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Interview: 4 Questions with Tiffany Forni

tiffany forni

4 Questions with Tiffany Forni

Tiffany Forni has made an amazing transformation. Her blog states that she is a Fat Girl Turned Fitness Nerd. But there is more to the story then that. From blogging to photo shoots to writing a book…Tiffany is working hard to inspire others…and is a true inspiration for anyone looking to turn their life around. Fat girls and boys alike.

Tiffany was recently chosen as’s Transformation of the Year. Congrats!

For more information on Tiffany Forni, please visit her website, Tiffany Forni dot com.

Muscle and Brawn. Tell me about your transformation. How was your life before the change, what inspired you to change, and how does your life differ now?

Tiffany Forni. Life before the change… Well, to be honest I haven’t always been fat. But I was fat for a long time!  When I was in high school I played ice hockey and kept in pretty good shape.  I definitely wasn’t one of the popular girls, but I had a good group of friends.  I have been told that people thought I was a tom boy… But I cleaned up well and still went to dances.  I got fat when I went to college.

tiffany forni

During the fat times I was down on myself about being so big… But I didn’t feel like I was that grotesque of a fat person.  I still had friends, but you can tell when people don’t want to be around you because you make them look bad.  That REALLY hurt… funny thing is… Those people are asking if I want to go to parties and stuff now.

What inspired me to change… Well, I saw my sister and mom lose weight through a fitness boot camp and figured if they could do it I could.  I made the change for myself because I wanted to be healthy.  I wanted to be the girl with the body for once… not the fat one.

My life is SO different now.  Going shopping is WAY more fun now. I have more than two stores to choose from, and I can actually wear the “cute” clothes!  I still feel like a fat girl, but I keep trying to tell myself that I’m not that big anymore.  When people look at me it’s hard for me to believe that they are looking because they LIKE what they see and not looking because I’m so disgustingly fat.  People seem to be way friendlier to me… However, some girls get all up tight around me.  I find that so funny. I used to get so nervous around good looking women.  You always think that they’re out there to intimidate you… but I’ve found that they usually are more insecure than the normal looking people.  I feel like my family is proud of me for once.  I’m still afraid to wear shorts in public but I’m getting over that fear too.  I’ve started modeling and writing about my experiences in a book that I will have out within the next year or so.  I don’t fear getting into small cars… the downside to that is when I’m with a group of people instead of getting the front seat (to accommodate my formerly huge behind) I get crammed in the back because I’m “small” now.  Hehe… oh well.  🙂

Muscle and Brawn. Tell me about your workouts …what did you do while losing weight, and are your workouts the same now?

Tiffany Forni. My workouts were no walk in the park.  Before cardio I lift.  I don’t do any of those three pound dumbbells like they show in pictures, I go as heavy as I can with perfect form to failure at the 18th or 20th rep.  I listen to my coach and do what he says. I also get in at least a half an hour of cardio in per day… sometimes up to two hours.  When it got close to contest time I would do around two hours per day.

My lifting schedule is like this…   Leg day, Back and Biceps, Shoulders and Triceps, Chest… two days off.. then repeat.

The workouts haven’t changed for the past 7 months or so.  I am still seeing results though.  On occasion I change it up a little bit.  If I am on vacation I do what I can with the equipment available.

Muscle and Brawn. Now the important question…Tell me about your diet or eating plan. What did you eat during the time you made the fat loss changes, how long was the diet, and what was the hardest part?

Tiffany Forni. My eating plan… wow… well, my diet has changed many times during my transformation.  Part of my success is changing it up at every plateau.  In general I would eat 4 ounces of lean meat and 3 cups of vegetables for meals.  Between meals I would have a protein shake with 35 grams of protein in it.  For breakfast it was 6 egg whites and one whole egg with a quarter cup of oatmeal.  I was allowed more carbs in the beginning of the diet like brown rice and yams.. but those got taken away eventually… so did the peanut butter… I really do miss peanut butter!  I dieted for about a year to lose the whole 100 pounds.  The hardest part was resisting temptation.  Cookies, cake, brownies… I have a sweet tooth that won’t quit!

Muscle and Brawn. Generally, when you make a dramatic change in lifestyle and physique, someone is there to criticize you, or accuse you of taking shortcuts. I see from a blog post that you’ve received some of these attacks. Tell me about them, and how you handle them?

Tiffany Forni. I would like to thank the people from the ( MISC forums for keeping me thoroughly entertained with new rumors and fantastic things that I didn’t even know about myself. I have been accused of everything from liposuction to steroids, and even the occasional nose job post. I will get a few furious emails every week telling me what a terrible person I am for having two “distinctly different” people in my before and after photos. It’s easy for me to send them a link to the timeline of my progress pictures and they will usually send me an apology note. It’s amazing what losing 100 pounds, getting laser eye surgery, a tan, covering yourself in Pam and learning how to pluck your eyebrows can do.

By the way the rumors are fake… But I did get me some big fake boobies! 🙂

Muscle and Brawn. Thanks Tiffany. Keep us updated on the book.

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