The Muscle Building Positives of Negative (Eccentric) Reps

The Muscle Building Positives of Negative (Eccentric) Reps

Updated September 9, 2013
The Muscle Building Positives of Negative (Eccentric) Reps

When you are focused on muscle building, you may be worried about increasing the weight every few weeks. You may also be focused on eating a muscle building diet, and you may be overlooking an important aspect of your training. An important part of any strength training routine will work on using negative reps to help you build your muscles more quickly.

The negative rep is the part of the rep when you are extending the muscle or lowering the weight. When you are doing a bicep curl the negative is when you are lowering the weights and extending your arm fully. When you are doing bench presses, it is when you are lowering the weights to your chest.

Negatives are a great way to break through a plateau you are having or to increase the effectiveness of your workout. It helps to break down the muscle more effectively, which means you can build larger muscle faster. However, there are certain rules that you need to carefully follow or the negative reps will not be effective, and you can end up hurting yourself when you exercise.

The first thing to remember is that you need to go through the range of motion slowly. Take at least five seconds to complete each rep, and do the entire motion all the way through. You should be focusing on your form to help your muscle to work effectively during the entire rep.

Another important thing to remember is that you need to do fewer negative reps than you would do positive ones. Eight reps are the max that you should complete in each set. You can also just add two to three negative reps to the end of a normal set to get a better result from your workout.

Some body builders will use a heavier weight than normal when doing negative reps. Your body can safely lower more weight than it can lift. If you do this, start out at just a bit higher than you normal would, and work your way up to fifty percent more than you can normally lift. When doing negative reps on a bench press with additional weight, you will need two spotters, and they will need to be the ones that lift the weights up for you.

Remember that negative reps are more taxing on your muscles. You should not be doing them every day. If you lift every other day, you can safely incorporate them into your typical workout, but if you are lifting every day you should alternate days. Take the time to pay attention to your recovery time and to allow your body enough time to recover between workouts.

Bodybuilding takes time. It is important that you eat a good muscle building diet and that you get enough sleep. You can save on your equipment and training clothes when you use an Under Armour promo code. As you work on muscle building, be sure that you lift safely and use spotters when needed.

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