67 Best Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Weight Training Websites

Updated July 8, 2020

Looking for something to do? Obsessed with bodybuilding, powerlifting and weight training? Then do I have a time killer for you. The following list features the best of the best; 67 websites to traffic, try out, and test run. Warm up your mouse finger, and start clicking…

1. Powerlifting Watch

Simply the best of the best. If you are a powerlifting or strength training junkie, then this site goes directly to your favorites list or Firefox tab. From contest results to videos to rankings and news, nothing in the realm of powerlifting escapes Powerlifting Watch.

2. Elite FTS

The shiznizzle. Da bomb. The powerlifting truth. EliteFTS is so jam packed with powerlifting goodies and nuggets of truth that it is about to explode. Articles, apparel and Dave Tate. Need we say more?

3. Iron Addicts

Not the biggest training forum, but one of the best. Iron Addicts is a no-nonsense, no-BS, straight-truth-telling forum that cuts through mass and strength building myth, and sets you on the righteous path to Hulkdom.

4. Intense Muscle

Doggcrapp! Doggcrapp! Doggcrapp! If chanting Doggcrapp doesn’t drive you to this forum, the amount of intelligent, time-tested and herculean physiques residing there should. Go! Run! Now! Home of the famous Doggcrapp training system.

5. I’ll Pump You Up

No, this is not Arnold’s homepage. IPYU, as it is known to its hardcore forum junkies, is a quality and mature lifting forum where you’ll receive honest training, supplement and prohormone advice. IPYU also features one of the best supplement stores in the business.

6. Bodybuilding.com

Outside of the MISC forum, which is by far the biggest eyesore of the online weight training industry, Bodybuilding.com holds a vast wealth of articles and information. The site’s Bodyspace community is filled with enthusiasm and encouragement, and features enough blog posts to keep you reading for all eternity.

7. Lean Bulk

A supplement store with super prices, and an outstanding forum. If you’re looking for some hardcore prohormone logs, or prohormone advice and information…you can’t go wrong with this website.

8. Anabolic Minds

So much information on steroids and prohormones that your brain will literally swell, ooze out your ears, and form in a pool at your feet.

9. Dave Draper

The Blond Bomber! Dave Draper’s website is much more then just a simple website dedicated to the legend Dave Draper. Oh, no! Much more then that. DaveDraper.com features columns a Q&A, and a kick ass forum.


10. Casey Butt’s The Weight Trainer

This is a small site and forum, but don’t let that deter you. Casey Butt is an incredible asset to the lifting community, and his information on natural bodybuilding potential and mass training for naturals is invaluable.

11. Get Big

A monster site with a monster forum. Get Big has an active community with posts out the wazoo. A good way to kill time, and read until your eyes bulge.

12. Westside Barbell

Not much to say here…the powerlifting tour de force. Become a sponge and go soak up the writings of Louis Simmons. And up, up, up goes your three lift totals.

13. T-Nation

If you can stop looking at the powerful and inspiring images on the homepage, T-nation also features great articles and a forum. But try and pull your eyes from the sidebar. Just try.

14. Mike Mentzer

Love him or hate him, Mike Mentzer stirs thought and debate. Heavy Duty, brother. Heavy freakin’ Duty.

15. Hypertrophy Specific

Home of HST training, this website takes you through a tour of HST training principles, and provides a great forum to back it up.

16. Drew Baye

One of the most interesting training blogs on the Internet. Drew Baye packs each post with insight, and sprinkles it with a generous helping of love for HIT.

17. Dr. Darden’s HIT

Another HIT site, Dr. Darden will challenge what you believe about status quo training, and force you to thin through your training methods.

18.  Hard Gainer

Stuart McRobert’s homepage. A great resource for one of the greatest minds in bodybuilding. But beware, the forum has taken on an almost cult-like hatred for the posting of external links. All fear the hyperlink!

19. Dr. Squat

The crowned prince of the 1,000 pound squat. Dr. Squat’s website features articles, e-books, software, a forum and more. A must see stop on the 67 stop tour.


20. Wanna Be Big

One of the bigger training forums on the Internet, if you excuse the pun.

21. Lee Hayward

Though old school in appearance, there is nothing outdated about Lee Hayward’s advice on training, nor his forum.

22. Iron Magazine

From Heavy Muscle Radio with Dave Palumbo and John Romano, to Iron Mag’s articles database, you can’t go wrong killing time on this website.

23. Critical Bench

One of the most unique and informative training sites on the web. Critical bench features a wealth of interviews, biographies and articles that can’t be found elsewhere.

24. Muscle and Strength

A sleek and slick lifting website with a full arsenal of weapons to blast your mind.

25. Straight to the Bar

From kettlebells to grip training, sand bags to tire flipping, this one of a kind website is well thought out and informative.

26. Oldtime Strongman

you have to love this site. There is enough old school advice on here to push anyone through a stubborn plateau…great motivation and nostalgia.

27. Lift for Life

Lift for Life, natural bodybuilding at its finest. Blogs, calculators, event calenders and more.

28. Natural Bodybuilding Events

THE source for natural bodybuilding competitions. Find an event in your state. An amazing resource!

29. Muscle Memory

Consider Muscle memory to be the Internet’s museum of modern lifting. Search for lifters, contest results, and magazine covers. A fun way to kill time and expand your mind.


30. Dinosaur Training

Must…lift…big…things. This website dedicated to Brooks Kubik’s Dinosaur Training will make you stronger by osmosis.

31. Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates maintains a blog, forum videos, and more. Some of this content is pay-to-view.

32. Discuss Bodybuilding

An active forum, discuss bodybuilding features some good training, supplement, diet and journal forums.

33. Bodybuilding Dungeon

A hardcore training forum with bodybuilding,, supplement and steroid discussions.

34. Muscle Mecca

Another forum-driven site that features powerlifting, bodybuilding and testosterone posts.

35. Prohormone Forum

An upstart forum, these new kids on the block pack plenty of prohormone punch.

36. High Intensity

This Heavy Duty forum is now slower then a turtle racing up a slippery slope, but it still contains enough information on Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty to be worthy of the top 67.

37. Australian Bodybuilding

They might be down under, but this Aussie website is on top when it comes to bodybuilding coverage.

38. Clarence Bass

Though the CBass site is about as old school as it gets, the information and content is well worth the trip. Ripped!

39. Deep Squatter

Go deeper! Deeper! Deeper…into this website. Though not the biggest training site, Deep Squatter has some incredible training articles. Definitely a must read…



USA Powerlifting website. Check out lifter rankings, fed news, records, women’s hall of fame, and more…

41. Flex Online

A great resource for testosterone driven content, but beware of some typical magazine-style mush.

42. IFBB

A surprisingly interesting and fun site to explore. IFBB has Hall of Fame info, events & results, and more…

43. Iron Man

A very good online version of the magazine, with much to explore and read.

44. Muscle Mag

Recipes, galleries and a forum highlight this site. A little slim on content, but worthy of the list.

45. Muscular Development

No Bull Radio, a forum, and news. No where near as big as the print version of the magazine, but the forum makes it all worthwhile.

46. Pro Bodybuilding Daily

Made the list because it is a very good for up to date bodybuilding news.

47. Cooper’s Guns

An awesome muscle exercise encyclopedia with videos and instruction.

48. 100% Raw

If you like powerlifting without gear, then this fed is for you. Records, athletes, events and Raw Mart!

49. Iron Scene

Videos, videos, and more incredible videos. If you’re looking for some motivation, turn off the boob tube and turn on Iron Scene.


50. Tsampa Scripts

Scripts and calculators to assist you in setting up your powerlifting cycle.

51. Her Biceps

Profiles, videos, photos, and a very active forum.

52. Muscle Talk

The top UK lifting forum. You can’t go wrong by spending time here.

53. Muscle and Fitness

If you’re not Weider weary, this site is what we thought it was. Seriously…a decent website with some solid information.

54. Body for Life

A great site to find amazing natural body transformations.

55. Netfit

One of the best overall health and fitness sites on the web.

56. Mesomorphosis

One of Alexa’s top sites. Features a steroid forum with a wealth of information.

57. Anderson Powerlifting

Best powerlifting store and service on the net.

58. Female Bodybuilders

Pictures, pictures, pictures, pictures of female bodybuilders. And a forum.

59. Steroidology

A steroid-driven forum, and also steroid news and articles.


60. Female Muscle

Just a beautiful site to look at, is so many ways.

61. Dragon Door

One of the best sites on the web for kettlebell and martial arts training. But this site is so much more then that.

62. Ross Training

The reigning king of bodyweight fitness. if you want to get in shape without spending a fortune, Ross is the man!

63. Elite Fitness

Not to be confused with EliteFTS, Elite Fitness features quality steroid resources and articles, and much more.

64. My Body Site

A small, but up and coming fitness community. The site is still a bit buggy and awkward, but the members are very encouraging and friendly.

65. Lift Up


A history of Olympic Weightlifting. beautiful site design, matched by great content.

66. Mind and Muscle

Over 450 science-based bodybuilding articles.

67. Strength Mill

Videos, videos, and more videos.

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