keto at dunkin donuts

Keto Coffee & Food at Dunkin’ Donuts

Updated December 30, 2020

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone on a low carb, high fat keto diet deliberately walking into a Dunkin Donuts, partly because the brand name inspires all sorts of Homer Simpson induced glazed donut fantasies.

That said, being on a strict keto diet means you still have to eat regularly. So unless you plan on packing your own meals, everywhere you go, you’re going to have to step into one of the many Dunkin Donut branches sooner or later. Hence knowing what’s good for your diet is pretty handy.

Dunkin Donuts is famous for not displaying the statistics of their meals online, so you’ll need to be a tad bit more creative when placing your order. However, keto at Dunkin Donuts is an entirely doable affair without ruining your whole diet.

If your self control’s not quite there yet, you can have someone tag along who’ll slap the freshly baked donuts from your hands when you succumb to the aroma.

keto at dunkin donuts

Be Careful With What You Drink

You can’t have donuts without coffee, or at least something to drink. Which is why half the menu at Dunkin Donuts is made up of a wide variety of drinks – most of which are filled with creamers, sugars and other high calorie ingredients.

One way to severely reduce the calories in your drink is to move about with your own coconut creamer and stevia (they have Splenda packets, but that’ll just spike up your blood sugar, so just come with your own stevia). This way, you can order a black coffee and fill it up with your low calorie sweetener and creamer. Teas of all variety are good, just ensure you avoid those that include creamers.

If you want some variety in your coffee, you can order some of those flavor SHOTs (not flavor swirls – these pack more calories than shots) Dunkin Donuts is famous for. They come in blueberry, French vanilla, raspberry, hazelnut, coconut and roasted almond flavors.

Your best friend for a keto-friendly coffee drink is black coffee. You can add some flavor shots and some creamer and you won’t do too bad.

Don’t forget that water’s always your best bet for zero calories whenever you go for a meal.

Bunless Breakfast Sandwiches

Since it began rebranding – by taking the “donuts” out of its name – Dunkin has expanded its menu to include sandwiches, that with a little less dough, will suit your keto diet restrictions just fine. Beware though that some non-sandwich breakfast options may include a little more calories than you’d expect.

For example bacon in most fast food restaurant is drenched with sugar, which contains a ton of carb. Hence when ordering, make sure you ask the chef to use bacon without any extra carb additive. Here’s what you can do with your sandwich order.

Big ‘N’ Toasted (without the toast)

You get a slice of American cheese, two fried egg patties and four strips of bacon. If you ditch the toast, you’ll have consumed 390 calories made up of:

● 23g of protein

● 3g net carbs.

If you think this is a lot to have for breakfast, you can always choose something else on this list.

Sausage, Eggs And Cheese Croissant (without the croissant)

Made up of sausage patty, a slice of American cheese and a fried egg patty, this sticky tasty goodness clocks in a whopping 370 calories once you toss out the croissant. Further breakdown of the nutritional value gives you;

● 32g fat,

● 16g protein

● 3g carb.

Turkey Sausage Flatbread (without flatbread)

If you’re not into American cheese, you can try this flatbread turkey sausage, made of a slice of white cheddar cheese, fried egg patty and a fatty turkey sausage patty.

As with every item on this menu, you’ll need to ditch the carb – which is the flatbread here. The whole thing should come up to 320 calories. Broken into

● 21g protein

● 2g net carbs.

Ham Eggs and Cheese English Muffin (minus the muffin)

Ditch the English muffin this dish comes with, and eat just the slice of American cheese, ham and eggs patty. The serving’s relatively small, and comes up to 190 calories –

● 13g protein

● 3g carbs.

Turkey Bacon and Cheddar Ciabatta (minus the bread)

Ordering about 3 of this will make it serve more as a lunch meal than breakfast. Get an extra slice of cheese for each sandwich and ditch the ciabatta roll. That should come up to about 190 calories and 3g carbs per sandwich.

It goes without saying that when trying to follow your keto at Dunkin Donuts, you should inform your chef to go easy on the extra sauces and spices – even if it means ditching them entirely. Before placing your order, make sure you check for promotions, cause they usually don’t give discounts even if you skip the buns.

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