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Dadi Kit Review

With the rise of online fertility testing, does Dadi stack up to the competition?

Rates of infertility keep increasing in both men and women and putting parenthood off for too long carries a risk that it might never happen. 

Unfortunately, male infertility remains a commonly overlooked matter. In 30% of couples with reproductive issues, the problem is in the male partner alone, while in another 30% it is in both partners.

In this article, we will reveal an opportunity to take charge of your reproductive health thanks to Dadi Kit. It is an affordable option to store younger and healthier sperm for when you are ready to be a parent.

TL; DR: What is Dadi Kit?

Dadi is a leader at supplying at-home male fertility testing kits and sperm banking services. It is licensed and available across the continental United States.

Dadi kits allow for a simple 5-step process to test if your sperm is healthy:

  1. Order the kit online
  2. Deposit the sample
  3. Drop off your kit at any FedEx Ship Center for testing
  4. Get your fertility report in 24 hours
  5. Healthy deposits are cryogenically stored (free for the 1st year)

Dadi Kit Review

Sperm Health

The most important indicators for sperm health are 3: sperm count, motility, and morphology (shape).

Sperm count is much more important – your semen must contain enough spermatozoids to be healthy and fertile. The concentration must be at least 15 million sperm per ml.

Your swimmers must go a long way before they can fertilize the egg and thus, they must have normal motility. You are fertile if you have more than 40% motility.

The last indicator is sperm morphology and it must be accessed manually, under a microscope. It refers to the shape and the size of individual spermatozoids and it is normal for most of them to have abnormalities. At least 3-4% of sperm with normal morphology is required.

Semen volume is commonly mistaken as a key indicator, but in reality, the total amount of your ejaculate is not that informative. For most men, anywhere between 1.5-5.5 ml is normal.

Male Factor Infertility

Millennials are about 50% less fertile than previous generations. According to evidence, 17% of US couples can expect incidents of infertility. 

There is a misconception that in the majority of these cases the reason for infertility is more often the woman.

However, more than half of those cases are either due to male factor infertility or problems in both partners. 3 main factors can contribute to infertility in men – low sperm count, poor sperm motility, or abnormal morphology.

Paternal Age Effect

Millennials tend to attempt having children much later in life compared to the previous generation which has a negative effect on fertility.

Besides, the age of the father affects the risk of health problems for the baby. There is a higher risk of birth defects, genetic syndromes, neurological disorders, and miscarriages when the father is past the age of 40.

Once they start making attempts, it takes about 5x longer for men at 40 or above to get their female partner pregnant compared to men at age 25.

How Does Dadi Work?

Dadi Kit Review

Dadi provides the most convenient method for testing your fertility – at the comfort of your home. You do not have to set a portion of food in a clinic during the whole process.

All you have to do is simply order your kit online, deposit your sample and drop it off at any FedEx Ship Center. 

Afterward, you will receive your full fertility report by email in 24 hours. And you do not have to interpret your results alone or visit a doctor.

There is an option for additional morphology assessment and even a chat with a fertility specialist for an individual diagnostic and guidance. 

If your semen is healthy, it will be cryogenically stored free for the 1st year. Afterward, you can choose to extend this period for an affordable price.

How to Test Male Fertility

A complete male fertility test begins with a sperm and semen analysis. Dadi offers the highest quality sperm and semen analysis. 

If there is a problem with the count, motility, or morphology of your sperm, this does not necessarily mean that you are infertile.

Instead of jumping to a conclusion on your own, you should visit a medical doctor for additional evaluation. This includes a physical exam, hormone evaluation, genetic testing, and testing for anti-sperm antibodies.

Home Male Fertility Test

Dadi Kit Review

The at-home Dadi test kit contains a preservative that ensures the survival of your semen until it reaches the lab. There’s no need for refrigeration.

You can deposit the sample at the convenience of your home while following just a couple of rules, including:

  • Abstain from ejaculating for 48 hours before giving a sample
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and tobacco smoking 24-48 hours before producing the sample
  • Avoiding the use of lubricants.

After you have deposited your semen directly into the cup, all you have to do is screw the cap on tight and push the button on the lid to release the preservative.

Dadi uses 2-factor authentication so you can be certain that the deposit is indeed yours once it gets tested. There is a 9-digit code on the bottom of your cup which correlates with the code on the security band provided.

The 9-digit code should be used to register the kit, and then you should place the cup inside it. Afterward, use the provided security band to lock the corner of the closed kit with the cup inside.

Finally, you have to attach the return label on the bottom of the blue box to the outside of your kit, and simply drop it off at any FedEx Ship Center for free shipping.

Sperm Analysis

Dadi offers a CLIA certified sperm analysis. This means that the lab meets the federal regulations for clinical diagnostic testing, ensuring the quality and accuracy of the laboratory results.

The main parameters measured in a sperm analysis are sperm count, motility, and morphology.

Other indicators assessed include volume, color, fructose level, pH, liquefaction, and DNA fragmentation.

Sperm Analysis Cost

Dadi Kit Review

The cost of the basic Dadi kit and test is $199 and it is fully HSA/FSA eligible. This is ideal for men who would like to simply test their fertility. It includes a year of free sperm storage of 3 sample vials.

For an extra $99 you can also get a sperm morphology assessment and a fertility expert to consult you and explain your results in detail.

If you’d like to store more than 3 samples, Dadi has a $599 option which includes 3 testing kits and a year of free sperm storage of 9 vials.

Either way, you can completely customize the different options during checkout including adding or removing test kit options and purchasing additional years of storage.

All options also include videos of your sperm under a microscope. Just in case you are curious.

24 Hour Turnaround

Dadi Kit Review

Within 24 hours of dropping off your kit, Dadi will have their lab technicians examine your sperm deposit and perform a complete fertility assessment.

Then you will have the results emailed back to you right away including thorough data on sperm count, concentration, and volume. 

If you have purchased the advanced report option, you will also receive a report on your sperm morphology and have the opportunity to speak directly with one of Dadi’s fertility experts.

You will receive a complete interpretation of your results by an expert and discuss your next steps with them.

Sperm Banking

If your sperm sample is healthy, it will be cryogenically stored for at least a year or more according to your preferences.  There is no option to test your semen without having it stored for at least a year, but that first year of storage is for free.

Sperm banking is a great idea for all men, but especially those who:

  • Will undergo hormonal therapy which increases the risk of infertility
  • Will undergo medical procedures such as chemotherapy, radiation, or cancer treatment
  • Will undergo surgery on their reproductive organs including gender confirmation surgery
  • Are exposed to environmental risks due to high-risk jobs, military, etc.
  • Have low sperm count
  • Have advancing age and plan delayed parenthood

Cryogenic sperm preservation is a proven method for the safe storage of healthy and viable sperm, that can be successfully used in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. There are cases of successful storage and use after 25 years, and in theory, the semen can remain viable for up to 200 years.

Freezing your sperm is an insurance policy. It guarantees that you have viable and healthier sperm for the future. Once you decide to use it, you will have younger sperm that reduces the risk for health problems in your future child.

New England Cryogenic Center

Dadi’s lab partner is the New England Cryogenic Center in Boston. It is one of the largest full-service cryogenics’ labs in the world.

The lab is registered and governed by the U.S. FDA and owns multiple licenses from health authorities such as CLIA.

Sperm Storage

Once your semen is processed and analyzed by Dadi fertility experts, it is divided into three vials per kit and frozen immediately.

When you are ready to use any of your vials, you can simply send a mail to Dadi and they will contact you to coordinate the sperm delivery with you and the IVF medical facility you plan to use.

Each vial can be unfrozen separately and used in the IVF procedure. Thus, three vials give you three opportunities for in vitro egg fertilization.

Sperm Storage Cost

Dadi Kit Review

The first year of cryopreservation for 3 vials is free. You have the option to purchase additional years of storage, either during your initial order to later on. 

Additional years of storage cost $99 per year and you can cancel your subscription any time after the first year. If you wish to withdraw your deposit for use, there is a $299.99 withdrawal fee.

How to Buy Dadi

You can purchase your Dadi kit only from the official website. There you can select one of the 3 main Dadi kit options and then completely customize it at checkout. Each kit comes with one year of free cryopreservation.

Dadi Kit Reviews

Dadi Kit Review

“Had been interested in this service for a while but Dadi offered it at a breakthrough price.”–Nick (21)

“A simple, convenient, and cost-effective way to provide sperm samples in the privacy of one’s home, with the resources and support needed to minimize the stress related to family planning.”– Chris (51)

“They provide comfort & peace of mind which is why I chose them and continue to feel comfortable that they will never let me down.”– Michael (39)

Is Dadi Kit Legit?

Dadi kit is 100% legit. In fact, it is one of the pioneers in at-home fertility testing for men since 2018.  It offers competitive prices for a premium quality assessment and storage for your sperm. 

They partner with the New England Cryogenic Center in Boston which is one of the largest cryopreservation laboratories in the world. All facilities are registered and licensed by the FDA and according to US standards.

Dadi Kit
  • Selection
  • Pricing
  • Reputation


A complete male fertility test begins with a sperm and semen analysis. Dadi offers the highest quality sperm and semen analysis. 

If there is a problem with the count, motility, or morphology of your sperm, this does not necessarily mean that you are infertile.

Instead of jumping to a conclusion on your own, you should visit a medical doctor for additional evaluation. This includes a physical exam, hormone evaluation, genetic testing, and testing for anti-sperm antibodies.



At-home fertility testing without the need to visit a clinic

Quick turnaround time for fertility results – only 24 hours

More affordable than regular, in-person clinics

Free shipping of the test kits

The first year of sperm cryopreservation is free

A video of what your swimmers look like under a microscope – just in case you were curious


Additional cost for sperm morphology analysis

There is no option for fertility report without at least a one-year storage subscription (which is free)

Dadi does not accept returns or issue refunds after the kit has been shipped

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