Muscle Mass Woes: You Might Be A Thinlet If?

Muscle Mass Woes: You Might Be A Thinlet If?

Updated July 3, 2019
Muscle Mass Woes: You Might Be A Thinlet If?

What’s a thinlet? Well since I created the term I might as well give it an official definition.

A thinlet is a lifter who is so afraid of getting fat that they don’t allow themselves to build any quality muscle mass.

You might be a thinlet if…

  • You post pictures of plain ass chicken and broccoli (unsalted) on Facebook and try to convince everyone of how “yummy” the meal was.
  • In an attempt to make your back look bigger and more defined, you scrunch your muscles together.
  • You take 2,701 pictures each night, trying to find that perfect angle that makes your arm look twice as big as it is – 12.5 inches.
  • You have not eaten an egg yolk in the last year.
  • It’s been so long since you’ve had bacon that you forgot what it tastes like.
  • You can use “Zyzz” in a sentence as a noun, verb and adjective.
  • The only fruit you allow yourself is low glycemic – strawberries and blueberries.
  • You count the number of almonds you eat to make sure you don’t accidentally go over your daily calories by 1-2.
  • You weigh everything you eat.
  • You’re read every article about intermittent fasting on the Internet.
  • You’ll called out someone who doesn’t eat using “feeding windows” as a broscientist.
  • Your cheat meal involves an extra potato, or an extra serving of tuna.
  • You keep a log book of every macronutrient you’ve eaten since you started the “bodybuilding lifestyle.”
  • Your bulks never last longer than 3 months. After gaining 4 extra pounds from a micro-increase in carbs, you panic and immediately go on an extended fast.
  • You’ve used the word “keto” or “ketosis” during the last week.
  • You spend more time doing cardio than lifting weights.
  • You’ve run a cycle of prohormones and lost muscle.
  • You weigh yourself before and after pooping just “in case” that extra weight gain wasn’t waste.
  • You roll down your window and yell curse words every time you see a McDonalds.
  • You have nightmares of the squat rack
  • You turn down date night with your girl, because you need to ‘eat clean’.
  • You roll your sleeves up in the gym, to make your arms look bigger
  • You have to flex in the mirror to be satisfied with your size
  • You tell yourself that powerlifters are just fat
  • You have aborexia (fear of losing abs). Yep, I did just make up that word.

Feel free to add some to this list. Post your “you might be a thinlet if…” in the comments section below.

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