5 Best Crunchy Keto Snacks

Best Crunchy Keto Snacks

Updated December 12, 2018

Best Crunchy Keto SnacksThere are some foods that people really miss when they are on the ketogenic diet.

One of the most common things people miss is something crunchy.

So, in this article we’ll go over some crunchy keto snacks.

5 Best Crunchy Keto Snacks

Keto Protein Bars

Best Crunchy Keto SnacksKeto protein bars are the top choice. Not all of them are crunchy, though.

Marigold Bars, however, have pecans which add just the right amount of crunch to an overall chewy bar.

These bars usually give you the protein and fat you need.

They’re great before or after a workout, or anytime on the go.

Pork Rinds/Chicharrones

Best Crunchy Keto Snacks

Before I was on the keto diet I didn’t think about pork rinds much.

I remember the first time I flipped around a bag of pork rinds to take a look at the nutritional information and saw that glorious 0 next to it.

That was a life changer.

From that point forward they became a staple of my diet.

My favorite are the Epic Salt & Pepper Pork Rinds.


5 Best Crunchy Keto SnacksGosh, what a versatile snack.

You can top it with a number of things. You can go for the classic roasted or salted.

Sure, you can’t eat ten fistfuls of them, but a few almonds is a great snack that cures your hunger and doesn’t knock you out of ketosis.

These are absolutely delicious.

Macadamia Nuts

I can’t figure out why, but macadamia nuts are not as popular as several other nuts or legumes. Trust me, they are delicious!

Zucchini Chips

Check out this delicious recipe for zucchini chips. You will be adding this delicious snack to your rotation, believe me!

Keto Crackers

There are some great recipes to make keto crackers using almond flower.

Here’s our favorite.

Parmesan Cheese Crisps

To me, these are the only snack that truly replicates the crispyness of a cracker or chip. They are amazing. You can transition from Cheez-its to these and not miss a bet.

Grab a bag of these Whisps Parmesan Cheese Crisps and you will be very happy.

Keto Popcorn

You can make your own version of keto popcorn with these cheese crisps.

The author of the recipe claims these come out super crunchy, and you can even experiment with making it with different kinds of cheese!


There you have it:

Awesome, CRUNCHY keto snacks.


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