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Matt Kroc Kroczaleski 12 Week Squat Program

Matt Kroczaleski is a world renowned powerlifting champion. Matt’s a former marine, who at his peak weighed 255lbs at 5 ft 9.

The former MuscleTech sponsored athlete has recorded some monster lifts including a 738lb bench press, an … Read more

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10 Week Staggered Deadlift Workout Program

If you’re currently plateaued, and craving a new deadlift PR – this article is for you.

This is a staggered 10 week deadlift program for intermediate lifters. It can be repeated as many times as needed.

Lifters will alternate between… Read more

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Russian Squat Routine

russian squat program

In the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, the Soviet Union weightlifting team dominated the competition, winning 7 of the 9 available gold medals. Consequently the lifting world wanted to know the Russian’s secrets…which was … Read more

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John Christy 5 3 1 Strength Building Workout

Until his sad passing, John Christy was one of the most well-respected strength training authorities around. His self-published book on training “Real Muscle, Real Strength” is still much sought after by fans and is seen as the holy grail … Read more

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Ted Arcidi’s Bench Press Routine

ted arcidi

Here’s a good test for how old you are, try and answer the following question…

Who is the strongest pro wrestler of all time? If you’re under 40 you’ll probably answer “Mark Henry”, which is a fair answer. Henry has one of the biggest… Read more

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4 Day Base Powerlifting Workout Program

Powerlifting Workout

Following a specific powerlifting program is a great way to add strength and size to your frame. You don’t have to be a powerlifter to benefit from such a program, for example a bodybuilder, or even the everyday person looking to gain strength… Read more

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Huge Gainer 3 Day Split

What Is A Training Split?

In short, a Training Split is where you train certain body parts/muscle groups on different days of the week. For example on Mondays you train chest and back, whereas on Tuesdays you train legs.

This is how most top … Read more

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