chris hemsworth muscles

The Thor Chris Hemsworth Workout And Bulking Diet

Updated July 13, 2019
chris hemsworth muscles

Most guys would love a body like Chris Hemsworth – the famous actor is admired by both men and women from around the world due to his good looks and aesthetically pleasing physique.

If you’ve seen the film Thor you’ll appreciate how good Chris Hemsworth’s physique really is. For most guys it’s their ideal physique, because it’s big (BUT not to too big) ripped (BUT not too ripped).

This type of physique is attainable, especially for guys between the ages of 20-40, but don’t get me wrong it’s not easy. However, with good genetics, hard training and a good diet plan – it’s 100% doable.

Chris Hemsworth’s Fitness Background  

Prior to filming Thor Chris was fit and had a good physique – he was already in pretty decent shape, thanks to doing boxing, and muay thai. However for Thor he took things to the next level…

For the film Thor he focused on two areas of training…

  1. Weights – he hired famous personal trainer Michael Knight to help him build muscle. Chris performed bodybuilding style workouts, using compound lifts like deadlifts, squats, and pull ups – these exercises are the best for adding muscle mass. The bodybuilding side of training was all about building muscle and improving aesthetics – muscle size, shape, proportion and symmetry.
  2. Cardio – alongside weight training Chris also did lots of cardio, mainly doing circuits to build stamina, and keep a good level of conditioning/athleticism.

Chris Hemsworth Workout

To get a body like Chris Hemsworth it’s best to train like he did, splitting your routine into 2 segments:

  1. Weight training Days
  2. Cardio Days

Aim to complete 3 weights sessions per week and 3 cardio sessions.

So for example…

  • Monday – weights
  • Tuesday – cardio + abs
  • Wednesday – weights
  • Thursday – cardio + abs
  • Friday – weights
  • Saturday – cardio + abs
  • Sunday – rest

Weights session 1

  • Wide grip pull up
  • Bench press
  • Military shoulder press
  • Barbell curl
  • Dips

3 sets x 6-10 reps of each exercise, rest 60 seconds in between each set.

Weights session 2

  • Squats 
  • Lunges
  • Romanian Deadlift
  • Lying hamstring curl
  • Leg press calf raises

3 sets x 8-12 reps of each exercise, rest 60 seconds in between each set.

Weights session 3

  • Bent over barbell row
  • Incline DB press
  • DB clean & press
  • DB hammer curl
  • E-Z bar skull crushers

3 sets x 8-12 reps of each exercise, rest 60 seconds in between each set.

Cardio & Abs 

For your cardio and ab sessions you could try HIIT training, ideally for 10-20 mins. For example you could do 20s of cycling as fast as possible, followed by 40s slow recovery cycling – then repeat this for 10-20 mins – it’s a great way to burn fat. You could also do this on the rowing machine or cross trainer.

For abs do exercises like: planks, sit ups, crunches, dead bugs, rope crunches, Russian twists, mountain climbers – aim for 3 sets per exercise and for higher reps 15-20.

Chris Hemsworth Diet

To get in shape for Thor, Chris ate lots of protein – particularly chicken, steak, lamb chops, and fish. Protein is absolutely essential for building a body like Chris Hemsworth, and you should aim to consume 2g of protein per kg of bodyweight. Other foods rich in protein include: eggs, turkey, mince, protein shakes (Chris consumes hemp/pea protein) and protein bars.

Alongside eating lots of protein, Chris also eats lots of complex carbs like brown rice, and sweet potatoes. Finally, he claims to start each day with a greens shake – which is made up of 5-6 different leafy greens, veg, low GI fruits, seeds, nuts and a small amount of sea salt to aid hydration.

Chris Hemsworth Food Plan…

  • Breakfast – greens shake + protein shake
  • Lunch – chicken, veg and brown rice
  • Dinner – lamb chop, veg and potatoes
  • Snacks – nuts, protein shake


Before going to bed Chris has a serving of BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) – to prevent muscle loss during the night. Alongside BCAAs he also takes a magnesium and zinc supp, to aid muscle recovery from intense workouts, and to help promote good sleep.

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