The Warrior Diet Experiment, Part 2

Updated August 14, 2020

The Warrior Diet Experiment, Part 2


Goal. My goal is to lose 100 pounds of bodyfat using the Warrior Diet.

The experiment. To see how much lean muscle mass I can retain while losing 100 pounds of fat on the Warrior Diet.

Current weight. 282.2 pounds, 01/31/2009. Beginning weight. 307 pounds, 12/31/2008.

Overview. My first month on the Warrior Diet is over, and it has exceeded my expectations in every way. My strength is up. I have great energy during the day. I am sleeping better. I do not crave junk food. I am rapidly losing weight.

I never expected, even in my wildest dreams, to lose 25 pounds in a month. I have tried to cut weight several times before, and have never lost more then 18 pounds in the first month.

The true test of how this experiment is going will take place at the end of February. At this time I will be measuring my bodyfat using a skin fold caliper. To restate the goal of this experiment…I want to see how much muscle I lose on the Warrior Diet while losing one hundred pounds of fat.

Energy. One of the most surprising aspects during the first month is my daily energy. I do not feel sluggish or tired during the day, even when I get less then desirable sleep. Before the Warrior Diet, at least 30-40% of the time during the day, I had the yawns, and could think of little else other then going home. On the Warrior Diet, I feel very, very good…and have not had a day like that yet.

It was also common for me to get tired before my workout. I drive one hour home each night, and would often hit the gym with zero motivation. That is not an issue now. On the Warrior Diet I never feel tired driving home, and almost always feel mentally strong and ready to workout.

Pre-workout Meal. Going in to the Warrior Diet, I was very concerned about not eating a pre-workout meal. I have never trained on an empty stomach, and feared loss of energy, lightheadedness and weakness. But the opposite has happened. My strength is going up, and I never feel weak or tired. I feel much better then pre-Warrior Diet.

Strength. Though my strength improvements have been consistent on the Warrior Diet, they have been noticeably better during the last week of this month. I don’t know if my body is adapting to the Warrior Diet, or if I am simply going through a strong phase. In either case, my bench press, deadlift, overhead press, back, biceps, triceps, etc, are all up in weight on the Warrior Diet.

Sleep. On bodybuilding diets, I had a tendency to flush water at night while I was sleeping. I would have to make 2-4 trips to the bathroom to urinate. On the Warrior Diet, I tend to flush water during the day, which is helping me sleep better.

In general, my sleep is more satisfying and refreshing on the Warrior Diet. I still have plenty of mornings in which the alarm clock goes off and I want to stay in bed, but I almost never feel exhausted an hour after getting up.

Workouts. I have been using Bulldozer Training exclusively during this experiment, and it has been awesome. I love the training style. During my first week on the Warrior Diet, I was hesitant to work out over 30 minutes. I feared loss of energy and strength. For the last three weeks my workouts have been about 40-50 minutes, and all is well.

Bulldozer training incorporates controlled fatigue (rest pause), and can be used for strength or bodybuilding training.

2 PM. At approximately 2 p.m. every afternoon, something strange happens to my body. I start to feel more aggressive, strong and mentally aware. It is almost as if every function in my body has been turned up a notch. It appears as if this is a reaction to the upcoming overeating meal. Maybe my brain is unlocking some primal switch, priming me for the upcoming hunt and kill. Either way, I am more then ready for my workout.

Next update. The next article/update in this series will come at the end of February. This will be a critical moment in the experiment, as I will get to find out how much muscle I have lost.

Success. The following list shows how I will view the success/failure of this Warrior Diet experiment…

  • Complete Success. No muscle loss. 180 lean mass, 27 pounds fat. 13.0% BF
  • Quality Success. 5 pounds muscle loss. 175 pounds lean mass, 27 pounds fat. 13.4% BF
  • Success. 10 pounds muscle loss. 170 pounds lean mass, 27 pounds fat. 13.7% BF
  • Failure. 20 pounds muscle loss. 160 pounds lean mass, 27 pounds fat. 14.4% BF
  • Complete failure. 30 pounds muscle loss. 150 pounds lean mass, 27 pounds fat. 15.3% BF

I will also consider it a minor failure if I lose any strength over the course of this experiment.

Notes. I am in no way affiliated with the Warrior Diet, or Ori Hofmekler. I am not a Warrior Diet jedi. nor do I believe one way or the other if the Warrior Diet is a valid muscle-retaining, fat loss option for weight trainers. Ori Hofmekler states that it is, and my experiment exists merely to take a look at the Warrior Diet’s viability. For more info on the Warrior Diet, visit the WD site.

Questions. It is best to reach me with questions via my blog. My email address is a few lines down on this page.

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