Jimmy John's and Keto

Jimmy John’s Keto Options

Updated February 15, 2021

Jimmy John’s freaky fast. That’s their saying. And also they are an incredible option for keto meals. You may not think it because they are a sandwich shop, but let us show you the way. There are some incredible Jimmy John’s keto options. Whether you enjoy the Italian Night Club, Turkey Tom, the Beach Club or the Big John, we have you covered.

Before we go over the options on the menu that are low carb, let’s talk about what makes Jimmy John’s so great. First off, they offer free delivery with a very low minimum order. You can be at work by yourself and get a lunch delivered with a tip for under $10. It’s awesome.

The freaky fast thing isn’t just a gimmick. They deliver in no time. After you make your order, you can get that sucker in as fast as ten minutes, depending on how close they are to you. It’s great.

If you are often at work thinking about how there are no keto options that will bring you food, then this is something that will help you a great deal. Anyone who is within range of delivery from JJ’s will benefit greatly from the keto options that they can get to you in a hurry.

Another great option when you are ordering Jimmy John’s is they have a very user friendly online ordering system. So if you are a fan of a quick, seamless online ordering process, this is as good as it gets. Check it out: order online with Jimmy John’s.

You can order an “unwich.” This is when they replace your bread by wrapping the sandwich in lettuce. It’s such a great thing for keto dieters.

Alright, now let’s get into it.

Jimmy John's and Keto

Jimmy John’s Keto Options

Here it is. The ultimate keto option. Lots of fat, lots of calories, low carbs.

What is a Jimmy John’s Unwich?

Obviously you can’t order a sandwich with bread and eat it on the keto diet. That’s where the Unwich comes into play. This is everything you love about the Jimmy John’s sandwiches, minus the bread. It might sound strange, but trust me it is a great option. They wrap up your sandwich in lettuce and it’s very easy to devour. So all of these options below are variations of the Unwich.

Basically any sandwich is a great option when you go with the “Unwich” option and leave off the bread. You can mess around with this nutrition calculator to figure out the exact nutritional information of your Unwich of choice. No matter what type of meat you like, you can definitely come up with a delicious combination that will fill yup up. Turkey, roast beef, ham, tuna, whatever you want, Jimmy John’s has you taken care of. I was also pleasantly surprised by their tomatoes. Not on the disgusting level of Wendy’s, Subway, McDonald’s, etc. Somehow JJ’s is able to get decent tomatoes year-round.

The Gargantuan Unwich

Calories – 744,  Carbs – 10g, Fat – 53g, Protein – 57g, Sodium – 2,754mg

Huge enough to feed the hungriest of all humans. “Tons” of Genoa Salami, Sliced Applewood Smoked Ham, Capicola, Roast Beef, Turkey, Provolone Cheese, Tomato, Onions, Mayo, Homemade Italian Dressing

You can knock it down to 8 g of carbs if you go no onion. This is such a great keto sandwich. They wrap it in lettuce. If you are apprehensive about that, TRUST ME, it’s great. At least give it a try. Odds are you will have a go-to keto delivery option.

The rest of the sandwiches are not as big, but there are still plenty of great low carb options. Here is the rest of the unwiches on the menu, per Reddit:

Jimmy John's Keto Options

This is one of my go-to options when it comes to the keto diet. It’s very filling and depending on which sandwich you choose, you can definitely load it up with fat. When it comes to toppings, there’s oil and avocado. Any keto dieter knows this is an awesome way to boost the fat content in your meal.

Add Avocado Spread!

If you have been on the keto diet for any amount of time, then you know avocado is an amazing option. For just an extra one or two net carbs you are able to make your sandwich more filling and if you love avocado then even more delicious as well!

Let’s Order Some Jimmy John’s!

How great is that? For your sake, I hope you have a Jimmy John’s in your town. They are almost everywhere, in my experiences, so good luck. No sense in messing around. Get your Jimmy John’s keto on!

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