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Chris Hemsworth Shares A Killer At-Home Workout

An inspiring Australian actor and his trainer used laundry essentials for the perfect and cleaned workout.

Let’s find out more about Chris Hemsworth’s at-home workout.

The famous Thor actor is working hard for his ultra-powerful workouts to gain a massive physique.

Nothing could stop him, even the quarantine period.

Chris Hemsworth Home Workout Routine

To motivate all of his fans, he posted an at-home workout video on his Instagram account, with his trainer— Luke Zocchi.

Both these guys have shared a great bond to share fitness content.

Chris Hemsworth Home Workout Routine

You can even Zocchi as a featured fitness expert on the Hemsworth’s Center wellness and fitness application.

In his caption, he used very cheeky words, ‘haven’t seen any home workouts out lately, so all I wanted to be the first to get one out there.’

He further added that I’m going to extend a special promo for 6 free weeks of his fitness program due to this deadly coronavirus pandemic.

So if you guys really want to take him up on this fantastic offer, then you only have March 31.

Chris Hemsworth walks through the fitness equipment that you all guys will need for the workout, it includes;

A set of dumbbells

A stool, and here you go!

But no problem if you don’t have dumbbells, you can get a couple of laundry detergent filled jugs, or maybe you can use laundry basket itself.

Well, the overall work is all about 6, which means your routine will be based on 6 rounds of 5 exercises. You will have to do 6 reps each.

  • Burpee to Overhead Press
  • Triceps Extensions
  • Squats
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Sit-Thrus

Hemsworth said you need to work really hard as he did and doing.

He hits out burpee to presses using only laundry detergent as weights.

Furthermore, he also discussed his triceps extensions.

His trainer uses stool for triceps dips, while on the other hand, Hemsworth uses the barbells for this task.

However, once they are done with it, they further move to squats. For doing so, he loads his weight basket with both detergent jugs, while Zocchi performs jumping squats.

Next, they’re onto mountain climbers.

Hemsworth opts for Spider-Man climbers, and Zocchi hits cross-body climbers.

The end up doing sit-thus, his trainer’s favorite exercise.

So here is some of the amazing stuff by Chris Hemsworth for all the fans out there.

Surely, this is not the first time Hemsworth is sharing his intense workout set.

A few months ago, Hemsworth as doing an intense set in the park. So it seems that he has great potential to do his workouts in 6 sets.

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