Best Foldable Weight Benches

Weight Benches could offer you the ability to do most barbell and dumbbell movements with ease. Quality, Price, and Size, all matter, let's see what's best

The best foldable weight benches offer the benefits of a flat bench without eating up space in a home gym.

Whether you want to save space or don’t have any to spare in the first place, these folding benches will be a lifesaver. Today, we’re reviewing some of the best folding weight bench options on the market so you can get the best value and best training experience.

We’ll cover benches at different prices, sizes, and features so you can get what suits you best.

Let’s start with the important question: ‘why should you use a folding weight bench instead of a normal utility weight bench?…

Folding Weight Benches: Why does your Home Gym need one?

Best Foldable Weight Benches

Your home gym needs a folding weight bench, because it offers the most utility and training options for the price. A folding weight bench is easy to store and use, often stored upright, to maximize your space availability in a small home gym.

This is especially useful in a garage gym or with other, space-demanding home gym equipment. Any time space is tight, folding gym equipment is extra valuable.

An adjustable weight bench is a great choice in particular, offering the chance to train flat bench press, as well as both incline bench press and decline bench. These also include flyes, shoulder press, and other training options like step ups on a weight bench.

With a squat rack, folding weight bench, and some free weights, you’ve got a completely functional home gym setup. Even in very small spaces, you can access a variety of weight lifting options, and get the most benefit from your home gym.

The Best Foldable Weight Benches on the Market

The best foldable weight benches are those which offer the best training effect and experience for each dollar you pay. Value for money (or benefit per dollar) is the main factor we’ve used to rank, rate, and review these folding weight benches.

You’ll see folding benches at different price point, with different features, and for different training needs. Let’s look at each one, what you can learn from it, and if it’s the right workout bench for your home gym.

Best High End Weight Bench

Rogue Fold-Up Utility Weight Bench

This is a foldable flat bench from Rogue that comes with all the hallmarks of quality and customer care you’d expect. It folds away into a wall storage unit (not included) and offers one of the smallest folded profiles of any flat bench on the market.

This is a great piece of equipment because it has the moving part and fixture quality of a Rogue product. These are even more important for foldable weight benches since they’re constantly in use and are often the main factor in the weight limit or durability of a utility weight bench.

Because of the build quality, this is one of the most dependable foldable weight benches on the market and one of the best for standard weight bench use. It’s even one of the most affordable options on the market despite the manufacturer, beating out items like the PRx folding flat bench.

Best Foldable Weight Benches
  • Rogue-made, meaning high quality parts and a heavy duty foldable bench
  • Fixtures and moving parts are excellent quality
  • Standard weight bench in every regard except storage
  • Optional wall rack for even more floor space savings
  • A little on the small side
  • Definitely not the cheapest option, despite the great price point
Best Budget Weight Bench

Body Solid Foldable Weight Bench

This is a lighter weight bench that works as a vague alternative to the Rogue folding utility weight bench. It’s a smaller gauge design without the heavy duty frame design and reputable moving parts.

However, this is designed as a cheaper alternative and – despite the fluctuations that happen often on Amazon – offers a cheap entry-level option for most people. This is also an adjustable weight bench, making it a rare example of a foldable weight bench with incline and decline settings.

This is why you’re still looking around the same ballpark figure on cost compared with Rogue’s one-position utility bench. The moving parts are lower quality but the weight limit is still a reported 998lbs. I wouldn’t trust that, but it’s still a bench with good weight capacity for the price and seating position versatility.

Best Foldable Weight Benches
  • Excellent value for an adjustable and foldable workout bench
  • Cheaper than some flat weight bench options
  • Excellent beginner bench if you’re looking for options over heavy duty steel frames
  • Better than many flat benches at a similar price point, still
  • Not the strongest build
  • Lacks some premium features
  • Moving parts may have a shorter lifespan than other adjustable bench options
Highest Quality Weight Bench

Primal Strength Foldable Weight Bench FID V3

Primal make some of the best quality foldable weight benches on the market. The FID v3 is an adjustable bench with a carry-handle and a completely collapsible design that provides a great low profile bench for storage.

This is one of the best workout benches you can buy for home gym use, with the foldable design helping storage and saving invaluable space for garage gyms and basements. The price is the highest on today’s list but it offers the best value and quality for the features, combining the Rogue heavy duty foldable bench design and quality with the adjustability of the Body Solid.

This makes it the most expensive but most useful item on this list. If you’ve got the budget, it’s definitely worth the investment as you’re only likely to be paying around 25% more for the adjustability. It says 350kg weight capacity, but we think this is more reliable than the Body Solid, even with its reported 998lbs (453kg) claims.

Best Foldable Weight Benches
  • An adjustable folding bench for some of the best features on the market
  • Cost is very reasonable for such an excellent feature set
  • Reliable build and moving parts from a dependable manufacturer
  • Better than a comparable flat weight bench at only slightly higher prices
  • Great high weight capacity compact bench, even when used without adjustable seat positions
  • Definitely more expensive than most flat weight bench alternatives
  • Doesn’t have a wall bracket or extra bracings for stability (extra features)
Best Flat Bench

Primal Strength Flat Folding Bench PT

This is a non-adjustable bench that has the same design ideas as the foldable weight bench before – streamlining function to compete directly with the Rogue fold up utility bench. Unlike the previous model, this isn’t the best costed or best value option on the market.

This is a strong but simple flat bench that you can use to train bench press at home, with folding legs that seem less stable and reliable than the Rogue choice. It’s comparable in price and has a slightly lower total utility – without a stated weight rating and lacking the wall-mounting options that Rogue offers.

This is a rock solid option but doesn’t distinguish itself as well as the Rogue option or the adjustable bench. We think the Primal strength folding adjustable bench is one of the best options on the market – and this is just a close competitor with Rogue’s own foldable weight bench.

It’s good, it does everything right, but it’s just neck and neck with the Rogue option.

Best Foldable Weight Benches
  • Foldable into a small, low profile shape for better storage
  • Excellent for home gym use as a standard weight bench
  • Reliable build with strong stitching and manufacture quality
  • Not as versatile as the adjustable bench from the same company
  • Does cost a lot for the basic feature set with no gimmicks or extra features
  • Doesn’t have a wall bracket like the foldable weight bench from Rogue
More Versatile Flat Bench

PRx Foldable Flat Bench

PRx foldable weight benches are an excellent space saver and have some of the best design on the market – if they fit the layout of your home gym. They are wall mounted foldable weight benches that fold flat into the wall, similar to the Rogue bench’s wall bracket.

However, these are always attached to the wall and don’t move. This means maximum stability and weight capacity relative to the price and size, but also a single spot that you need to line up with your squat rack, power cage, or bench stands.

This does limit the PRx weight bench’s utility in your home gym, but is only slightly more expensive than the Rogue option for better training experience. It’s full sized, very stable, and only moves down to the floor with good general build quality and materials.

The flat bench pad is integral, too, which means no unnecessary movement in the system, producing more stability. The ‘middle’ supporting leg is not the best design, but the wall bracketing and strong feet on the main legs account for this pretty well.

Best Foldable Weight Benches
  • Best stability option on our list
  • Complete flat bench functions with an integral, full-sized pad
  • Offers excellent space saving and economy for its sheer training effect
  • Small price bump for a lot of extra value in workouts
  • One of the most expensive workout bench options on our list
  • Doesn’t move around the room, so you need to affix it to your wall with care
  • Does limit some options like step ups
  • Does not have adjustable bench seat positions

Buying Guide: How to choose a Folding Weight Bench for your Home Gym?

The best foldable weight benches are defined by good design, build quality, and excellent function. They’re also a home gym purchase and need good cost, value, and benefits overall –

Type of Weight Bench: Incline Benches, Decline Bench, and Flat Bench

The kind of weight bench you get – and the types of bench press and other exercises it allows you – is key for the value it adds to your home gym. The more options you get, the better, especially when it gives access to decline bench press or incline bench press.

These are excellent variations to focus on upper chest or lower chest. You can also use these to vary your bench rows, chest flyes, and other exercises. Again – more training options from a single item makes it better without question.

The usual trade-off is that these kinds of adjustable weight bench designs are either more expensive, lower quality for the same price, or just less stable overall. These depend on the product but are worth keeping in mind when you’re in the market for a weight bench – sometimes the fundamentals on a flat bench might just make it a better choice.

Folding Bench Size

The size of your weight bench when folded is an important consideration. Foldable benches are only good if they actually save you space in your home gym – especially when you need to store them away to use other fitness equipment you’ve bought.

Smaller folding bench sizes will be better, but may also trade off against max weight capacity, stability, and footprint. The extra floor space can make a lot of difference in small home gyms, and added transport wheels are also great for a functional bench.

If your bench folds down into a smaller space, you’ll have more room for whatever you need.

Weight Capacity

The weight bearing capacity of a weight bench is key for lifting heavy weights – as in a bench press, for example. These exercises require a lot of weight, so you want a durable steel frame with good rubberized feet, angled support legs, and good bench pads to maintain grip and support your body.

Weight capacity is also great to use as a starter to ensure proper stability while lifting heavy weights. It speaks to the quality of the frame and moving parts, too, which are perfect for home gym use, since they usually ensure a good lifespan for your weight bench – especially the folding weight benches, which have more moving parts than a stable, flat bench.

Stability and Dependability

If you want to lift heavy weights in the bench press, you need to know you can rely on your folding bench – it needs stability and dependability. These are key buying factors that will make or break a weight bench.

The stability comes from a few factors that you should watch out for:

  • Weight: A heavy duty steel frame provides durability but also ensures reduced movement against the floor. It obviously makes it heavier, so it’s not all good.
  • Legs: The angle of the legs on a weight bench can help support it and improve stability. Angled legs are particularly good for this, making sure you’re not shifting the bench around on the floor.
  • Feet: Rubberized feet are important to prevent slipping on any slick floors, which is an essential. There are still varieties in design and better feet make a better workout bench.
  • Fixtures: Good machining and high-quality fixtures both improve the weight capacity of your bench and the stability. This also means you should be careful and thorough when building your folding bench.
  • A good bench pad: the pad is also part of stability, but we’ll discuss those in more depth.

Make sure to check in on all of these features to get a sense of stability and dependability before buying. You should also double check the reviews on a folding weight bench to see how the moving parts wear, as well as the fit of screws and bolts, and any ‘rattle’ in the frame.

Bench Pads: Grip and Stability

The bench pad is a major factor for comfort, stability, and durability. These are some of the most important features for a weight bench and should be at the top of your priority list for buying.

Bench pad design and materials are both important. Excessively slick pads will reduce stability, and you want something that has some grip against your back – especially when using an adjustable backrest, as in an adjustable weight bench with multiple seating positions.

You also need a pad with good density that isn’t too squishy. The squish may make it more comfortable in the short term but will be a disadvantage when you want to lift weights regularly, making a consistent indent and reducing stability against the bench.

Adjustable Weight Bench

An adjustable weight bench is always better, but also comes at a higher price or with other trade-offs. Adjustable weight bench designs offer you more versatility at the cost of being more expensive, having lower weight capacity, or being less durable due to the moving parts that make them work.

Adjustable bench presses are excellent for bringing up your training optios with a single piece of equipment. Our advice is simple: if you can afford a high-quality adjustable weight bench, buy one. They save you buying twice, and the option for bench pressing at an incline and/or decline is perfect for small home gyms where each piece of fitness equipment has to earn its floor space!

Yes – for most people, an adjustable weight bench is worth the investment.

Adjustable benches are more expensive than a flat bench, but offer far more training options. Flat weight benches can only be used for flat bench press, but an adjustable weight bench offers both incline and decline variations of any bench exercise.

You get more strength training exercises for your money, which pairs perfectly with adjustable seat positions – like an incline seat – to get the most comfort and function out of your workout bench. High weight capacity adjustable benches are quite expensive but worth the price since they also function perfectly as a flat weight bench, too.


A foldable bench is an excellent investment to expand the strength training exercises you can train in a home gym. They’re a small investment and do cost more than non foldable weight benches, but this comes back with the value they provide over time – especially good weight benches with a durable steel frame and good moving parts.

You can combine a folding bench with a squat rack and you’ve got most of a gym setup already. This is a core piece of workout equipment and will be with you for years or even decades to come – so it’s a good target for investing more money for more quality.

We’ve listed some of the best foldable weight benches on the market, including our favorite – the [product] – to show you what you can get. If it has a solid maximum weight capacity, a heavy duty steel frame, and good moving parts then you’re on to a winner. Check in with our buying guide for any questions, and make sure you’re supporting your training with the right kit!

Do you need a weight bench for home gym?

No – you don’t need a weight bench for your home gym, but it is one of the best value pieces of fitness equipment you can buy. With a weight bench, you’ll be able to train the bench press – both barbell or dumbbell bench presses – as well as many other options.

A folding bench or adjustable benches are even better. A folding bench folds down for easy storage and takes up less floor space. Adjustable weight benches are even more versatile but come at a higher cost. It’s possible to get both in one product, but typically costs a lot more than a simple flat bench.

Are weight benches worth it?

Weight benches are usually worth it, since they’re typically cheap compared to other home gym weight lifting equipment, and offer a good boost to training options. They’re an essential part of lifting weights if you want to bench press or shoulder press.

Workout benches are one of the more important options for your training. They’re less expensive than most items for a home gym, and you can get good quality and function for a decent price.

Some examples, like the rep fitness utility weight bench, are excellent value for money as well as being a good weight bench for beginners. Spending a little more can get you a product that’s with you for years or decades to come – and we think that’s worth it!

Is it worth getting an adjustable weight bench?

Yes – for most people, an adjustable weight bench is worth the investment.
Adjustable benches are more expensive than a flat bench, but offer far more training options.

Flat weight benches can only be used for flat bench press, but an adjustable weight bench offers both incline and decline variations of any bench exercise.

You get more strength training exercises for your money, which pairs perfectly with adjustable seat positions – like an incline seat – to get the most comfort and function out of your workout bench. High weight capacity adjustable benches are quite expensive but worth the price since they also function perfectly as a flat weight bench, too.

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