Hot CrossFit Girls

12 Hot CrossFit Girls to Follow on Instagram

Updated October 20, 2020

Looking for smoking hot CrossFit girls? These accounts feature some of the best CrossFit women on Instagram.

While CrossFit methods are laughable in some fitness circles, there is no doubt that CrossFit babes are some of the hottest fitness females in the world.

If your favorite is missing from this list, please feel free to add your favorite CrossFit girl to the comments section below. Please, share the love! And hotness.

Hot CrossFit Girls

12 Smoking Hot CrossFit Women

#1 – Dee Marquez

Dee updates her Instagram regularly, taking selfies of herself out of the gym, with her dog (Scrappy) or uploading videos of her powerlifting. She’s also prone to posting her cheat meals, which will leave you foaming at the mouth.

She’s also admitted that her dream physique is Andreia Brazier‘s.

#2 – Stacie Tovar

After scrolling through Stacie’s Instagram it won’t take you long to realise that this 8x CrossFit competitor is jacked. Hardly surprising consider she deadlifts over 350lbs. She often posts pictures of her sweating it out in the gym, her beloved poodle and her husband…who also happens to be yoked.

We are ‘mirin Stacie’s massive quads and abs that could cut melt butter.

#3 – Dani Sidell

Danielle is a proud vegan who can boast of a 300lb backsquat and a 400+lb deadlift. Dani mostly uploads clips of her grueling workouts, where she’s sweating profusely; or taking selfies of her SWOLE muscles.

Dani probably has bigger biceps than 90% of males.

#4 – Sara Sigmundsdóttir

This Icelandic blonde beauty has racked up over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, after becoming a global sensation.

Sara is sponsored by Nike and FatGripz, with her favourite football team and player, being Liverpool FC and Virgil Van Dijk.

She’s previously finished 1st in Icelandic and U.S CrossFit events, and is being rewarded for her hard work, by accumulating a huge fan base and lucrative sponsorship deals.

Sara can do 36 pull ups. Try beating that.

#5 – Lauren Fisher

Lauren Fisher is up there with the best-looking women on this list. Not only does she have a strong physique, but is naturally very feminine and beautiful.

She’s a nature and animal-lover, often posting jaw-dropping images of herself semi-naked in front of mountains or the ocean.

Whoever’s photographing her, possibly has the greatest job in the world.

Lauren’s not just easy on the eyes, her pull-up max is 58!

#6 – Alicja Janowicz

Alicja has over 100k followers on Instagram and a quarter of a million on Facebook. The CrossFit athlete also has her own channel on YouTube, where she can be seen performing different workouts, including several glutes ones.

She also posts some amazing recipes on her official website.

#7 – Mariah Moore


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Mariah is small but fierce. She’s a CrossFit athlete, but also a successful film director, creating well-received sports documentaries including: Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness and The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest on Earth.

Achieving all of this by the age of 25 is quite remarkable.

#8 – Lauren Stobbie

Lauren Stobbie likes to upload pictures of her training, combined with motivational captions to help kick her fans into the next gear.

Lauren has a M.S, B.S and is a NSCA certified specialist and comes from Jacksonville, Florida.

#9 – Naima

naima crossfit

Glues that will make you faint, tattoos that will cause intrigue, and a savage work-ethic that will make you train harder during your next workout. Welcome to Naima’s world. A strong and muscular athlete, who could look sexy in a dress OR a beast in gym attire.

#10 – Katrina LaClair

Katrina is a red-haired beauty who could probably beat most female bodybuilders in the leg department. With a 275lb back squat, she’s strong as well as pretty.

When she was younger she was a competitive acrobat and dancer. As soon as she tried out CrossFit – she fell in love. She is currently a CrossFit level 1 coach.

#11 – Rebecca Marcy

When you sneak onto yo roof cause pride #pride #sf #heywhatsuphello

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Going by Rebecca’s Instagram you’d probably never guess she’s a CrossFit athlete. Often posting model-like pictures, she adds a personal touch to her profile; instead of repetitive workout pics/videos. Follow her to get an insight into her personality rather than workout motivation.

#12 – Eden Miedema

Eden is a gymnastics coach, as well as a CrossFit athlete. On Instagram you can see her showing off her swan-like biceps, or showcasing her gluten-free cheat meals…which usually contain chocolate, seeing as she’s a self-confessed chocoholic.

Give these ladies a follow 🙂 are there any women we left out of this list, that you’d like us to add? Have your say and leave a comment in the box below. 


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