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The Iron Game Rules: You Are Not Special

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This is written to myself. Please feel free to share it, as long as you provide a link back to this page.

You are not special.

You do not need to change the workout.

You do not need special exercises.

You are not the only one with injuries, strains and pains.

This is not too many exercises.

This is not too many sets.

This is not overtraining.

Yes you will recover.

Yes you need to eat more.

Yes you need to sleep more.

No you are not allowed to quit.

You heard training frequently is no good, and the only way to gain is by training a body part once a week? And you believe that?

You are not allowed to seek the minimum.

You do not ask for an easier way.

Seek the hard path.

Seek the long route.

Embrace the long journey.

Do it because it’s hard.

Believe that you will succeed.

Never stop.

Never quit.

Build your mental strength.

Do it because you can.

Be fearless.

Listen to your body.

Leave the gym when it’s time to leave.

Stay when you can.

You are not special.

You will be given nothing.

You must pay your dues.

You must be forged in the fire.

Stop obsessing over the small stuff.

Lift big.

Eat when you are hungry.

If you’re not hungry, train longer.

If you’re not tired, train longer.

Do what it takes to grow.

Do what it takes to become strong.

Swallow every damn crumb.

Finish every damn rep.

You are not special.

You will be given nothing for free.

No, there is no magic workout.

No, there is not easier way.

Stop your whining.

Stop your complaining.

Stop your deloading.

Stop your reloading.

Get one more rep.

Be a freak.

Be an artist in the gym.

Fear no iron.

Fear no man.

Fear only failure.

You are not special.

You will never be special.

The world doesn’t owe you anything.

The iron doesn’t owe you anything.

Take every advantage you can get.

Shut off your brain.

Shut off the pain.

Stop wondering why.

Start making it happen.

Trust the process.

Do more because you can.

Ignore the haters.

Ignore the detractors.

Do a cheat rep just to piss them off. You know they are watching.

You are not special.

Become superhuman anyway.

Respect the iron.

Respect those that lift it.

Spot when you can.

Provide answers when asked.

Be humble.

Serve others.

Honor your mother and father, even if they did not honor you.

Be a role model because someone is always watching.

Leave your anger in the gym.

Stop trying to change everything.

Start doing what works.

You are not special.

Stop seeking results in 10 weeks.

Start looking 10 years down the road.

Get big.

Get strong.

Do something ridiculous every day.

Scare yourself in the gym –¬†every day.

Enjoy every breath.

You are not special, but you have been given an opportunity.

Take advantage of it.

Become a freak.

Make everything freaky strong.

Make everything freaky big.

Defy the odds

Defy conventional.

Defy logic.

Prove them wrong.

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