Best Adjustable Kettlebells

They can dramatically decrease the amount of equipment you need at home, and make your home gym a lot cheaper. Here are the Best Adjustable Kettlebells.

Kettlebells! They’re great – they’re easy to use, come in plenty of weights, and best thing about them is that they accidentally slip out your hands to hit your gym foe – Haha! Bullseye…

Jokes aside, these tools are perfect for most training styles, and even more effective when doing specifi kettlebell movements.

They provide great weight distribution and with the weight settings of the Adjustable Kettlebells, you know your strength training is going to the next level.

Definitely a niche market, so keep reading as we get a secure grip on the best adjustable kettlebells!

Key Takeaways

  • Adjustable Kettlebells are an easy way to save some cash and space
  • They are perfect for the home gym, and come in various sizes, shapes, and weights
  • The best Adjustable Kettlebell is the Bowflex Selecttech 840 Kettlebell
  • There are others like the Hyperwear Soft Adjustable Kettlebell which is made of sandbags for softer impacts

What are the Best Adjustable Kettlebells?

Finding a traditional kettlebell is a lot easier than finding an adjustable one. They’re the ones made in the competition style, and while most people cannot afford multiple kettlebells – they usually have a few normal kettlebells at hand.

If you are looking to take your kettlebell training to the next level, using an adjustable kettlebell weight range from a few pounds to a big ‘ol bolder is going to get you the most bang for your buck.

The best Adjustable Kettlebell on the market currently would have to be the Bowflex Selecttech 840 Kettlebell.

Best Adjustable Kettlebells
Figure 1: The Bowflex Selecttech 840 Kettlebell offers unmatched quality and settings, but comes at a price, of course

This free weight has a range of 3.5 to 18 kg (8 to 40 lbs) and you don’t even need to provide your own weight plates. Compared to other Adjustable Kettlebells on the list, it might be a bit pricier but the quality speaks for itself.

Fitness enthusiasts will also receive a 1-Year JRNY Membership when purchasing off the Bowflex Selecttech site. The perfect addition to your home gym.

Best Overall Adjustable Kettlebell

Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell

This bad boy comes in with a range of 3.5 to 18 kg (8 to 40 lbs). As far as workout equipment goes, this could cover most of your traditional kettlebells and more.

Equipped with an Ergonomic handle and weight dial, you can easily pick the desired weight needed. Materials include Steel, Polypropylene, ABS, and Thermoplastic Rubber.

This was specifically designed for garage/home training, as it will weights ranging from light to big ‘ol heavy ‘bells. With reasonable dimensions at 8.8″ L x 7″ W x 12.5″ H, it does a great job of replacing traditional free weight in a small package.

Best Adjustable Kettlebells
  • Wide weights range
  • Comes with an Ergonomic handle
  • Comes with a 1-Year JRNY Membership
  • Is relatively tall
  • Not the cheapest
Best Beginner Adjustable Kettlebell

Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

Titan Fitness is a goliath in the affordable fitness equipment world, and it will come as no surprise that they actually have two kettlebells to choose from. One has a range of 5 – 20lbs and the other is a bit heavier, with weights ranging from 10 – 40lbs (Six adjustable 2.5 LB weight plates with a 5 LB core) for the ligher one.

to adjust the weight, you simple add in/remove weight plates to find your desired weight and you go about your kettlebell workouts. A solid cast steel body design is definitely more tradtional than others on the list, but that could make it slightly more affordable.

For easier grip it has a nice and wide grip, and because it has a 5 lb core, it makes it the perfect Kettlebell for beginners who are usign lighter weights.

Best Adjustable Kettlebells
  • You can adjust weights very precisely
  • Cast iron design means it’s durable
  • Cast iron design means it’s more prone to rust
  • While the handle is big, a smooth handle slips easier
Best Competition Style Adjustable Kettlebell

Rep Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

Rep Fitness comes in swinging with three different weights to choose from – 17.6 -35.2lbs, 35.2 – 53lbs, and 20 – 40lbs. These will surely cover all the kettlebell exercises you do – and more.

Bragging with a competition style Adjustable Kettlebell shape, you can train for professional events just like with a normal Kettlebell. A secure flat base makes full body workouts easy and safe.

If you are concerned, the bottom is rubbarized – not exactly a soft Kettlebell but still somewhat safe – at lease more than standard Kettlebells. They do however mention that this Kettlebell was not designed to be dropped or slammed. The traditional kettlebell wins this battle…

Best Adjustable Kettlebells
  • Allows for weight increments of 2kg/4.4lbs
  • Competition style handle
  • Not cheap at all
  • Other Kettlebells on the list have safer locking mechanisms
Best Soft Adjustable Kettlebell

Hyperwear Soft Adjustable Kettlebell

While certainly not conventional. some people prefer a softer Kettlebell for their Kettlebell training. Maybe you have a sensitive floor – or neighbors.

The Hyperwear Soft Adjustable Kettlebell is the solution. Might not be the heaviest Kettlebell weight on the list, but the heaviest set can “make a 20lb, 25lb, and a maximum weight of 30lb KettleBell” which is plenty.

Fitness enthusiasts will also be relieved to learn that these are probably the Kettlebell Kings when it comes to injury prevention due to them not knocking your body blue.

No powder coated cast iron here, simply Sand Bags that are used to adjust the weight capacity of the entire Kettlebell.

Best Adjustable Kettlebells
  • Won’t damage your floor
  • Softer landing means less noise
  • Can’t go as heavy as other Adjustable Kettlebells
  • The handle is quite small
Best Budget Adjustable Kettlbell

nymph code Adjustable Kettlebell

The nymph code Adjustable Kettlebell looks… weird. It has handles on the sides and does not even resemble a normal Kettlebell remotely. But, this grants you the ability to do other arm and core exercises!

This Kettlebell, as weird as it may be, also has weight increments of 5lbs – 8lbs, 12lbs, and 15lbs. This also makes it the lightest of all the Kettlebells on the list, and definitely isn’t for more progressive strength training.

That said, a heavier Adjustable Kettlebell can’t be packed with you to go on a trip. It doesn’t have side handles. Sure, this isn’t competition style at all but apples and oranges.

This is not the Adjustable Kettlebell to replace all Kettlebells, but it’s cheap, easy to use, and comes in fun colors.

Best Adjustable Kettlebells
  • Extremely cheap
  • Very small and compact
  • Comes in cool colors
  • Yes, it’s small, but also light
  • The handle isn’t what you would describe as “normal”

How does an Adjustable Kettlebell work?

Well, how does Jenga work? The Adjustable Kettlebell was invented to allow people to have multiple kettlebells in one, instead of having seven kettlebells each at a different weight. Weight settings allow you to add or remove weight plates (or sandbags) as necessary.

Some of these are similar to the competition style of a normal kettlebell – however, most are not. Most of these are secured by a heavy duty plastic clamp, some even use a magnetic lock!

By having something you can adjust the weight on, you could be replacing a bunch of gym equipment with one singular Kettlebell.

Benefits of Adjustable Kettlebell

  • Lighter ones can be used for travel
  • Removes the need for various Kettlebells of different weights
  • Could make a normal Kettlebell workout a lot easier, and shorten the workout duration
  • Would arguably be cheaper than regular Kettlebells

Adjustable Competition Kettlebells

The term “competition style” refers to the actual shape and size of Kettlebells used in competitions like the CrossFit games.

By having a similar style, you can use that Adjustable Kettlebell to prepare for when you’re going to compete with standard Kettlebells.

The best Adjustable Kettlebells are usually competition style Adjustable Kettlebells – such as the Rep Fitness Adjustable Kettlebells.

Best Kettlebell for Kettlebell Swings

One that you won’t accidentally throw through the garage door? Jokes aside, there isn’t one “best” because it’s an opinion and it will differ for everyone. That said, the Rep Fitness Adjustable Kettlebells seem like a great offering due to the style and having more weight increments.

The Hyperwear Soft Adjustable Kettlebell offers you safety and a lower weight – which is perfect for someone who is a beginner.

Are Adjustable Kettlebells worth it?

If you do a lot of Kettlebell training – absolutely. It might not be the initial thing you think of in the middle of Kettlebell swings, but they do have a nifty advantage compared to regular ones.

The Adjustable Kettlebell has the benefit of the weight range, and unless you splurge out and buy several different Kettlebells… you have more range with Adjustable Kettlebells.

Treat them well and don’t throw them around and they should last you a long time… I wonder how much weight one of these suckers could take?

Conclusion: Is the Bowflex Adjustable Kettlebell really that good?

It actually is, yeah. It has the best build quality and reviews online compared to the others. Couple that with the best adjustable weight increments and you have everything you need.

Granted it isn’t a competition style Adjustable Kettlebell, you can still train your ass off with this Kettlebell. If you are prone to throw them during your Kettlebell workouts, you might want a few normal ones too.

Are water-filled kettlebells good?

They offer a stimulus that other, regular Kettlebells just don’t. The sloshing of water side to side would certainly create a different kind of stimulus! If you remove the water, they can even be taken on the road.

What can I use instead of kettlebells?

Dumbbells, Sandbags, or anything else that’ll fit into your home gym.

Best Kettlebells for Home Gym

The best Kettlebells for a home gym would be the Onnit Kettlebell or the Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebell. These are well tested and some of the highest quality fitness products on the market.

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