Best Joint Supplements for Bodybuilders

There’s no shortage of joint supplements out there, but that begs the question, which are the Best Joint Supplements for Bodybuilders?

It’s easy to focus on muscle growth when working out, but without fluid, supple joints, your efforts could be in vain. Shoulders, elbows, and wrists undergo tremendous stress as part of your routine, and your knees and ankles will thank you for the support when leg day comes around!

Bodybuilders that focus solely on muscle care can often find that they end up treating a problem rather than preventing it. As with most bodily concerns, prevention is far easier than cure. Look after yourself with joint supplements sooner rather than later, and you’ll never have to compromise your workout due to pain and discomfort.

There’s no shortage of joint supplements out there, but that begs the question, which are the Best Joint Supplements for Bodybuilders?

If you’re serious about gains and work out at least three times a week, look no further than Physio Flex Pro. You don’t have to just take our word for it either. This is the only specialist joint supplement available to bodybuilders over the counter that’s backed by physiotherapists for both prevention and cure.

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. We frequently mention research chemicals that are not made for human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing any product for personal use, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

What to Look For in a Joint Supplement

The chances are that a joint supplement won’t be the only part of your workout routine. It works alongside creatine, fish oil, and anything else with specific purposes to enhance your results. As such, there’s nothing more important to a quality joint supplement than the ingredients and their effects.

While many supplements go above and beyond, three key ingredients are so important that we wouldn’t even consider a joint supplement that doesn’t include them.

MSM (Methylsulfonymethane)

Best Joint Supplements for Bodybuilders

MSM occurs naturally in the body and appears in every tissue. It’s also a building block that helps the body bring together the different components to build new tissue including collagen and cartilage.

Studies show that MSM supplementation improves joint health and mobility, reduces inflammation and pain, and slows down the erosion of cartilage that is caused by repetitive strain. (1)

Given that bodybuilding inevitably damages tissue, introducing more MSM into your body through a supplement should be high on your list.

After all, it’s impossible to build something without the right materials, and a supplement that contains additional MSM – Physio Flex Pro provides 100 mg per serving – ensures your body has everything it requires during the recovery process. That ensures faster results and reduced inflammation no matter how strenuous your routine is.


Glucosamine is produced naturally within the body, and it is most commonly found in cartilage. That’s the best place for it, as one of its primary roles involves creating proteins and fats required to repair damaged cartilage.

Cartilage is essential to flexible, pain-free joints and while the body generally produces enough glucosamine for the average person, the same cannot be said for bodybuilders.

Glucosamine is also a key ingredient in synovial fluid which surrounds and cushions your joints. If more glucosamine is available, it promotes the production of this fluid, improving the ability of your joints to absorb impact.

In one study, professional rugby and soccer players took Glucosamine for three months and experienced a significant decrease in cartilage breakdown. (2)

Crucially, glucosamine food sources are relatively rare. To increase your bodily amounts in your diet, you’d have to consume copious amounts of shrimp and lobster. Not only that but the chemical compound isn’t contained in the meat but in the shells! These shells are ground down and used for the glucosamine contribution of joint supplements.

Physio Flex Pro stands out in the crowd once again, as each serving contains 500 mg of glucosamine, ensuring your body is prepared to recover from any workout.


Best Joint Supplements for Bodybuilders

Chondroitin also occurs naturally in both humans and animals and can be found in connective tissues. Chondroitin and glucosamine are a powerful pairing and are often used together in studies on joint pain and inflammation. When taken in conjunction they have been shown to inhibit the activation of inflammatory pathways in synovial cells. In simple terms, they work together to promote joint health and healing. (3)

Chondroitin act as scaffolding to cartilage, it attracts water molecules and hydrates your cartilage, helping it to absorb impacts. It also promotes chondrocyte cells which help repair your cartilage.

In a review of 43 randomized controlled trials including almost 10,000 participants, Chondroitin was found to significantly reduce joint pain. (4)

This compound is more common in food sources than glucosamine, but it would require an almost impossibly specialized diet to come anywhere near the amount present in a dedicated joint supplement. It wouldn’t be a particularly pleasant eating experience either, as natural chondroitin outside the human body generally appears in gristle.

You could be forgiven for seeking out a more palatable chondroitin source for your joint maintenance, and Physio Flex Pro steps into the breach once again, with 100 mg of chondroitin in every serving.

Why Physio Flex Pro is the Best Joint Supplement for Bodybuilders

Best Joint Supplements for Bodybuilders

Active ingredients are vitally important in any joint supplement, but that’s not the only reason why we consider Physio Flex Pro as the best joint supplement for bodybuilders on the market today.

The product is designed to make those ingredients as effective as possible. Whether you take your supplements with a meal, at a set time each day, or pre or post-workout, the supplement ensures you have the joint support you need, precisely when you need it.

All the ingredients in Physio Flex Pro are designed to be fast acting through the use of the most bioavailable and potent forms of each. It’s formulated for easy digestion and fast action. It’s consistent too – even if you already experience joint pain, Physio Flex Pro will not only help prevent issues from getting worse but can lead to an overall reduction in pain in a matter of weeks.

It does this by protecting what’s there and repairing what’s missing. It tackles pain and inflammation while helping to strengthen the tissues that make your joints strong and mobile.

It also combines the three key ingredients mentioned above, as well as additional products that serve to make life even easier:

  • Turmeric for its well-regarded anti-inflammatory properties
  • Ginger to inhibit cytokine production to reduce pain and joint discomfort
  • Bromelain for natural joint pain reduction
  • Selenium to cut back on bodily enzymes that work to break down cartilage naturally

Best of all, this unique combination of ingredients comes from entirely natural sources, keeping side effects to an absolute minimum and tackling the most common causes of joint issues in just a couple of handy capsules.

Best Joint Supplements for Bodybuilders

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Physio Flex Pro – The Best Joint Supplement for Bodybuilders Available Today

Joint supplements are an integral part of any routine and it does not get any better than Physio Flex Pro. The product combines essential active ingredients with additional natural substances to serve as prevention and cure in one handy package.

It’s ready to ship now and you can get your hands on Physio Flex Pro with immediate dispatch here.

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