressing)


Not much to say other than this is better than most fast food salads. It contains a good amount of bacon, cheese, chicken and two big containers of ranch along with lettuce and tomato.

7 net carbs, 270 calories and 35 g of protein (w/out dressing)
10 net carbs, 770 calories and 35 g of protein (w Hidden Valley ranch)

Chicken Bacon Ranch (bunless)

A good sandwich, but if given the choice I’d go with the salad. You just get more. This comes with a ciabatta roll (that you toss), a grilled chicken breast, sliced bacon, Swiss cheese, ranch, slice of tomato and chopped lettuce.

5 net carbs, 310 calories, 26g protein

So if you are waiting for us to get to the sweet treats, it’s not happening. Depending how long you’ve been on keto, you should know that you aren’t getting any ice cream or anything like that.

Dairy Queen is a decent spot for a low carb meal, though. You have multiple options. So next time your friend insists on DQ for lunch, you can go with no hesitation, you just can’t join in on the sweet treats.

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