Can't Poop on Keto

Can’t Poop on Keto

Updated February 12, 2021

To start off I just wanna say how much I hate saying poop. Gotta keep it PG though. Gonna use it a lot in this article. I’m sure some of you can’t poop on keto. That’s why you are here. Read on to make sure you avoid this complete disaster.

First let’s talk about the cause of this issue. If you have no issue pooping while on a regular diet, then you are constipated on a ketogenic diet, the cause is not your intake of more meat and less fiber. It’s a known fact that meats and fats are very easily digestible.

Can't Poop on Keto

When someone can’t poop on a keto diet, the cause is not less fiber. The cause is more than likely that you started eating something that is unfamiliar to your body or even eating a much larger amount of something you previously ate in moderation. As you know the keto diet includes super low-carb, high-fat and limited protein. In these diets people turn to foods are extremely difficult to digest. Some of these include low starch vegetables, nuts and fatty dairy products. Low and behold these are 3 of the top 5 causes of constipation, regardless of which diet you are on.

Plant foods are very difficult to digest. By plant foods I am referring to stems, nuts grains, seeds and legumes. Fruit is extremely easy to digest. However, keto dieters look to avoid fruit due to the high sugar and carbs. There are some low-carb fruits out there. These can be very beneficial in digestion. Some of these include cucumbers, olives, okra, avocado, squashes and tomatoes. You can eat these, but make sure you are tracking the carbs in them as they do have carbs. These can help speed up your digestion. If a vegetable contains seeds then it’s not a vegetable. It’s actually a fruit and will be very easy to digest when ripe.

Can't Poop on Keto

Try MCT Oil!

MCT Oil is what people use to make bulletproof coffee, along with grass-fed butter. MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides.


Be very careful with MCT Oil. If you have too much of it you will have the opposite problem: the runs. So start with a very, very low dosage and work yourself up. There are many benefits of MCT Oil, so it’s a great thing to add to your diet.

Try this shake!

Another thing to consider when you can’t poop on keto. This awesome ultimate keto replacement shake should get you on the right track as far as getting regular. Definitely worth a try for anyone who is having their issues doing number 2.

If you can’t poop on keto don’t take the easy way out and blame the lack of fiber, meat or fat. Take a long hard look at your macros and see if you can figure out what is causing the problem. You should be able to make a tweak here and there and get things back on the right track.

I can’t think of anyone better than Dr. Eric Berg to break down the issues of being unable to go #2 while on the ketogenic diet. Check it out.

If all else fails, see a doctor. You shouldn’t be taking laxatives regularly in order to go to the bathroom. Also, abusing laxatives has consequences.

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