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Negative Reps – Negative Repetitions

negative reps

Have you heard of ‘negative reps’?

It’s a highly effective style of training for building muscle and causing metabolic damage (that’s a good thing by the way!). In this post we’ll look at what negative reps are, the pro’s/cons and how … Read more

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The Close Grip Bench Press Mistake You’re Probably Making

Many of you are performing close grip bench presses wrong.

Heck of a way to start an article, I know, but hear me out.

Most of us learned how to perform the close grip bench press from reading muscle building magazines. If not, we learned from a similar… Read more

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19 Amazing Before & After Bodybuilding Transformations

It can sometimes feel like some bodybuilders landed on this earth as ready made Goliaths, and there’s no chance they could have been a skinny kid struggling to lift their first dumbbell at one point. Well, amazingly, we have evidence … Read more

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Biggest Bodybuilding Arms

Welcome to the gun show! So, the question is: which bodybuilder has the biggest arms? Before we look at the answer to that question, let’s get something straight:

Most bodybuilders lie about arm size!

What did you expect? Did you really… Read more

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Superslow HIT Training for Fast Muscle Gains

Exercise pioneer Arthur Jones founded HIT training in the 1970s. HIT stands for High Intensity Training which became very popular in the 70s and still is today, because it’s proven to be extremely effective at building muscle.

HIT… Read more

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1968 Mr. Olympia Results

sergio oliva 1968 mr olympia

Winner – Sergio Oliva

Sergio was 5ft 10 and weighed between 225-235lbs – a heavy, and well built bodybuilder during that era. Sergio was known for his huge arms, wide chest and his amazing v-taper body shape (wide back, and narrow… Read more

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Squat and Deadlift Singles Routine

Powerlifting is a sport that relies on strength, power and technique. Lifters ultimately want the biggest possible 1 rep max for the big 3 lifts: bench press, squat and deadlift. 

Prior to initiating this routine, lifters should have trainedRead more

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