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Female Bodybuilding Tips

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While there’s a lot of information available on the web about bodybuilding for men, female bodybuilding isn’t a popular subject. However, there are many professional bodybuilders that are women, and even more that work out regularly to stay toned and have some muscle definition.

If you’re looking to get into bodybuilding, don’t follow all the information that’s made for men. Women have to work out uniquely in order to get similar results. While you’ll still be adding muscle mass the same way, there are many techniques that are geared towards women which could maximize your results. These tips should give you a little understanding towards ways a woman can take up bodybuilding and be successful.

Adding Muscle Mass

For women, building muscle mass is a very difficult process. Even by having a strict workout routine and diet plan, it can take forever to gain only a few pounds of muscle mass. While many women choose to lift weights to tone their body, those looking to add muscle will have some roadblocks.

A woman’s genetic body structure is smaller, but with more body fat, than a male’s, so adding muscle becomes difficult, and plateaus are regularly reached. Don’t let genetics discourage you though; you can still put muscle on if you set your mind to it.

Learning the Exercises

The best thing to do is take everything a day at a time. You could start by spending a few weeks, or months, getting used to the exercises before taking the muscle building aspect seriously. At first, you may want to use the lightest weights available. It’s easier to perfect the proper form with each exercise as a beginner if you use easy to lift weights.

Also, find a trainer, or training partner, that can help accommodate you during the exercises. A trainer will be able to show you exercise to target certain muscles, the proper form for each exercise, explain the right eating patterns, and much more.

Preparing to Add Muscle

Any female that’s just starting to get into bodybuilding will have to prepare herself before taking the initial plunge towards her goal. Preparing yourself to build muscle is as simple as understanding how to do so, having the proper equipment and mindset, and having the right body to build muscle onto. This means that you have read everything about bodybuilding (tips, techniques, what to avoid, etc), or have a personal trainer, and you got the proper body shape for adding muscle.

If you are overweight and have weight to lose, don’t attempt to add muscle right away. If you feel like there’s still fat to lose, you should lose it before you start lifting heavier weights and eating more, or else you’ll just get bigger. You can’t lose weight and add muscle at the same time; you can only do one or the other. Many people try to build muscle when they’re overweight but it just leads to physical and emotional failure, so don’t make this mistake.

As you can see, this article has covered a few helpful tips for women looking to get into bodybuilding. There are still many topics which need to be discussed for you to be completely ready to start working out, but this gives you a basic understanding of what to expect when starting off as a female bodybuilder.

Rock Rannick

Rock Rannick is the contributing content writer for Muscle and Brawn. Rock is a veteran of several bodybuilding shows, and is practitioner of Heavy Ass Training.

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  • Stephanie Dec 19,2009 at 5:10 pm

    Thank you for taking the time to write an article for women bodybuilding. What would be REALLY useful are websites that are good to search for and any references. What is extremely annoying about women’s fitness magazines is that there isn’t anything definitive about women’s bodybuilding. Most of the time when you conduct a search for “women+bodybuilding” you will be directed to sites that have links to pornographic sites and very few useful articles.
    If women’s bodies are unique and we need a certain type of training than what do we follow? What is our baseline? Where should we start? Getting a trainer is fine. But costs a lot of money. You SHOULD learn the basics first, especially basic lifts…it is funny because women tend ot have better form than men when performing bench, deadlift or squat. I tend to think that is because they had someone show them and have taken the time to progress in weight instead of suffereing through crappy form due to ego.
    One of the biggest problems that I have had as a female bodybuilder are misconceptions. Women have to be mentally prepared to be stared at, teased about being able to rough people up (“Gee, I better not piss her off.”) and God forbid they have a significant other, they endure multitudes of comments targeting the lack of manhood that they must have for being with a woman of a certain size. It is very uncommon to see bodybuilding females and it comes with a certain freakish label.
    Lifting is fun. Seeing strength increases, size increases, shape…it is cool. But, as a woman, it comes with a certain price.

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