Steroids Gone Wrong: 5 Disturbing Examples

Updated July 2, 2020
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Steroids can be the difference between being a mere mortal or a legend that everyone will remember.

…Just look at Arnie.

However, steroids also have the power to destroy your health and ruin your appearance. This usually happens when people abuse steroids, which people refer to as steroids gone wrong.

In this article I’m going to list 5 tragic examples of steroids gone wrong…

1. Steroid Gut

kai greene steroid gut

The steroid gut (or HGH gut) is becoming more and more common these days. 40 years ago this was unheard of because synthetic HGH hadn’t yet been invented.

However, because many bodybuilders are combining human growth hormone and insulin together in a bid to pack on extra size, they’re developing these protruding stomach’s that quite frankly look awful.

It’s things like this why Arnold and other legends from the past will remain as the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Bigger isn’t always better…especially when it’s on your waistline!

Solution: Don’t combine HGH with insulin.

However, human growth hormone can be used without causing this gut, as some Men’s Physique guys use HGH and have tiny/vacuumed waists. Bodybuilders like Chul Soon are also thought to have taken HGH without developing such a gut.

It’s when insulin gets involved, that’s when things start to look…well…a bit pregnant.

2. Acne

steroid acne back

Steroids can cause acne for certain individuals who take steroids.

A common place for acne to occur from steroid-use is on your back, otherwise known as ‘bacne’.

The reason why steroids can cause acne is because they increase sebum production, meaning the skin will have more oil content than usual. As you can imagine this oil can clog up your pores resulting in outbreaks. Some mild and others severe.

Trenbolone is one of the worst steroids to take if you’re genetically prone to experiencing acne from steroids. However, those who don’t get acne might not experience this even when taking a powerful steroid like tren.

3. Bloating ‘ell

steroid bloat

For some bodybuilders, it’s not about what you look like – it’s about how big you can get.

What you measure, how much you weigh…not what people actually see when they look at you.

Unfortunately this mentality often results in bodybuilders looking like human balloons…

Forget aesthetics and actually looking good, these guys are simply obsessed with building muscle and nothing else.

…even if it means having a 40 inch waist at 4% body fat. Oh dear.

Excess bloat is usually the result of taking high doses of steroids that cause a lot of water retention such as anadrol and dianabol. It’s important to note that even these 2 steroids won’t cause much bloating when taken in lower doses.

4. Gyno


There are a few unlucky people in bodybuilding…by this I’m referring to the small minority that are susceptible to things like gynecomastia; aka bitch tits or man boobs.

This is not a pretty sight, especially when it’s a severe case. Lets face it, nobody wants to look like a woman…especially a bodybuilder who takes steroids to build muscle and look more manly.

However, gyno can unfortunately occur in sensitive individuals, due to steroids raising the female sex hormone (estrogen).  The good news is – there are things you can do to reduce the chances of you developing gyno, even if you are one of these unlucky few.

One solution is to take arimidex – which is an aromatase inhibitor, significantly reducing estrogen levels. Ironically this was first created for postmenopausal women…

Just saying, not judging.

…You do what you gotta do!

5. Roid rage

roid rage

Some people have first hand experience of roid rage, whilst others believe it’s just a myth.

Whether you develop roid rage on a cycle or not is another question, but it’s almost certain that your aggression levels will go up when taking anabolic steroids.

…C’mon we’re talking about compounds which sky rocket your testosterone to crazy levels.

If higher test didn’t equal more aggression, then men on average would be more feeble than women.

A classic example of roid rage could’ve been when Chris Benoit, the pro wrestler, murdered his wife and 7 year old son. Was this an act of rage caused by steroids? No one will ever know, but if you have anger problems and you’re thinking of taking steroids – don’t.

…For the sake of others.

Your family members don’t deserve to die because you decided one day that you want bigger muscles.

(If you disagree with this, let God have mercy on your soul!).

So there you have it…5 examples of steroids gone wrong. If you do decide to take steroids, make sure you use them to enhance your physique – not ruin it.

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