Has Vin Diesel Taken Steroids?

Anyone that’s seen the Fast and Furious films has probably wondered at some point whether Vin Diesel’s on steroids or not. This curiosity to know whether he’s “cheated” per se has caused much speculation online, but in this article I aim to put all speculation to bed.

Some people think he’s gassed up, others are adamant he’s natural; but if there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that bad boy Vincent’s got some hefty guns on him. To be precise, his arms measure in at 18 inches (1).

Lets take a look at his other stats:

  • Height – 5 ft 11
  • Weight – 102kg (225lbs)
  • Chest – 52 inches
  • Body fat percentage – 14%

Vin Diesel might not be the most aesthetic guy in Hollywood, but he’s certainly not lacking in the massthetics department.

So, is he just naturally gifted…or should we call him Vin D-Bol?

Lets weigh up the evidence.

legal steroids

Denies Steroid-Use

In 2013 Jay Leno interviewed Vin Diesel on his show, asking him about the taboo topic of steroids and whether he’s ever been tempted to take them.

Check out what he says below…

There’s a couple of things I find interesting about this clip.

Vin purposefully delays answering the question.

From the moment Jay asks him – “Have you ever been tempted to use steroids?” Vin Diesel takes a whopping 30 seconds to directly answer this question. Considering steroid-users are often viewed as ‘cheats’, Vin takes an awfully long time to answer. He changes the topic of conversation and looks a little uncomfortable.

After eventually saying:

“I’ve never done any type of steroid. The only thing I’ve ever done is protein powder. I’m lucky that I’ve never felt like I had to do steroids and now as an actor I’m not even thinking about being a bodybuilder or anything”.

He immediately says after this – “the reason I’m saying that is so that people don’t feel like they have (to take steroids)”.

It’s like he had to justify the statement of never taking anything. But why would you feel the need to justify it with another comment if it was true? Something certainly seems iffy from this interview, however this isn’t clear proof that he’s on the juice, so lets see if there’s any more evidence.

Gains Timeline

I often use people’s gains timelines as a way to look at how their body’s changed throughout their lifetime. In my experience, this is the most accurate and reliable way to tell if someone’s taken steroids (without actually testing them).

Natural guys have almost identical gains timelines. Their muscles grow significantly when they first start lifting weights, but their gains are very slow and steady after this. In comparison, a guy on steroids will also experience the same growth spurt during his newbie gains period. However, the difference with steroid-users is that they’ll stop growing after this…then all of a sudden will gain a huge amount of muscle again out of nowhere. They’ll gain 50 pounds of mass easily, their muscles will blow up and there’ll be no logical reason for it…other than steroids.

Vin Diesel’s muscles have never blown up at any point in his life to indicate steroid-use. This is from looking at pictures which date back to when he was 19 years old. However, his body HAS significantly changed in other ways, which wouldn’t fit the description of a natural bodybuilder.

Steroid Symptoms

The three main steroid symptoms that Vin Diesel has are:

  • Steroid gut
  • Bloating
  • HGH nose

A distended stomach is a sure giveaway when it comes to steroid-use. This is almost always down to a person using human growth hormone (technically not a steroid), which enlarges the internal organs – causing a protruding gut.

vin diesel steroid gut

Excessive bloating is another sign of HGH-use, because when it’s combined with insulin it causes excessive amounts of extracellular water retention. This watery/bloating effect can also be seen in guys like Kali Muscle, Kris Gethin and Sylvester Stallone.

This sudden increase in water weight happens due to HGH increasing ADH (anti-diuretic hormone) levels. The bigger the dose of HGH, the higher ADH levels will rise.

Natural bodybuilders will rarely ever be as bloated as this, and if they are, it’ll only be for a short period of time. However, Vin Diesel’s often seen with a bloated midsection and a plump face – despite being lean.

It’s also worth pointing out that the ex-New York bouncer never used to look so bloated. Here’s a picture of Vin when he was 19 vs how he looks now. 

vin diesel steroids bloat

We can see from the before picture that his muscles were well-developed and he doesn’t have any bloating or a steroid gut back then. His waist was tight/tiny, which is exactly how it should look if you’re natural and lean.

HGH isn’t very powerful when it comes to building muscle compared to bulking steroids, so although you’ll build muscle on it, you won’t gain a huge amount of mass. This would make sense as Vin’s not gained a huge amount of muscle from his teen days, as he was already big.

Random fact: According to reports, Vin once suggested that he’d beat the Rock in a fight (2).

HGH Nose

One of the biggest giveaways of someone on human growth hormone is their nose. If they’ve been using HGH for a long period of time, their nose will become noticeably bigger. We saw a huge difference in Sly Stallone’s nose when he first started taking growth hormone, and we can also see a change in Vin’s nose.

The transformation isn’t as dramatic as Sly’s because his nose was already pretty big (sorry Vin!). However, over the years you can clearly see an increase in size, especially in the width.

vin diesel hgh nose

The reason why HGH makes your nose grow is because it causes bone and tissue growth in the body; and the nose is made up of soft tissue.

Is Vin Diesel on Steroids?

Based on the evidence it seems like Vin Diesel has been juicing.

Vin looked dead honest when he said that he’s never touched any type of steroid in his life…and I believe him.

However, human growth hormone isn’t a steroid. 

I’m confident from my findings that Vin’s excessive bloating is due to a combination of HGH and insulin, transforming his tiny waist into a mild steroid gut. This also explains why he deflected the conversation massively during his TV interview.

I don’t believe Vin Diesel was being totally honest in his conversation with Jay Leno, by saying he’s only ever taken “protein powder”. However, I believe his motive was good, in wanting kids who idolize him, to refrain from taking drugs.

Good on you Vinny.

It’s important to point out that although the evidence suggests that Vin’s taken HGH, it’s still possible for a natural bodybuilder to be as jacked as him. If you’ve got good genetics and spend several years bulking up, it’s possible to gain this much mass without taking steroids or HGH.

We Asked a Lie Detector to Analyse Vin’s Video of Him Denying Steroid-Use

Before publishing this article I sent the video (of Vin Diesel talking to Jay Leno about steroids) to an expert who’s a Professional Statement Analyst/Linguist/Forensic Linguist.

What on earth does that mean?

It means he’s basically a human lie detector.

Like, a professional one.

Anyhow, I sent the video to him and he had no prior knowledge in regards to whether I thought Vin Diesel was taking steroids. These were his notes (below) after completing his ‘Discourse Analysis’.

Lie Detector Notes 

The question is: “Have you ever been tempted to use steroids?”, not “have you ever taken steroids?”.

It’s not a great question.

Vin Diesel answers:

I.I, have not” which isn’t a no and shows an increase in tension straight away. The simplest answer would be to say “no.” – but he doesn’t. 

He laughs, he deflects, he says “I,I, I believe you should be experimental.” this shows an increase in tension and a weak assertion. He then feels the need to use humour, which there is a need for. Many people use humour in stressful situations.

He adds “it’s kind of a weird topic” and adds, “I have never done any type of steroid

This is not a reliable denial. It’s unreliable.

A reliable denial would be to hear the word “no” and have him say, “I did not and have not taken steroids” First person, past tense, allegation specific. Vin Diesel doesn’t deny taking steroids and gives an unreliable denial. He chooeses his words very specifically and is unable to say “no.” He shows an increase in tension which is unexpected and tries to deflect using laughter and humour. We’d need to know what he terms as steroids, as what we class as steroids he may not.

The lie detector expert’s findings back up my verdict. A typical discourse analysis (which he just conducted) is thought to be 92% accurate (3).

It’s interesting how the expert ends by saying, “What we class as steroids he may not”. This fits in perfectly with my theory of Vin taking HGH.

Do you think Vin Diesel took steroids? Would Vin really beat the Rock in a fight? Have your say in the comments box below!


(1) https://www.menshealth.com/guy-wisdom/vin-diesel-fight-the-rock

(2) https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=36civbshFTIC&pg=PA119&lpg=PA119&dq=discourse+analysis+92%25+reliable&source=bl&ots=Mi796SMSzw&sig=9GvpBjslq-ikW5HdkAaQIw1juSE&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi_w9211_jXAhWKWBoKHfBqABYQ6AEINzAC#v=onepage&q=discourse%20analysis%2092%25%20reliable&f=false

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