Benefits Of Resistance Training: Why Everyone Should Be Lifting Something

Benefits Of Resistance Training: Why Everyone Should Be Lifting Something

Updated June 11, 2020
Benefits Of Resistance Training: Why Everyone Should Be Lifting Something

This article by EliteDreams from the Muscle and Brawn forum.

“Why in the world should I spend all that time and energy at the gym, when I could be home eating a grilled cheese sammich and watching TV with my family?” Good question.

If you have been debating whether you should start working out, here are 4 reasons why everyone, no matter how old, male or female or alien, should lift something.

4 Reasons To Lift Something

1: Improved physical health

Yes it’s a no-brainer. The right exercise and diet will make you feel better. You will wake up feeling fresh, have more energy throughout the day, and not feel so winded doing what should be simple everyday things. And it’s a bonus to look better.

This goes double for those in their “ripe” years. Staying healthy will be a smart choice, allowing you to be more independent.

No more granny and gramps unable to lift a finger! No sir, you will still be able to whip them youngins.’

2: Improved mental health

You know those times when you run out of gas, your child is screaming at the restaurant for the umpteenth time, or your boss is acting foolish? Yeah, makes your blood boil doesn’t it? Makes you want to strangle the nearest stranger, or punch some windows, or…ok ok, we get it.

Well imagine having something to take your anger out on that doesn’t hurt anyone else. The iron will always be there, ready to take whatever you need to dish out.

3: Self-confidence

Imagine helping an old friend move, and throwing their recliner over your shoulder and running out to the truck, or casually holding the couch with one hand while you sip on some coffee. Feels good doesn’t it?

It’s not about showing off as the weak would try to convince you. Feeling powerful, holding your head high, is a silent sign to others that you are not weak.

No more fear of bullies. No more uncertainty about physical work, feeling like you may break your back.

4: Fame, glory, and riches!

OK so that may or may not be an overstatement.

If you’ve been competing in sports and scanned through this wondering if the author weighs over 95 pounds, fear not.

If the former three reasons apply to you, if you have been pondering whether you should lift or not, whether it be for general health, a sport or whatever, know that many people become addicted to the iron.

Reason number one may not apply. Pushing your body to its limits for years on end takes a toll. You may get to the point of having some kind of ache or pain constantly.

Training will vary depending on what you can do to get around injuries. Spending thousands upon thousand of dollars and hours every year in the gym, on groceries, on federation fees, on traveling to competitions, buying wraps, suits, singlets, belts, shoes, chalk, straps, tacky, pain medication, supplements.

I don’t have to go on do I? It’s uncomfortable. It’s freaky. It’s not for the majority of people.

So one day, you may be on the other side of the fence. Friends will ask why you keep going to the gym if you hobble around all day, and coworkers might ask you to train them.

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