Low Carb Burger King Options

Updated February 15, 2021

As you know, keto is easier when you have as many options-on-the-go as possible. This includes fast food when you are in a pinch. Today we are going to go over some low carb Burger King options.

Many claim Burger King has the best fast food burger. I’m sure there are many of our friends that would go with In-N-Out, Whataburger and many other options. That’s another topic for another day. To me, the flamebroiled burger at BK is a very good option.

Let’s go over some of the best low carb options at BK.

Bunless Burgers

If you have been eating low carb for a while, then you know that a bunless burger is a great option. We did a review of some of the most popular fast food chains. Check out the article for our best bunless burger options. We rated BK very highly in this review.

Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich

So outside of the bunless burger, what other options are there at Burger King? The Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich comes in at about 3 grams of carbs without the bun. It’s a very big piece of chicken and very filling. And it’s actually pretty good when compared to the other fast food grilled chicken sandwiches.

BK Salads – Proceed With Caution!

The side salad is almost entirely iceberg lettuce. Not very tasty. The “Garden Salad” has a few slivers of tomato and some tiny carrots.

If you are looking for a good, low carb salad, go with the Tendergrill Chicken Salad. It has 8 net carbs and that’s without dressing and no croutons. This is our choice when you are eating low carb at BK and want a salad.


As far as dressing goes, ranch has 2 carbs, creamy caesar has 4, light Italian has 5. This is for very generous portions of dressing, you can easily get by with half of the package. DO NOT get the far free ranch as it contains 15 g of sugar.


The closest thing you can get to a desert is the apple slices, minus the carmel dip, checking in at 5 net carbs. Sure that’s a weak dessert, but that’s the best we can do on dessert at BK.


Bunless breakfast sandwiches and side orders of eggs, sausage and bacon are your only options here. You can order their breakfast items a la carte. You can’t see this on the menu, but believe me it is an option. You can go with two orders of sausage and/or bacon and eggs. Either way it comes to about 5g of net carbs.


Water! Of course you can drink diet soda if you are into that kind of thing, but that can mess with your state of ketosis. One thing to avoid is the iced coffee at 66 grams of carbs! When it comes to keto drinks from fast food, water and black coffee are the two go-to options.

While you don’t want to eat Burger King regularly while on keto, if you are in a jam you can get yourself a meal or snack there and live to see another day.

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