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Bodybuilding is one of the most individual sports that exists. You don’t have teammates or coaches – all you have is your body and the weight that you are using to transform it. That makes bodybuilding a potentially lonely sport.

However, the internet has turned that idea upside down. With the advent of bodybuilding forums, you are able to become part of huge inclusive communities where you can share your experiences and learn from some of the greatest bodybuilders who ever lived.

In this article, we bring you the 5 best bodybuilding forums online right now.

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TL;DR: What are the 5 Best Bodybuilding Forums?

  • The best overall bodybuilding forum community is With millions of members and very active forums on every imaginable sub-niche, you are bound to find what you need there.
  • The best nutrition-focused bodybuilding forum is Burn the Fat Inner Circle.
  • Anabolic Minds is the top supplements forum.
  • Finally, the number one workout forum is T-Nation.

What Are Bodybuilding Forums?

Bodybuilding forums are online message boards where members are able to discuss specific topics. These messages build up into a massive library of content that can be viewed at any time. From a forum creator’s point of view, forums are a great way to build up loyalty among members and foster a sense of community and mutual support.

For a forum to be beneficial to its members it should follow certain rules of ‘netiquette.’ Before posting a question on a forum, check back through the search feature to make sure that the question hasn’t been asked before. Before making a comment, ask yourself if you would make that comment if the person was standing in front of you. If not, don’t post it. Don’t be sarcastic or demeaning, especially when a person is posting about their bench press or squat weights or pictures of their progress!

Respect the opinions of other people. Even if you strongly disagree with what they have posted, do so in an agreeable way. If you don’t, people will think you are a jerk and disregard what you’ve said, no matter how convincing your argument is.

Types of Bodybuilding Forums

Bodybuilding covers a wide range of subtopics and all of these are covered by forums. This allows bodybuilders to get the in-depth knowledge and user experience that is invaluable in this industry. Bodybuilding forums are available that deal with such topics as supplements, workout equipment, workout programs, exercise nutrition,losing body fat, teen bodybuilding, natural bodybuilding, female bodybuilding, and older bodybuilders.

Bodybuilding forums are usually connected to bodybuilding websites.

A number of bodybuilding forums have well-known bodybuilders who regularly contribute to them. This allows everyday people like you and me to benefit from the vast experience and knowledge of some of the top bodybuilders on the planet. For example on the Labrada nutrition forum, you get to interact with ‘90s legend Lee Labrada himself!

Why Use Bodybuilding Forums?

Bodybuilding forums allow members to get in-depth knowledge and guidance on specific issues relating to bodybuilding. They provide for a more comprehensive back and forth than is available on such forums as Facebook or Twitter. A forum also provides a long term record of the information that gets discussed. This provides for a full, comprehensive discussion of the topic.

Bodybuilding forums allow you to benefit from the experience of other bodybuilders. This can be extremely useful when it comes to things like supplements. Before spending your hard-earned money, ask other forum users what their experience was with a particular product or brand. You can also get feedback on your workout routine or ask more experienced bodybuilders training questions.

Some forums have regular postings by IFBB Pro Bodybuilders so the opportunity to interact with them is another major benefit of bodybuilding forums. Bodybuilding legends like Jay Cutler, Kevin Levrone, and Dennis James often share their wisdom on forums.

5 Best Bodybuilding Forums

Best Overall Bodybuilding Forum:

Best Bodybuilding Forums is among the oldest and most respected bodybuilding websites. It is the most visited fitness website in the world with the most active forums. The forums are broken down into a huge array of categories to make it easy for you to get the targeted information that you need. The statistics for’s forums are pretty mind-blowing:

  • Threads 7,325,100
  • Posts 143,116,515
  • Members 18,291,482

The great thing about the forums is that they cater to every aspect of bodybuilding. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced trainer you will find the support, advice, and encouragement that you are looking for.

The main forums on are supplements, Bodyfit, workout equipment, workout programs, exercises, nutrition, and losing fat. There are also forums for teen bodybuilders, those over the age of 35, female bodybuilders, powerlifters/strongmen, and even a dedicated forum for personal trainers.

More general categories include motivation, professional bodybuilding, sports training, contest prep, and competition discussion, and a forum where you can post pictures of yourself and get feedback from others on your progress.

The communities on all forums are very active with many posts daily.

Best Bodybuilding Nutrition Forum: Burn the Fat Inner Circle

Best Bodybuilding Forums

Burn the Fat Inner Circle is the community connected with the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle (BFFM) website, which is itself inspired by the book Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle which many consider to be the Bible when it comes to bodybuilding nutrition. The whole thing is the brainchild of Tom Venuto, one of the most respected names in the bodybuilding industry.

The intended audience for the Burn The Fat Inner Circle forum is people who are wanting complete guidance on body transformation nutrition. Through the forum, they are able to directly question Tom Venuto on all aspects of bodybuilding nutrition and fat loss.

There are more than 20 active forums on the burn the fat inner circle website with many thousands of active members. The posts are often by professionals in the fitness and nutrition industries and provide in-depth guidance on such things as protein intake, carb manipulation, and how to get shredded and vascular for a competition.

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Best Bodybuilding Supplements Forum: Anabolic Minds

Best Bodybuilding Forums

Created nearly 20 years ago, Anabolic Minds has grown to become one of the most reliable and respected supplement sites on the internet. It has more than 250,000 members, many of whom are active on the site’s forums. The website is run by the host of SuperHumanRadio, Corl Lanore, who also runs several subforums related to that podcast.

Anabolic Minds forums are best suited for regular buyers of bodybuilding supplements. If you are regularly spending your hard-earned cash on pre-workouts, prohormones, and other muscle-building supps then this is a great place to hang out. You will be able to get feedback on supplements from other users and hear directly from industry experts.

The Anabolic Minds forums cover the entire bodybuilding gamut with sections on supplements, company promotions, supplement stores, supplement companies, nutrition/health, weight loss, bullying, training, injury/rehab, and female fitness.

Best Bodybuilding Workout Program Forum: T-Nation

Best Bodybuilding Forums

T-Nation is one of the most popular and authoritative websites that exist on the subject of working out. The website features a vast library of articles by some of the leading names in the strength, power, and bodybuilding games. The forums that run from the site have a ton of extremely active members. Often article authors will post allowing forum members to ask questions and get clarification about the training concepts on the website.

The T-Nation forums are intended for people who are serious about working out. The scope is not limited to bodybuilders but includes powerlifters, strongman competitors, and all other types of strength athletes. Beginners will find as much value here as experienced lifters. There are even dedicated forums by three resistance training legends; Christian Thibaudeau, Jim Wendler, and Ellington Darden.

The T-Nation forums include sections on training logs, supplements, and nutrition, bodybuilding, powerlifting, figure athletes, powerful women, over 35 lifters, combat, conditioning, Olympic lifting, strongman, injuries, and rehab.

Take-Home Message

Online forums open the entire worldwide bodybuilding community to allow for an interchange of encouragement, motivation and advice. The top 5 bodybuilding forums that we’ve showcased here are the cream of the crop. We suggest checking in on each of them at least on a weekly basis in order to top up your knowledge base and motivation to keep honing in on your bodybuilding goals.


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Shawn Mitchell
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everyone troll the forum as it has mods that abuse their power

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