Female Warriors: 2 Inspirational Weight Loss Journeys

Updated June 11, 2020

What if you were inspired to start a crazy diet that invovled eating only at night. And what if you found that this new diet was very effective. And after making this diet a lifestyle change – what if you found out that this lifestyle was actually being used by others.

That’s exactly what happened to Paula and Angie. Unbeknownst to these two female warriors, Ori Hofmekler had been promoting their lifestyle for years. It’s known as the Warrior Diet. And it’s not just another fad diet. The Warrior Diet, as Paula and Angie have discovered, is an amazing way to turn your life around.

I caught up with these two female warriors via Youtube. Both have been video logging their progress, and  agreed to answer a couple of questions.

Muscle and Brawn: Tell me about your life before you decided to make a change. What were your eating habits? Your emotional state? And did you have a low point?

Paula: Before I made this change in eating habits, I ate horribly. I was a typical emotional eater. I ate when I was hungry, sad, happy, you get the picture. I ate a lot of take-out and sugary foods. Ice cream was my drug of choice. I felt bloated, my jeans were tight and I was just miserable. My low point came when I saw pictures of myself and realized that food had control over me. I thought about food ALOT.

I have a young daughter and wanted to get healthy and lose weight for her, and be the kind of mom she could be proud of and not embarrassed because of my weight. I am married and wanted to be more attractive to my spouse, after all, me are stimulated by sight, women by touch. Most importantly, I needed to change my eating habit and lose weight to prove food wasn’t my god.

Angie: My life before I decided to make the change? Each and every night I would usually go to bed early (8:30-9:00 pm.) and gorge on food. Popcorn coated with butter, numerous cookies, gummy candies. I would have my own children go to the store and get me chips sometimes and eat the entire bag. During the day I would just consume large amounts of food. I napped each and every day for at least two hours. I could no longer walk up and down the stairs easily, but one step at a time by handing onto the rail. Getting dressed was very difficult, getting my socks on was a feat in itself. If I dropped anything, I dreaded bending down to get it, because I was scared I wasn’t going to be able to get up. I was constantly having dizzy spells.

Eating Habits? I ate in hiding. I would hide my food from my family when I was gorging. My portions that I ate with my family or even on my own were large. I was always hungry. Always thinking about food, even dreaming about food.

Emotional State? Depressed, depressed, depressed. Wanting to die. I KNEW I was killing myself with food. I would cry A LOT to God asking Him to just kill me. I believed I was a poor example to my family, I was lazy, bitter, angry. No energy. Felt like a fat pig all the time. Did not take care of my appearance. Could go for days without taking a shower. Peeee u!

Low Point? February 25, 2007 after eating and gorging on HUGE amounts of food, I woke up at 2 a.m. with what I believed was a heart attack. The ambulance came. I forced myself to walk down the stairs because I was so ashamed of my weight and how fat I had gotten. I refused to have the paramedics put me on the gurney and carry me downstairs. When it was time for them to place me on the gurney, I walked outside and got on it myself. Again, I didn’t want them to know how fat I was. Give me a break, as if they couldn’t see..sigh! I even asked them if I could walk to the ambulance and get in. That is how much shame was on me. At the hospital I was so ashamed of all the food I ate that I didn’t even tell them the truth to what I ate. I remember thinking, ‘you are dying and you won’t tell them the truth? Your dying and you would rather die than let them know all the food you ate?’ I couldn’t believe I had gotten to this place.

Muscle and Brawn: After hitting the point where you wanted to change, what steps did you take to follow through with your new goals?

Paula: When I hit my low point, I first sought God for help and asked Him to forgive me for letting food become an idol in my life. I met an incredible lady who had lost 70 pounds over the time span of two years by eating one meal a day. I decided to give her way of eating (one meal a day) a try and she agreed to become my mentor.

Angie: When I found out that there were certain foods that would bring on another gallbladder attack, I avoided them. When I was diagnosed in February, and told I would need surgery, I took out the following foods from my diet: Chips, ice cream, pork (sausage, salami, bacon), apples, fried foods. I didn’t NOT touch any of this till I had my operation in August of that same year. I lost about 30 lbs when I went for my operation. The steps I took to follow my goals was the knowledge that IF I ate any of these foods, I would have another attack, and I refused to experience that pain again.

Muscle and Brawn: Tell us about your eating habits while you were losing the weight…where did the idea come from for this sort of eating habit, and do you consider it more of a diet, or a lifestyle change?

Paula: I have lost close to 20 lbs since I began my weight loss journey. Again, the idea of eating this way came from Angie. I consider this way of eating a lifestyle and plan on eating this way for life. When I eat one main meal in the evening, I have an incredible amount of daily energy and feel so much healthier. I am losing weight and feel like I’ve somewhat mastered food’s control over my life.

Angie: One day I noticed while I was cleaning that it was 5 pm and I had not eaten one thing all day. Not only had I not eaten anything, but I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t think about food at all that entire day. This kept happening to me quite frequently as I journeyed on this weight release.

Last year in at the end of January, I noticed that gluttony was starting to creep in again. I was beginning to have bigger portions of food, was thinking about food more throughout the day, and it was becoming a stronghold within me. We were coming onto Lent (Roman Catholic tradition) and I felt the Lord calling me to ‘fast for 40 days’ two meals a day. I sensed that I need to be set free from this bondage, this stronghold that was trying to attach itself to me once again. I felt the Lord telling me I needed to fast these two meals a day to be set free from this stronghold.

So that is where it began in a deeper level. After that fast, I was SO much stronger mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I felt the stronghold of food was lifted off. I started to go back to eating the ‘normal’ way some days, and other days, just one meal a day. December 7/08, I felt the Lord calling me back to fasting once again 40 days. During Christmas I lost 3 lbs. !! That is GOD. Most people do NOT lose weight during the holidays but GAIN. Since that fast, I have really felt called to make this a complete lifestyle change.

Some people believe it is such a radical lifestyle. Some people believe it is SO unhealthy. Some people believe it doesn’t work. MOST people have a VERY difficult time accepting this. The biggest issue for most is breakfast. God forbid they miss breakfast. I encourage them to have a glass of orange juice, or a little bit of fruit in the morning if it is a great struggle for them in the beginning. Some people believe you MUST eat three small meals a day, plus a few snacks.

IF I started eating that way again, I will DIE..I will be consumed with thoughts of food, I will gain weight, I will begin finding myself captive to food again, and begin eating larger and larger amounts of food as time goes by.

I’m not going back to that lifestyle. It almost killed me literally.

Muscle and Brawn: Thank you both for sharing your stories. Both of you are an inspiration. please keep us updated.

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