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Cube Method For Strongman Review

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This review is by Jwood from the Muscle and Brawn Forum.

The Cube Method for Strongman is a training manual written by multiple World’s Strongest Man competitor Josh Thigpen. The book lays out the workout program, including conditioning days. This is a unique book, in the fact that it addresses many issues training for strongman. Anyone that has trained for strongman knows it is difficult to program in the gym training as well as event days.

I will describe the program without giving too much away. You have 3 days lifting in the gym as well as an event day. The program is ran in 3 wee cycles with one deload week.

The gym days are a squat, a press, and a deadlift day. Each lift will be rotated each week between max effort, repetition effort, and dynamic effort. You can see how this will fall into the 3 week cycle. Exercises will also be rotated. You have your choice to rotate them every cycle or every week.

In order to be successful on this program, you will have to have some knowledge of programming, in order to pick the right main exercises and assistance exercises. This is similar to a Westside program, you a lot of program is individual. The book lays out choices for each exercise, but you will have to figure out which work best for you.

Event days are also rotated in the same method of max weight, medium weight for more volume, and a lighter day for speed. Josh lays out which events he thinks are most important to train every week, so you are ready for any competition.

cube-strongmanAn aspect of the book that I found very helpful was both an agility and speed day are built into the program. These aspects of training are often forgotten by strongman athletes, but are very important to the sport. Josh tells you what to do on these days and which days are best to complete these on.

The book also includes a chapter on injury prevention, and a proper warm up. The book discusses recovery, which can be an issue because event training is brutal.

The Cube Method for Strongman lays out a complete program for a strongman athlete. Even if you are not a competitor but want to be a great overall strength athlete, this is a good choice. Everyone could learn something from this book.

There is a ton of great information, even if you do not plan to run the program. It is a training manual, so there is not a whole lot to the book. It lays out the program and gives you every detail you need in order to run the program.

I think this is a great program for an intermediate lifter, who has a fair amount of experience. The program can be customized to fit any liter’s needs. The book is great to learn how to create an effective program to become the best strongman you can.

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