The Way to Maximize Your Muscle & Strength Building Potential

Updated June 11, 2020

By John Christy.

You must be held accountable.

What if you had a sage mentor – a very good, knowledgeable coach – to make sure that everyday you did everything you were supposed to do; train right, eat right, stretch, do conditioning work, etc? Your mentor would not let you off the hook – and would at times force you to stay on track – sometimes it might get a little ugly.

The sage mentor knows his primary role; he’s your teacher, not your buddy.

He’ll do what needs to be done or said to get results. For instance when you tell your mentor that you are ‘too tired’ in the morning to make a good breakfast – you would get criticized/ripped (dependant on the trainee) for it. Or when you are about to switch to some stupid program that would cost you at least 6 months of productive training, and possibly cause you to get injured, your sage mentor would not allow it.

He would try to do this with positive reinforcement, but sometimes…

And keep in mind there is nothing you can do about it – you must obey.

I think you know the answer to the question posed in the first sentence of this piece. You would have the greatest training year ever. You would shock your friends. You would get ‘looks’ – the good kind – at the gym when you start training. There would be talk: “He must be taking steroids”. Other trainees would stop their workouts to watch you complete a set. Teenagers would ‘happen’ into the locker-room to hopefully get a look at you with your shirt off.

At the end of the year you will have become a believer – you would be excited going into the next year. You will have become disciplined. You will no longer need the sage to keep you on track. You will have learned about true dedication.

Find a way to do this. A great training partner can help. Although ‘great training partners’ are few and far between, and sometimes even great training partners can be ‘swayed’ by your thinking/input.
If you train alone – like I have done for most of my training life – you need to find another way. You need reminders – and not subtle ones. This is why I push writing goals/reminders down, and putting them up to you can see them. They can act as somewhat of a watchdog.

When I think back on my training, it would have been great to have someone ‘smack me around’ to keep me on track.

So what does this all come down to? Again, one word…


Think about this. Think about whom you can get to hold you accountable. Think about how you can hold yourself accountable. Find a way to do it.

And then get ready to work harder than ever, to work more consistently, to never miss meals, to never train ‘stupid’… to, drive a weight up to arms length that you’ve only seen others lift, to get ‘looked at’ because of your physique … imagine.

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