Interview: 5 Questions with Jesse Lile

Updated June 11, 2020

5 Questions with Jesse Lile

After losing his motivation to stay in shape, Jesse Lile found himself with a growing pot belly and 25% bodyfat. Partying almost every night of the week, Jesse’s diet consisted of beer, pizza and whatever else came near his mouth.

jesse lilejesse lile

Hiding himself in hoodies, Jesse grew determined to make a change. In less then a year, Jesse Lile’s bodyfat dropped down 16% to a ripped 9%. Great transformation Jesse!

Muscle and Brawn: Tell us a little bit about yourself…What type of lifestyle were you leading when you hit 200 pounds, and what motivated you to make a change?

Jesse Lile: All of my life I had been the “skinny kid”. After graduating high school I finally started to pack on some weight, and I was pretty excited about the new mass I was gaining. I got into MMA and quickly found out the meaning of “fighting weight”. I got my body into peak condition and weighed in at a lean 165 pounds. After I stopped training, I went on a long binge that just kept escalating. In February, 2008, I lost my job, and along with it, all desire to stay in shape. I was drinking six to seven nights a week, eating everything I could get my hands on, and doing no exercise whatsoever. I was having tons of fun, but at the same time I was depressed and miserable. Before I knew it, I was up to 200 pounds, and actually scared for my life.

I was having stomach problems, shaking, and only concerned about having my next drink. I quickly realized that if I didn’t change something I might not make it much longer. I decided to sell almost everything I owned and moved 700 miles away to Texas. I was so scared and excited to take myself out of the negative surroundings and start fresh. I knew this was my big chance to actually change my lifestyle and my health.

Muscle and Brawn: Let’s talk training. Tell us about your training regimen during the period of time that you lost the 35 pounds…

Jesse Lile: In the first three months of my routine I focused all of my energy on diet and cardio. I was still on the hunt for a job, so a gym membership was a little out of my price range. I did all of my exercising in a garage, in the Texas summer heat. The weight was literally dripping off my body. I was carrying so much excess water weight (mainly from alcohol), that the first 20 lbs. came off fast. I was finally able to afford a gym membership and that’s when the actual transformation began. I lost an additional 20 lbs. (total of 40) in about four months. I was lowering the amount of cardio I was doing, and really hitting the weights. I’m currently on a 3 day split, with one day off. I try to go as heavy as possible, while maintaining good form. I usually do 3 sets and 6-10 reps.

Muscle and Brawn: And how about your diet? What were your eating habits during the weight loss? Were you using a standard bodybuilding style diet?

Jesse Lile Before PictureJesse Lile: I definitely wasn’t doing a bodybuilding diet. I dropped my calories to a 1500 a day max. I closely watched my fat grams, and got in as much protein as possible. I ate a big breakfast, and spaced out my meals throughout the day. I usually ate six times a day, eating every two to three hours. Within the past two months I’ve changed my diet to try to pack on some lean muscle. I’m currently taking in 2500-3000 calories a day, and about 300 grams of protein.  I refuse to call it “bulking”, because I don’t want to put on any extra fat.

Muscle and Brawn
: Any tips for someone wanting to turn their life around like you did?

Jesse Lile: Obviously not everyone can pack up and move somewhere else, but everyone can make an effort to change what they don’t like in their life.  I read anything I can get my hands on to educate myself on a obtaining/maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I told people about my goals, which was even more motivation to stick to my routines. If you surround yourself with positive things and keep a great attitude, you don’t leave much room for failure. If you have set backs in your diet or exercise, jump back on the wagon even harder the next time. Find other people that are trying to accomplish the same fitness goals as you. It takes awhile to get the results you want, so don’t give up. Determination and sacrifice are worth the results!

Muscle and Brawn: What are your goals now that you’re fit and ripped?

Jesse Lile: My current goal is to put on ten pounds of lean muscle, and drop by body fat a little more. My overall goals are to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and keep trying to influence and motivate others.

Muscle and Brawn. Thanks Jesse! Hope to see you with that extra 10 pounds soon.

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