Best CBD for Muscle Recovery

Muscle pain and post workout recovery are two important issues faced by athletes. CBD has shown exceptional potential, emphasizing its benefits for human health

CBD is the talk of the town these days.

The cannabis plant has many cannabinoids that are still under research.

However, cannabidiol, i.e., CBD, has shown exceptional potential, emphasizing its benefits for human health.

Everyone is suddenly interested to read more about CBD to see if their problem’s solution is hidden in the magic beans.

Athletes aren’t immune to this infectious craze either; their focus is on figuring out CBD’s ability to serve as a potential recovery tool.

Muscle pain and post workout recovery are two important issues faced by athletes.

If you are one such athlete in the quest, then bingo, you have landed on the right page.

Not only do we explain the potential, but we also discuss some of the products that athletes are spending their dimes and diamonds on right now.

We have plenty to share with you; let us get to the business straight away!

What Is The Best CBD for Muscle Recovery?

Oh, the variety of full spectrum CBD products available in the market right now is a bamboozling one!

Finding the perfect product can be a bit of a hassle, really. But worry not, we are going to discuss five amazing CBD supplements that can help you in the process of muscle recovery immensely.

Here are our five picks in the category CBD for muscle recovery! Oh, and all of these products are THC free!

#1 Best CBD for Muscle Recovery

CBD Oil Tincture

Among the many great things about this CBD formula, the best, perhaps, is that it can be used as a health-boosting supplement in general. So it doesn’t have to be bodybuilding-related specifically! It is packed with cannabinoids and terpenes and has a number of health benefits to offer. Some of these benefits include an overall sense of calm, better stress management, and of course, enhanced muscle recovery. So all in all, a perfect choice for pain relief and post workout recovery!


  • Broad-spectrum CBD product
  • Made from the USA-grown hemp
  • Third-party tested
  • Vegan product
  • Gluten-free


  • Price on the higher end of the spectrum
#2 Best CBD for Muscle Recovery

Muscle & Joint Relief Cream

Again, this is a CBD product that offers tremendous benefits. The topical CBD cream has a special place in the heart of athletes since it offers great strength relief. The formula is neither greasy nor slow; the absorption rate is quite fast. This topical CBD cream effectively alleviates the soreness that ensues from an extended physical activity session. Muscle pain relief is the key feature of this pain relief cream. Such products are also helpful in preventing delayed onset muscle soreness. A perfect muscle pain relief cream if you ask us!


  • Higher concentrations of CBD
  • Bolsters strength
  • Instant relief cream
  • Reputable brand tag
  • A great pain relief cream overall


  • Concentration is a little higher than the normal limit
#3 Best CBD for Muscle Recovery

Spruce CBD Gummies

Who doesn’t love gummies? But you are going to love these energy enriched CBD gummies even more so; they are an excellent option for keeping your focus sharp when energy reserves are fast depleting. Fighting fatigue and keeping yourself focused is quite possible if you rely on these wonderful gummies from Spruce!


  • Perfect recipe for boosting energy levels
  • These gummies furnish 25mg of CBD, which is more than a decent number
  • Perfect focus sharpener
  • Available in different flavors


  • An expensive product
#4 Best CBD for Muscle Recovery

NuLeaf Full Spectrum CBD Oil

This full-spectrum CBD oil is exactly what can solve insomniac issues that many athletes face on a regular basis.

Sleeping the due hours is an absolute must for the complete recovery process. And if an athlete is finding it difficult to manage things naturally, then help has to be sought from alternatives like the CBD product under discussion.

Apart from improving sleep, these drops also provide much-needed muscle relief and improve mental and physical well-being.


  • Available in 300-6000mg variations.
  • A natural product for improving the recovery process
  • Improves sleep
  • Affordable


  • You will have to figure out the recommended dose on your own.
#5 Best CBD for Muscle Recovery

CBD Oil Wellness Tincture

The best thing about this CBD product under discussion is that it helps in burning body fat.

As a result, achieving the basic goals of bodybuilding becomes a lot easier.

Consequently, your body isn’t under the strain of recovering all the time.


  • A broad spectrum CBD product
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Features CBG as well.
  • Made in the USA


  • Not a lot wrong with this product!

Disclaimer: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. Your access is subject to our full Terms of Use.

What is CBD?

We have discussed some great muscle soreness pain relief options in this brief. CBD salves, CBD topicals, CBD balm, CBD topical, and CBD oils. You have read all about different types of CBD products so far.

But now that you are well aware of the popular products stacked on the market shelves for professional athletes specifically let us revise the theory as well. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. The notorious high fame that is associated with the cannabis plant is because of its psychoactive cannabinoid known as tetrahydrocannabinol, i.e., THC. A great percentage of cannabis-derived products are THC free.

Forms of CBD for Muscle Recovery

If you are not a complete novice to the concept of cannabis, you might have come across terms like full-spectrum, and isolate CBD products already. While a detailed discussion on these different forms of CBD is likely to demand several chapters, we can talk about the suitability of these different forms with regard to our topic.

The full-spectrum CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and has all the other terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids attached to it as well. For experiencing the popular entourage effect, full-spectrum CBD is recommended. In the context of muscle recovery, full-spectrum CBD is a great choice. Flavonoids offer neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties for the muscles. The entourage effect also kicks in and offers much-needed relief from chronic muscular pain.

THC free CBD isolates are obtained after running the extracts through an intense purification process. But once they are obtained in their purest form, they are also handy in alleviating post-workout muscular soreness.

Both full spectrum and isolate CBD products can provide the much needed pain relief, and are available in the form of CBD topicals, CBD balm, Essential oils or even in CBD powder form.

Benefits of CBD for Muscle Recovery

The following lines discuss some of the key benefits of CBD products for muscle recovery:

  • CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in our body; the system has a key role in sensations of pain felt by our body. The cannabinoid’s ability to reduce inflammation makes it an excellent choice for post-workout recovery substances. Pain relief is one of the key benefits of CBD topicals in particular.
  • Anxiety and depression are common themes in today’s fast-paced world. CBD makes the transmission of serotonin possible, which leads to more happy thoughts, which eventually leads to a significant reduction in anxiety and depression.
  • If you are struggling to sleep well, CBD can help you there as well. The post-workout sleep quality is improved by a significant factor.
  • All that good work you put in the gym is of little use if you don’t have a strong immune system. CBD has shown some great potential for bolstering the immune system; that’s why its inclusion in post-workout supplements must not be too surprising at this stage for anyone.
  • The cannabinoid also keeps various skin infections at bay, infections that professional athletes worldwide are prone to.

It is pertinent to mention here that the extent of pain relief depends on kind of CBD topicals, CBD oil, essential oils or CBD recovery balm you are using as well.

It is time to answer some of the many questions that have been bubbling in your mind since the start of this discussion!

Does CBD help with muscle recovery?

As discussed earlier in brief, CBD has shown potential when it comes to pain regulation via the endocannabinoid system, and pain relief in general. So yes, we are super sure that CBD products can help with muscle recovery.

What CBD is good for muscles?

We have discussed some amazing CBD products in this brief, go with any of these, and you will be okay! Sometimes, it takes a bit of trying and testing before you can find out a product that really suits you. But that’s a rarity. We like the efficiency of CBD oil in particular, but apart from CBD oil, you can also go with CBD balm, CBD topical or other broad spectrum CBD products for pain relief or workout recovery.

How much CBD should I take for muscle recovery?

It is best to start with a low dose and see how things go on from there onwards for pain relief purposes. We will recommend a 0.25mg dose multiplied by your body weight in pounds on a daily basis. That is how most athletes start taking CBD.

How can I speed up muscle recovery?

Some popular ways of achieving this feat include drinking up a lot of water, eating nutritious food, and getting enough sleep. These steps can help in pain relief and reduce inflammation.

Is CBD good for bodybuilding?

So far, there hasn’t been any evidence that suggests a direct role for products like CBD oil in increased muscular growth. Hence, recommending it for bodybuilding isn’t an easy call. However, it does help with muscle soreness and recovery post-workout. Sore muscles and can make life tough for any athlete, so it is best to seek pain relief from an alternative!

What form of CBD is most effective?

This is a question that has many subjective answers. However, for the sake of our discussion, we can definitely go with the broad spectrum CBD products since they offer an entourage effect. And God knows, after all that hard work you put in the gym, you need the might of all the cannabinoids! Oh, and make sure they are THC free as well.

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