Keto at Jersey Mike's

Keto at Jersey Mike’s

Updated February 15, 2021

While certain dietary restrictions make dinning out really difficult, the ketogenic diet is extremely restaurant-friendly, making it one of the most realistic diets out there. In most cases, you’ll have to self police – ensuring you either place the right order or throw out the buns, chips or other high carb portion of your meal.

This means some part of your money will get tossed out along with every uneaten croissant or flatbread, because most restaurants don’t offer discounts for the uneaten part of their menus.

Enter Jersey Mike’s.

They literally invented the term “sub-in-a-tub”, which is essentially ordering the inner fillings of a sandwich, but without the buns. Instead your “sandwich” comes in a salad-like form, placed in a bowl. Prices for sub in tubs are less than typical sandwiches, so you get to save some cash while still eating right. With the high carb already taken out of the sandwich, keto at Jersey Mike’s enormously easier to follow.

Keto at Jersey Mike's

What To Order At Jersey Mike’s


Before stepping into a Jersey Mike’s, remember that its still a fast food. So while the menu contains what seems like everything, stick to the subs if you want your keto diet to be effective.

Jersey Mike’s has a calorie breakdown of each sub on their website, so you can check out their menu online, learn what’s best for your keto diet, before stepping a foot into their building.

Cold subs in a tub contain fewer carbs, so it’s better to order them instead of hot subs – like the BBQ beef, which can set you back 38 grams of carbs in just one serving.

● Philly Sub in a Tub

This delectable sub comes with peppers, steak, American cheese and onion filling, grilled and served on a fresh bed of lettuce. You can request extra dressing of vinegar, olive oil and spices if you care for the extra flavor, but this will cost more and will contain more calories than has already been estimated. This a quite a heavy dish as it contains 695 calories, which can be further broken into:

– 55g fat

– 35g protein

– 11g net carbs

● BLT Sub-in-a-tub

If you’re trying to ditch all forms of diary and are striving to maintain a very high fat:carb ratio, you should give this BLT sub in a tub a go. It’s made up of shredded lettuce and sliced tomatoes to give you some fibre, plus bacon. Ditch Jersey Mike’s way of mixed dressing, since it contains a ton of carbs. Opt for the olive and vinegar dressing instead. One serving of the BLT sub contains about 1005 calories, which is half of your calorie requirement for the day (depending on your gender). These calories are split into:

– 102g fat

– 12g protein

– 6g net carbs

Because the ketogenic diet’s relies heavily on fat consumption, a BLT sub in a tub is perhabs the best lunch to order.

● Roast Beef & Provolone Sub-in-a-tub

Looking for super fresh ingredients, try this roast beef and provolone sub. The roast beef is sliced right in front of you, so you’re sure of it’s “freshness”, then mixed with provolone and then laid on fresh lettuce leaves.
Beware of having your sub in a tub served Mike’s way though, because while the extra vegetables may be good “health wise”, vegetables pack a bit of carbs, and Mike’s way adds 2g carbs to your meal. So again, if you want to stick to your keto diet, you’re going to have to go with vinegar dressing. A roast beef and provolone sub contains 690 calories, further broken down into:

– 50g fat

– 47g protein

– 9g net carbs

● Famous Chicken Philly Cheese Steak Sub

Quite popular amongst regulars, this sub in a tub is made of chicken filled with pepper and onions some melted American cheese, all grilled on a flat in-store top and served with lettuce. Remember to go easy on the dressing. It contains 655 calories, distributed as follows;

– 49g fat

– 37g protein

– 13g carbs

This sub has a much higher carb content than other subs, thanks to the chicken and grilled peppers, so don’t have this too often.

Even though most of the meals for keto at Jersey Mike’s are better suited for lunch and dinner, don’t forget that they also serve typical breakfasts. You can order ham, eggs and cheese. Just remember to ditch whatever roll or bread your meal is served with.

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