high testosterone male

How to Boost Testosterone

Updated April 5, 2019
high testosterone male

Almost every man on the planet wants more testosterone. Whether it’s to be more confident, to get stronger, have more muscle or to become more fertile.

T holds the key to most things males covet, as it increases masculinity and often makes them more ‘valuable’ in the eyes of men and women in their lives.

Maximizing your natural testosterone production will enhance your inner alpha male, helping you become more dominant and WIN in everyday life.

Many supplement companies will try and sell you their own ‘effective testosterone booster‘; some of them work and others don’t. However, you don’t need to part with your heard-earned cash in order to spike your test.

Here are some tips to max out your T production naturally.

Note: These are all safe and actionable recommendations – we don’t recommend you take exogenous testosterone, unless advised to by a doctor.

How to Boost Testosterone

Have More Sex

Simply having an erection causes your testosterone levels to jump significantly. And morning sex is even better. Boom, chicka, boom, boom!

It’s OK to Look and Interact

A University of Chicago team found that testosterone levels jump by as much as 30% when interacting with a hottie. Seek out, and interact with those you find stimulating. A pre-workout viewing of a few stimulating images, or stimulating interacting (not sex) with your wife/girlfriend works too.

Don’t Forget the Biggies

Squats, barbell rows, deadlifts and Bench presses increase your testosterone levels more than biceps curls or calf raises. Make sure you keep a staple of heavy compound exercises in your routine.

And Lift Heavy

A study by Finnish researchers found that the greatest workout testosterone boost came from heavy workloads. Try a few sets of 5 reps with 85% of your 1 rep max.

3 Sets, The Golden Number

Penn State researchers found that testosterone levels jump more when you perform 3 sets of the same exercises, as opposed to one or two. Of course, all things are relative. Ultra intense sets most likely would change this curve.


A UNC study found that testosterone levels can lower as much as 40% in you are overtraining.

No Binge Drinking

More than 3 drinks is bad for testosterone levels. Limit yourself.


Skipping meals is a sure fire way to cause your testosterone levels to lower.

Don’t Avoid Fat

Dietary fat helps maintain healthy, normal testosterone levels. Avoiding fat causes a testosterone decrease. Be careful with those broccoli and chicken only meals; find a way to sneak some fat in.


Not much to say here. If you don’t sleep, your testosterone dives.

Lose Your Belly

A University of Pittsburg researcher found that those who are more than 30% over there ideal body weight (this includes fat, not muscle) experience bad hormonal changes. Drop the belly blubber.

Avoid Crash Diets

If you starve yourself, your body will shut down the testosterone flow.

Eggs and Whey

Studies have revealed that the protein from eggs and whey allow your adrenal glands to keep testosterone at normal levels. You can even take additional supplements such as 5G Male supplement for additional/faster results.

Don’t Become a Vegetarian

A research study found that meat-eating participants had higher testosterone levels then their veggie munching buddies. Get manly; eat meat.

Nuts For Your Nuts

Believe it or not, studies have shown that nuts boost testosterone levels.


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