HGH Review and Results (With Pics)

HGH is a fairly new drug in bodybuilding, with it only coming on the scene in the last 30 years. Advocates of HGH say it’s taken bodybuilding to a whole new level…enabling the pros to get HUGER than ever before.

Some critics claim HGH has actually sabotaged bodybuilding, with IFBB pros being too monstrous-looking; and lacking the classic look of the 70’s. Such a look consisted of huge muscles with a tiny waist – with Arnold and Franco perfectly demonstrating this before Growth Hormone came onto the scene).

As many HGH reviews online contradict each other; this one will help you understand the common effects of taking human growth hormone. Aka for the normal/non-sensitive user.

HGH Pros

  • Huge muscle gains (with insulin)
  • Great for skin
  • Burns fat
  • Increases penis size (serious)

Muscle Gains

HGH can take your muscle gains to a whole new level, if you combine it with insulin. Taking HGH by itself will only result in mild gains in size.

For BIG hypertrophy gains, 4 IU’s of HGH daily is a good dose. You can go up to 6 IUs to enhance your gains further, however you’re more at risk of developing side effects on a higher dose. Anything over 6 IUs is considered an excessive dose and is not recommended.

The reason why so many bodybuilders combine insulin with HGH is because HGH causes insulin resistance. This basically means that when you drink your protein shake with dextrose, your body won’t react in a normal way and maximize this ‘anabolic window’. Thus protein synthesis is negatively impacted.

However, taking insulin with HGH can bring rectify this situation and cause serious increases in mass.

hgh x-2

Great for Skin

HGH reverses the ageing process.

Your overall skin quality will improve significantly due to an increase in collagen production. This results in a user looking younger and having an attractive youthful glow.

Also several people report their sex life improving whilst cycling HGH, thanks to it enhancing a man’s libido – giving the man more frequent and random erections throughout the day. This is a similar effect to higher testosterone levels.

Burns Fat

Don’t expect to get shredded overnight on HGH. It’s not quite as powerful as clenbuterol or anavar for losing weight; but your body fat % will decrease after several weeks of administration.

…Unless your diet resembles the Rock on an epic cheat day.

HGH burns fat through lipolysis. This is the process where your body begins to burn fat stores for energy.

Increases Penis Size

…This isn’t a joke!

But before you get too excited, you’re not going to turn into Ron Jeremy overnight. The science behind your penis growing from HGH is because the compound stimulates new tissue growth – including penile tissue.

…And the good news is, there’s quite a bit of soft tissue in your penis!

HGH will also greatly improve blood flow. And the more blood that can enter your penis, the bigger your erection will be. You might gain quarter/half an inch on your penis, which is noticeable (but nothing huge).

Your nose will also get bigger, as well as your fingers and skull.

HGH Cons

  • Enlarges organs
  • Acheing joints
  • Water retention

Enlarges Organs

Like steroids, HGH can increase the size of your internal organs. However the main organ people talk about in regards to growth hormone is your intestine. The reason why the intestine can become bigger on HGH is because it has a high number of IGF-1 receptors. Thus taking HGH and insulin together can promote the growth of these cells.

However, if you just take HGH in moderate/low doses you’re not going to notice much growth in the gut region.

But if you decide to take mega high doses and super-long cycles of HGH for several years; you’re almost certainly going to develop a typical ‘steroid gut’.

A good example of someone thought to be taking HGH, yet maintains a super-aesthetic physique is – Chul Soon.

hgh gut kai greene

So it can be done.

Also it’s believed that some men’s physique competitors take HGH and they still maintain a tiny waist. Thus, the dose is crucial for how distended the midsection may become.

Mr Olympia bodybuilders, such as Phil Heath and Kai Greene are likely to be taking high doses of HGH combined with insulin, in an attempt to become as big as possible. The unfortunate side effect of this is – the HGH gut.

Aching Joints

HGH has a habit of causing aching/painful joints. To help eliminate this side effect you could run deca alongside HGH.

Deca is meant to be very healthy for the joints, with doctors prescribing the bulking steroid to everyday people suffering from joint problems.

Deca increases water retention around the joints, acting as a cushion and decreasing wear and tear.

Water Retention

As with most anabolic steroids, HGH also causes water retention. So if your goal is to look as ripped and dry as possible – HGH might not be the best steroid to take.

However, you won’t retain as much fluid compared to steroids like anadrol.

If you’re anxious about retaining excessive fluid, you can combine HGH with steroids that have diuretic properties (meaning they’re effective at flushing out water):

  • Trenbolone
  • Winstrol
  • Anavar

The above steroids will also increase muscle gains and accelerate fat loss.

How Much Muscle Will You Build on HGH?

Some combine HGH with insulin, as this creates a more anabolic environment for further growth. However, you’ll still make decent muscle gains without insulin.

Also you might want to leave out insulin from an aesthetic point of view, as this combo of HGH and insulin can cause a ‘steroid gut’.

…you know when bodybuilders have those disgusting, protruding stomach’s. However, by just taking HGH (without insulin) you shouldn’t experience this bloated look.

Taking HGH for 4 weeks will result in roughly 8lbs of lean muscle.

After an 8 week cycle, you’ll be looking at more or less 12lbs of muscle.

Considering you’ll be building lean muscle AND burning fat at the same time; your body’s going to look pretty different after your first HGH cycle.

…Thinking off the top of my head, only testosterone, trenbolone and winstrol are capable of building muscle and metabolizing fat simultaneously.

How Much Fat Will You Burn on HGH?

HGH isn’t quite as powerful as clenbuterol or anavar for burning fat, but you’ll certainly notice a difference. HGH is pretty similar to testosterone, in the sense that it’ll help protect your hard earned muscle when cutting whilst aiding in fat burning.

If you were to take HGH by itself, you could expect to lose 2% body fat over a 4 week period.

Over an 8 week period, you’ll lose roughly 4% body fat.

So although it’s not the best compound in the world for melting fat; it will get you leaner and help you smash through a fat loss plateau…or two.

HGH won’t make you ripped if you’re fat, but if you’re already lean…prepare to enter shredzville!

HGH Results: Before and After Pictures

Kali Muscle’s transformation is a typical before/after of someone who has taken HGH.

kali muscle results

You’ll gain a good amount of muscle…nothing huge, but still noticeable. And your body fat will reduce considerably, increasing your overall muscle tone and making you visibly more shredded.

HGH combined with insulin can also make you a lot more vascular, due to more nutrients being shuttled into the muscles and because insulin often causes your skin to thin.

How to Maximize Fat Loss 

If you’re taking HGH with the intention of burning fat and getting lean, you’ll get better results if you combine HGH with other cutting steroids like:

  • Clenbuterol
  • Winstrol
  • Anavar

These are the 3 best cutting agents on the planet for getting shredded.

Plus winstrol has muscle-building attributes, as well as being a fat burner, thus you can expect to add some more size.

How to Maximize Muscle Gains 

HGH is an effective compound for bulking, but it’s certainly not the best. Thus if your primary goal is to get JACKED and pile on some size, you could combine HGH with the following bulking steroids:

  • Dianabol
  • Deca Durabolin
  • Trenbolone
  • Testosterone
  • Anadrol

Combining any of these steroids with HGH will give you massive gains in the off-season.

Just look at Chul Soon (below), who was rumored to have taken Deca and HGH together.

Chul Soon’s Before and After (on HGH and Deca)

Although Chul Soon hadn’t started lifting weights in the before photo (below), this is still one of the best before/after transformations I’ve ever seen (steroids or not).

chul soon hgh before after

Chul Soon might have also taken testosterone during this transformation, but it seems like he was definitely taking Deca and HGH; as his muscle thickness is 3 dimensional (sign of deca) and his nose has grown significantly in size.

…The latter is a sure sign of HGH-use.

The reason your nose, head, penis etc may grow on HGH is because it causes tissue growth.

Another great benefit to taking HGH (as seen in Chul Soon’s case), is it’s positive effect on your skin. HGH will stimulate collagen synthesis, giving you beautiful/glowing skin. This may sound lame, but if a person has an awesome body but has bad skin…it’s like having smart shoes without any polish.

Polished shoes always look better and so does good skin on a bodybuilder.

HGH Review: Summarized 

HGH is an essential steroid for bodybuilders looking to become mass monsters. It changed the whole bodybuilding game in the 80’s when Dorian Yates took mass to the next level.

However, if you want to remain looking aesthetic, HGH is probably one of the worst steroids you can choose to abuse, because you’ll end up looking pregnant.

Hence how everyone wants to look like Arnold, instead of most bodybuilders from the 80’s onwards.

However, if a person uses HGH in moderation, it’s possible to make some significant muscle gains, without developing a huge belly.

Overall, when HGH is used correctly, it can impact your body composition dramatically.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my HGH review, now you’ll have more knowledge about what can happen when someone takes this compound.


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