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Full Body Periodized Workout Routine

This workout was created by MikeD from the Muscle and Brawn Forum.

I had a guy ask for a full body periodized routine he could do three days a week. I ended up writing two routines and I thought I would share the more “hardcore” one. … Read more

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Full Body Workouts

Real Results Beastly Basics Fullbody Workout

This fullbody workout focuses on the basics, while utilizing minimal isolation work. You will hammer the body with effective compounds lifts that will stimulate plenty of muscle growth, and you will add strength rather quickly.

This program… Read more

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Muscle and Brawn Full Body Workout 1

Muscle and Brawn Full Body Workout 1

This weight lifting routine is a full body workout, and can be performed…

  • Alternating Days. This routine can be performed on alternating days. Workout using DAY A, rest the next. Perform DAY B, rest
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